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Abu Ghraib

provisions of the Geneva Conventions "obsolete". Extensive newspaper coverage retraced the tracks from Abu Ghraib to the Justice Department (United States Department of Justice) of the White House. (Minnesota Public Radio) (BBC) ( *California Senator (United States Senate) Barbara Boxer and Ohio United


coast of Africa and to some extent into the interior (see Swahili people). Timbuktu was a trading outpost that linked West Africa with Berber (Berber people), Arab, and Jewish traders throughout the Arab World. As a result of these interactions, some female-mediated gene flow into the Middle East from Sub-Saharan Africa can be observed in certain populations. "Extensive Female-Mediated Gene


directly. Tomasevich (1975) (#Tomasevich 1975), p.196 While Chetnik collaboration reached "extensive and systematic" Tomasevich (1975) (#Tomasevich 1975), p.246 Ramet (2006) (#Ramet 2006), p.145 "Both the Chetniks' political program and the extent of their collaboration have been amply, even voluminously, documented

agreements: first with the Nedić (Serbia under German occupation) forces in Serbia, then with the Italians in occupied Dalmatia and Montenegro, with some of the Ustaše forces in northern Bosnia (Bosnia (region)), and after the Italian capitulation also with the Germans (Nazi Germany) directly. Tomasevich (1975) (#Tomasevich 1975), p.169 While Chetnik collaboration reached "extensive and systematic" ref name


; In April 2008, the Freewinds was sealed, and work stopped on refurbishments, due to "extensive contamination" with blue asbestos (Asbestos#Blue). As of June 2009 its DNV (Det Norske Veritas) listing states that the ship is "in operation".

Memphis, Tennessee

Viewer.aspx?img 1112319_clean&firstvisit true&src search&currentResult 1&currentPage 0 title Tropic Hurricane Batters Jamaica publisher Nevada State Journal accessdate 2008-02-16 A hangar and installations were destroyed at Palisadoes Airport (Norman Manley International Airport), and the facility received "extensive damage." Consequently, "At Memphis, Tennessee Memphis


) * Cyclone Monica, a Category 5 cyclone on the Australian and Saffir-Simpson scales, threatens Australia's northern coast including the city of Darwin (Darwin, Northern Territory). The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has warned of "dangerously high tides" that may cause "extensive flooding" along part of the coast and ordered the sounding of emergency siren (Siren (noisemaker))s in the Gove Peninsula. Alcan, the world's second-biggest aluminium producer, has


, she became the wife of Horace Jayne, a biology professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Her brother, William Henry Furness III, received his M.D. from the same university and was an "extensive traveler" and a fellow of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain. background group_or_band origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (United States) genre Thrash metal * Indonesia intends to vaccination


about when they began their investigations. He said that more charges were due to be laid involving people now living in Australia and New Zealand, but he refused to provide any further details because of "extensive name suppression orders in place." Former Pitcairn resident Shawn Brent Christian, 29, then living in Australia, announced a legal challenge to the validity of New Zealand lawyers’ and judges’ carrying out a trial in a British (United Kingdom) colony

United States

s which could be described as having a Haredi (Haredi Judaism) worldview. It had been for many years the principal group for such rabbis, though in recent years it has lost much of its former membership and influence. Orchid caused "extensive damage" on Ulithi Atoll but no deaths were reported. In the wake of the typhoon, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency declared parts of the Federated States of Micronesia

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