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Atlanta to Athens (Athens, Georgia). The heavy rainfall helped to relieve a persistent drought, bringing vegetation back to life. However, climatologists determined that the rainfall did not fully alleviate the dry conditions.

Yehud Medinata

;10%" Year !width "90%" Event - bgcolor "#ffffec" align "left" valign top align "center" 587 BCE align "left" Conquest of Jerusalem by Babylonians; second deportation (first deportation in 597); Gedaliah installed as governor in Mizpah - bgcolor "#ffffec" align "left" valign top align "center" 582? BCE align "left" Assassination of Gedaliah; refugees flee to Egypt; third deportation

Norfolk County, Ontario

Summary Unlike the majority of Haldimand or Norfolk County, Nanticoke a highly industralized community. Its industries supply up to 4000MW of electric energy to Southern Ontario through the Nanticoke Generating Station. This community is southeast of Simcoe (Simcoe, Ontario) in neighbouring Norfolk County (Norfolk County, Ontario) and south of Brantford (Brantford, Ontario). Nanticoke's residential area is bordered on the west by the Nanticoke Industrial Park, home to the U. S. Steel Canada Lake Erie Works (Stelco Lake Erie Works) and a number of smaller businesses, including Nelson Steel, Charles Jones Industrial , ESM, and Air Products. The neighbouring Esso Refinery Nanticoke on the northeast, and the Nanticoke Generating Station on the southeast are not part of the Industrial Park land, although this is frequently confused due to their proximity.


ten were seriously injured. Commons:Category:Valencia Wikipedia:Valencia Dmoz:Regional Europe Spain Autonomous Communities Valencian Community Valencia Valencia


Brand extension From 2001 on, Langguth also embarked on a brand extension, and has introduced several other wines under the Blue Nun name, including a German Riesling ice wine, a Languedoc Merlot and a Spanish rosé. Sales in 2004 rose by 11% in the UK, but from a low base. He succeeded his father in 1222. At the moment of his accession, he and the new count of Foix, Roger Bernard II the Great (Roger-Bernard II of Foix), besieged Carcassonne. On 14 September 1224, the Albigensian Crusaders surrendered and the war came to an end, each southern lord making peace with the church. However, in 1225, the council of Bourges excommunicated (excommunication) him and launched a crusade against him, the king of France, Louis VIII (Louis VIII of France), called ''the Lion'', wanting to renew the conflict in order to enforce his royal rights in Languedoc. Roger-Bernard tried to keep the peace, but the king rejected his embassy and the counts of Foix and Toulouse took up arms again. The war was largely a discontinuous series of skirmishes and, in January 1229, Raymond, defeated, was forced to sign the Treaty of Paris (Treaty of Paris (1229)) (also known as the "Treaty of Meaux"), by which he ceded the former viscounty of Trencavel to the king and his daughter Joan (Joan of Toulouse) was forced to marry Alphonse (Alphonse of Toulouse), brother of the new king, Louis the Lion's successor, Louis IX (Louis IX of France). The tide soon turned, however. On the 9th a concerted rising of the townsmen in Boniface's favour put Nogaret and his allies to flight, and the pope was free. His death at Rome on October 11 saved Nogaret. The election of the timid Benedict XI (pope Benedict XI) was the beginning of that triumph of France which lasted through the Avignon captivity (Avignon papacy). Early in 1304 Nogaret went to Languedoc to report to Philip IV, and was rewarded by gifts of land and money. Then he was sent back with an embassy to Benedict XI to demand absolution for all concerned in the struggle with Boniface VIII. Benedict refused to meet Nogaret, and excepted him from the general absolution which he granted on May 12, 1304, and on June 7 issued against him and his associates at Anagni the bull (papal bull) ''Flagitiosum scelus''. Nogaret replied by apologies for his conduct based upon attacks upon the memory of Boniface, and when Benedict died on July 7, 1304 he pointed to his death as a witness to the justice of his cause. Under later Roman rule (after 355), most of ''Occitania'' was known as ''Aquitania'', Jean-Pierre Juge (2001) ''Petit précis - Chronologie occitane - Histoire & civilisation'', p. 14 itself part of the Seven Provinces (Septem Provinciae) with a wider Provence, while the northern provinces of what is now France were called ''Gallia'' (Gaul). Gallia Aquitania (or ''Aquitanica'') is thus also a name used since medieval times for Occitania (i.e. Limousin (Limousin (province)), Auvergne (Auvergne (province)), Languedoc and Gascony), including Provence as well in the early 6th century. Thus the historic Duchy of Aquitaine must not be confused with the modern French region called Aquitaine: this is the main reason why the term ''Occitania'' was revived in the mid-19th century. The names "Occitania" Joseph Anglade, ''Grammaire de l'ancien provençal ou ancienne langue d'oc'', 1921, Part I, Chapter 1, p. 9: ''Le mot ''Langue d'Oc'' a d'abord désigné le ''pays'' où se parlait cette langue; c'était une expression géographique. Le pays de langue d'oc s'appelait en latin ''Occitania'' (formé sans doute sur ''Aquitania'')'' ("The words ''Langue d'Oc'' first designated the ''country'' where the language was spoken: it was a geographical expression. The land of the langue d'oc was called ''Occitania'' in Latin (probably coined from ''Aquitania''"). and "Occitan language" (''Occitana lingua'') appeared in Latin texts from as early as 1242-1254 Frederic Mistral, ''Lo Tresor dóu Felibrige'' (1878-1886), vol. II, p. 1171: "Les textes abondent qui montrent l'origine française ou ecclésiastique

Windsor, Ontario

was being played close to the U.S.-Canada border (United States-Canada border), Canadian television rights holders Global (Global Television Network) broadcast portions of an NFL-sponsored "Passport To The Super Bowl" event in nearby Windsor, Ontario, featuring a performance by the newly-revived 1980s rock group INXS with Canadian native lead singer J.D. Fortune, though the network limited coverage of the Windsor event to short segments immediately prior to commercial breaks

, primarily due to the industrial nature of the region. This area has historically been a stronghold for the Liberal Party. On April 1, 2007, Darsow and Eadie reunited for the first time in 16 years at a "Meet the Legends" event in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. birth_date '''Jack Scott''' (born


their second and final script for the show) and directed by Ellen S. Pressman, inspired by the story of Momia Juanita (Mummy Juanita), a real mummy discovered on the extinct volcano Ampato near Arequipa, Peru, in 1995. The narrative revolves around a "cultural exchange" event at Sunnydale High, involving a museum exhibit, a dance, and foreign exchange students, two of whom stay with Buffy and Cordelia. After a class troublemaker is reported missing after the museum trip


After a series warm-up matches at Hualien (w:Hualien), Kaohsiung (w:Kaohsiung), and Taichung (w:Taichung), the special "Charity and Kids Running" event came back to Taipei (w:Taipei) yesterday at Taipei Municipal Datung Senior High School. Before the event, John Wylie (President & CEO of ING Antai (w:ING Group)) encouraged citizens in Taiwan (w:Taiwan) to add their signatures to the "Charity Ambassador of ING Taipei Marathon"


. Sports *Scotiabank is now the title sponsor of Guadalajara's Scotiabank Aquatics Center *Scotiabank is now the title sponsor for the Jewish National Fund's "Pitch for Israel" event. Following the split, three of the members returned to education. Marshall studied International Relations at the University of Toronto. He now lives in Guadalajara, Mexico and writes for the newspaper, ''Guadalajara Reporter''. Chow studied Graphic Design at the University of Plymouth. McGloin began a degree in PPE at Oxford University in 2006, whilst Bromley worked as a website designer and is a member of the Church of Scientology. ;Current * Contemporary Art Museum Barranca de Huentitán, Guadalajara, México * Unterlinden Museum, Colmar, France He has played keyboards and piano in jazz and rock bands in Mexico. He is perhaps best known as one of the members of the progressive (progressive rock) Guadalajara-based band Santa Sabina (Santa Sabina (band)). Since 2001 has lived and studied in the Netherlands, obtaining a Bachelor's (2003) and Master's (2005) Degree in Composition at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague under the guidance of Clarence Barlow and Gilius van Bergeijk. Currently he is following a PhD in Artistic Research from Leiden University in association with Orpheus Institute in Gent, Belgium under the guidance of Clarence Barlow and Louis Andriessen. thumb 300px Jesús del Caracolon the boardwalk of La Paz. (File:Cristo caracol abierta.JPG) La Paz is served by Manuel Márquez de León International Airport with flights to the most important cities of Mexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and United States, with a flight to Los Angeles. Airlines flying into La Paz include Alaska Airlines, Aeroméxico Connect, Volaris and VivaAerobus. Two ferry services operate from the port of Pichilingue outside the city, connecting the Baja California peninsula to the mainland at Mazatlán and Topolobampo, near Los Mochis. - 23. 28 July 1999


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