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''). They considered the name ''Epidamnos'' to be inauspicious because of its wholly coincidental similarities with the Latin word ''damnum'', meaning "loss" or "harm". The meaning of ''Dyrrachium'' ("bad spine" or "difficult ridge" in Greek) is unclear, but it has been suggested that it refers to the imposing cliffs near the city. Julius Caesar's rival Pompey made a stand there in 48 BC before fleeing south to Greece. Under Roman rule, Dyrrachium


incorporated into the division''": of the division, -- did indeed kill the civilians within the village but added that the grisly reports by eyewitnesses in the Polish accounts were "hard to come up with" and that the likelihood was "difficult to believe." The Institute also noted that at the time of the massacre the police regiments were not under 14th division command but rather under German police command (specifically, under German Sicherheitsdienst and SS

Manchester, New Hampshire

and Colleges , and also has numerous specialized accreditations for its schools and programs. Retrieved 12-01-2011 The '''Yankee Network''' was an American radio network. It was founded in 1930 by John Shepard III; in 1949, a controlling interest in the network was purchased by General Tire when Robert Shepard chairman of the network's parent company, The Shepard Company, decided that radio and its dependence on the FCC was too risky a business to bankroll any longer. Money was also needed to pay estate taxes following the death of John III's and Robert's father John Shepard Jr. the previous year. The flagship Yankee station was Boston's 1230, later 1260 and finally 680 WNAC (WRKO). The Yankee Network had affiliates elsewhere in Massachusetts (Fall River (Fall River, Massachusetts), Lowell (Lowell, Massachusetts)–Lawrence (Lawrence, Massachusetts), New Bedford (New Bedford, Massachusetts), Springfield (Springfield, Massachusetts)); Connecticut (Bridgeport (Bridgeport, Connecticut), Hartford (Hartford, Connecticut), Waterbury (Waterbury, Connecticut)); Rhode Island (Providence (Providence, Rhode Island)); New Hampshire (Manchester (Manchester, New Hampshire)), and Maine (Augusta (Augusta, Maine), Bangor (Bangor, Maine), Lewiston (Lewiston, Maine), Portland (Portland, Maine)). - 4 align "left" Boston-Providence-Worcester align "left" Boston, MA; Providence (Providence, Rhode Island), RI-MA; Worcester (Worcester, Massachusetts), MA-CT; Barnstable Town (Barnstable Town, Massachusetts), MA; Leominster (Leominster, Massachusetts)-Fitchburg (Fitchburg, Massachusetts), MA; New Bedford (New Bedford, Massachusetts), MA; Dover (Dover, New Hampshire)-Rochester (Rochester, New Hampshire), NH; Manchester (Manchester, New Hampshire), NH; Nashua (Nashua, New Hampshire), NH; Portsmouth (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), NH 6,692,295 -

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

counter-attack url http: news worldnews europe vaticancityandholysee 10929292 Hague-urges-unity-as-Iraq-launches-first-counter-attack.html date 26 June 2014 work The Telegraph accessdate 9 July 2014 According to Martin Williams in ''The Citizen (The Citizen (South Africa))'', some hard-line Salafists apparently regard extramarital sex with multiple partners as a legitimate form of holy war and it is "difficult to reconcile this with a religion


, the governor made their religion "difficult for them in every way", turned the local fire temple into a mosque, and encouraged the local population to attend Friday prayers by paying each attendee two dirhams. . The cities where Arab governors resided were particularly vulnerable to such pressures, and in these cases the Zoroastrians were left with no choice but to either conform


Lucan observed his children but did not make contact with them; he wanted to see how they had grown up. Had he identified himself it would have made it "difficult" for them to go back to their mother and say they had seen their father. Former detective inspector Bob Polkinghorne of Scotland Yard told of two alleged sightings of Lucan, including one in Africa in the 1980s, but said he was refused permission for further investigations.Lady Lucan has said that she had custody of the three children until October 1982 and that as wards of court they were not allowed to leave the jurisdiction without the permission of the Court. The two elder children were at boarding school and she quite categorically stated that they did not go to Africa during the period she had custody but she did not know what they did after October 1982. * Fridtjof Nansen (1861–1930) – Norwegian (Norway) explorer, scientist and diplomat. He was the first to cross the Greenland ice cap in 1888, and he drifted across the Arctic Ocean aboard the ''Fram'' in 1893–1896, making an attempt to reach the North Pole with Hjalmar Johansen. *Mary Kingsley (October 13, 1862 – June 3, 1900) – explored the Upper Ogawe River in Gabon and journeyed alone into unknown regions of the Congo jungle. *Roald Amundsen (1872–1928) – Norwegian (Norway) explorer. He led the first successful Antarctic expedition between 1910 and 1912. He was also the first ever person to successfully traverse the North West Passage. - GA (ISO 3166-2:GA) Gabon 9 provinces (provinces of Gabon) - - id "GA" GA Gabon 1974 .ga Commons:Category:Gabon WikiPedia:Gabon Dmoz:Regional Africa Gabon

Saint Petersburg

. The theoretical declarations of the art movements were stated in the Diaghilev's articles "Difficult Questions", "Our Imaginary Degradation", "Permanent Struggle", "In Search of Beauty", and "The Fundamentals of Artistic Appreciation" published in the N1 2 and N3 4 of the new journal. - Saint Petersburg align center LED align center ULLI Pulkovo Airport align center - '''Alexandre

Portland, Oregon

to the release of ''Harmonium'' ?". "Vanessa Carlton, Cary Brothers". ''Metroland (Metroland (newspaper))''. March 2005. Retrieved August 2, 2006. ''Harmonium'' was not re-issued to include the song. Carlton was quoted in a March 2005 interview with ''Fly Magazine'' as saying it was "difficult" for someone like her, a singer-songwriter who played the piano, to "reach a lot of people


found in the Taylor apartment. publisher Time (magazine) date August 26, 1929 accessdate 2007-07-21 During the filming of ''A Yank at Oxford'', Leigh garnered herself a reputation as being "difficult" to work with. According to her biography by Alexander Walker, Leigh felt judged by Maureen O'Sullivan, (whom she had befriended years earlier at school) because O'Sullivan was happily married and Leigh was in the midst of a scandalous affair with Laurence Olivier and awaiting word of a divorce from her first husband, Leigh Holman. Therefore, the relationship was "strained." Also Leigh had developed a foot problem whereupon she asked to go to London to see her chiropractic. As Leigh was preparing to leave, the wardrobe department developed a manner in which they cut a hole in her shoes so that her toe would be at ease. According to Leigh, she was forced to pay for her own shoes and demanded that MGM help her make some of the payments. On the other hand, MGM said that they bought all of Leigh's shoes and she didn't have to pay a penny on the film. Due to the dispute, her manager, Alexander Korda, sent Leigh a message stating that if her behavior did not improve, he would not renew her contract. Leigh's behavior did shape up and her contract was renewed. Regardless of her prior behavior, Leigh managed to make her way through the filming without much acrimony and made an impression on her costar, Robert Taylor. Taylor returned to Hollywood talking of the great English actress he had worked with and suggested to Selznick, who was still searching for his Scarlett O'Hara, that they ought to look at her. Early life and career Storm was born '''Annie Blanche Banks''' Storm Still Packs a Wallop 1950s burlesque icon takes it off again for O'Farrell Theatre anniversary,''San Francisco Chronicle'', 15 July 1999 in Eastman (Eastman, Georgia), Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)). By the age of 20, she had already been twice married and divorced. She decided to head for Hollywood. Her beauty landed her work as a chorus girl (Chorus line), but her figure, combined with a magnetic stage personality, led her to a highly successful career in burlesque. Her professional debut was at El Rey Theater in Oakland, California. She adopted the stage name Tempest Storm about 1950 and changed it legally in 1957.


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