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and Tajikistan), while a small number lived in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and some other parts of the former Soviet Union. In the Emirate of Bukhara, the largest concentrations were in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khokand. In Tajikistan, they similarly were mainly concentrated in the capital, Dushanbe. Nineteenth century In 1843 the Bukharan Jews were visited by the so-called "Eccentric Missionary"


into question as a rival in Massachusetts (at MIT) told NASA that he had been living in the steam tunnels. Larry himself says that he is a bird with his wings "clipped" and a "steam tunnel freak," and Megan says he is a "star collapsing in on itself (stellar evolution)." When Charlie gets him back on the mission, stating to a NASA official that he is "eccentric but brilliant," Larry is grateful. Buzz Aldrin sees him off and Larry's friends watch his


;we in Wales do not feel part of the union flag because the dragon or the cross of St David is not on it." Wintour, Patrick (28 November 2007). "Minister proposes a redesign for the union flag", ''The Guardian'' Conservative (Conservative Party (UK)) MP Stewart Jackson described the comments as "eccentric". Cleland, Gary (27 November


in Nazi Germany until 1940 and was in frequent contact with Hanfstaengl, described him as an "eccentric, gangling man, whose sardonic wit somewhat compensated for his shallow mind." '''Konstantin Päts''' VR (Cross of Liberty (Estonia)) I 1 and III 1 (23 February 1874 – 18 January 1956) was the most influential politician of interwar (Interwar period) Estonia. He was one of the first Estonians to become active in politics and started an almost 40-year political rivalry

New Zealand

"Eccentric billionaire has high profile at home" by Josie Clarke , The New Zealand Herald, August 31, 2000 While some women managed to enter traditional career paths, for the most part women were expected to be primarily involved in "duties at home" and "women's work". Before 1914, only a few countries (New Zealand, Australia, and several Scandinavian nations) had given the right to vote to women (see Women's suffrage), and apart from


Chervone Pustohorod . In retirement Maclean wrote extensively. His wide range of subjects included: Scottish history (History of Scotland), biographies (including Tito (Josip Broz Tito) and Burgess (Guy Burgess)), a Russian trilogy and assorted works of fiction. He also contributed to other books, for example writing the foreword to a 1984 biography of Joseph Wolff, the so-called "Eccentric Missionary" in whose footsteps he had travelled to Bukhara almost half a century


of Strategic Services OSS , in 1943, designated the "Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler". In 1944, Hanfstaengl was handed back to the British, who repatriated (repatriation) him to Germany at the end of the war. William Shirer, a CBS journalist who resided in Nazi Germany until 1940 and was in frequent contact with Hanfstaengl, described him as an "eccentric, gangling man, whose sardonic wit somewhat compensated for his shallow mind."

United States

1921) is an American (United States) businessman who is credited with leading the contemporary for-profit education movement in the United States. His fortune is based on his founding of the for-profit University of Phoenix and the Apollo Group. He is also noted For ventures ranging from pet cloning to green energy, he has widely been described as an "eccentric" self-made man by the Washington Post and other media.

, Ohio ) is an American (United States) stock investor, investment advisor, and financial analyst. He is, according to Forbes Magazine renowned for his "eccentric and lavish lifestyle" as well having the most expensive residence in the United States. It was listed on the New York City real estate market a few years ago for $70 million. http: 2009 02 23 zweig-growth-value-personal-finance_marty_zweig.html

Schmidt, who went to New York State in 1710; and Johannes Schmidt who went to Germantown, Pennsylvania (Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) between 1683 and 1709. Arnd Schmidt emigrated with his family and with many other Schmidts to England or America in 1709. History Zolty Cracker toured Canada, the United States and Europe from 1989 to 1997, playing what has been described by ''The Province'' as an "eccentric punk-folk hybrid", Harrison, Tom. "

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