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2011 In 2012 readers of ''Creative Loafing'' voted VaHi "Best Walkable Neighborhood". "Best of Atlanta: Cityscape: Best Walkable Neighborhood: Virginia-Highland", ''Creative Loafing'' Name Newspaper articles from the early 1920s refer to the "Virginia Highland" section of Atlanta with regard to the area around the intersection of Virginia Avenue

go bye-bye?", ''Creative Loafing'', Sep. 16, 2000 However, Summerfest did continue as usual in 2001 as one of Atlanta's highest profile neighborhood festivals. Preservation and balance In November 2006, the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation added Virginia-Highland to its list of "places in peril" due to an acceleration of teardown (Teardown (real estate))s and infill projects by real estate developers and newcomers to the area. However, Virginia

Midtown Atlanta

NeighborhoodGuide?neighborhood 1287075&locationSection Midtown, "Ultimate Neighborhood Guide", ''Creative Loafing'', retrieved November 7, 2011 No part of the city has evolved more dramatically over the past two decades...Impersonal office buildings, imposing parking decks and cold asphalt arteries have given way to high-rise living and an explosion of street life...Where once there was a wasteland, now there are great restaurants, groceries, specialty shops

-for-piedmont-park-dekalb-ave-bike-trail Thomas Wheatley, "Beltline gets $5 million for Piedmont Park-DeKalb Ave. bike trail", Creative Loafing, 2010-06-19 The "Art on the BeltLine" project has resulted in the installation dozens of contemporary art pieces on the trail. Economy thumb People dancing to Paul van Dyk (File:2008-03-13 Rave crowd.jpg) in one of Midtown's clubs Midtown Atlanta is a commercial district in its own right

Downtown Orlando

January 2014. Reconstruction will cost just under $200 million and, upon completion in April 2015, will be approximately 80% new. http: 2014 01 citrus-bowl-demolition-begins-today A more ambitious project planned for downtown calls for completely transforming the '''Orlando Centroplex''', the home of the former Amway Arena, into a "Creative Village". The project is to be privately funded and plans call for satellite schools for the University

Eugene, Oregon

2010-06-07. and Brøderbund Software. Uston, Ken (September 1984). "A family affair; behind the scenes at Broderbund". Creative Computing 10 (9): 1. Retrieved 2010-06-07. Top employers According to Eugene's 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report,


, but gives much "creative thought" to the improvement of the killing methods. Direction Auschwitz On April 22, 1943, the train arrived at Auschwitz. During the selection, only 521 ID numbers are assigned. Of these 521, only 150 people survived the war. The remaining 1,031 people disappeared in the Holocaust. Based on a telegram dated April 29, 1943 from Reichssicherheitshauptamt to E. Ehlers, SS (Schutzstaffel)-Obersturmbannführer and Chief of the Belgian

Dayton, Ohio

gyrobase Content?oid oid%3A16911 Good Van Hunting ". ''Creative Loafing Atlanta''. Retrieved on December 8, 2007. Guitar was the last instrument he learned to play; he played guitar in a rock band called Royalty. Hunt moved to Texas for a short time before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 to attend Morehouse College, where he studied English, but soon dropped out. Suggs, Kimberly. " http


at AccessMyLibrary). Retrieved on 20 December 2008. "Alison King CV", Creative Artist Management. Retrieved on 20 December 2008. DATE OF BIRTH 3 March 1973 PLACE OF BIRTH Leicester, England DATE OF DEATH Organisation of the Tribunal The Secretary of State for Health is responsible for meeting the expenses of Tribunals in England and for providing


) and other live sports. Has the best TV coverage in the city, ranging from Sky Sports to local TV stations. * *


, based upon reports of its use in Maryland 1971, Vancouver 1972, and a survey made by Dr. Edward J. Lynn of its nonmedical use in Michigan 1970. !--Note to editors: Please do not change "is" to "was". Creative works "

Will title Generoux to helm reborn Regina office url http: entertainment movie-guide Generoux+helm+reborn+Regina+office 4848175 story.html accessdate 12 June 2011 newspaper Regina Leader-Post date 27 May 2011 Loc Dao is the executive producer and "creative technologist" responsible for NFB English-language digital content and strategy, based in the Woodward's Building in Vancouver. Jeremy Mendes is an interactive artist producing

;is" to "was". Creative works "are", Wikipedia guidelines for fiction refer to creative works in the present tense, even after a show ends its run (see also WP:TENSE). -- '''''Stargate Atlantis''''' (often abbreviated '''''SGA''''') is a Canadian (Canada)-American (United States) adventure (Adventure film) and military science fiction television series and part of MGM's ''Stargate'' franchise (Stargate). The show was created by Brad Wright


nered" (Creative Disorder) in 1989. Both became huge hits and made him a superstar in short time. After two other good albums, a studio and a live album, which went unnoticed because of the war in his country, Dino finally switched from funk to house music in the mid 1990s. His best-known song from that period is an ode to his hometown Split, ''Ništa kontra Splita'', which he performed at the prestigious Split Music Festival in 1995, and eventually he won the main award for it. Dino released "Enfant Terrible" in 1997, his best selling and most awarded album to date. He has won several Porins, the most famous Croatian music award. Although he loved his hometown Split, he was living mainly in the Croatian capital (Capital (political)) of Zagreb for professional reasons. Dino was a supporter of Croatian football (Association football) giants Hajduk Split (HNK Hajduk Split). Mizar was reunited in early 2003 with their former member Goran Trajkovski as a vocalist, with whom, first they released the single '' WikiPedia:Zagreb Commons:Category:Zagreb Dmoz:Regional Europe Croatia Localities Zagreb

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