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, founded in the 17th century, was augmented by a number of other cultural, social and sports organization, including a library, the singing society "Javor", association of tamburica players, a volunteer fire brigade and a theater and others. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Jastrebarsko was a district capital in the Zagreb County (Zagreb County (former)) of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia. The town was the site

Kaunas Airport

. History Kaunas International Airport started operations in 1988 when airport activities were moved from the historic S. Darius and S. Girėnas Airport, located in the central part of Kaunas city. In 1991, after Lithuania's independence, it gained the status of an international airport and in 1996 it became a member of Airports Council International (ACI) and began to take part in the activities of the "Lithuanian Airports" association. Kaunas Airport was used by Yakovlev


and Beijing. Notable residents Nobel Laureate Gao Xingjian (Nobel Prize for literature in 2000) was born in Ganzhou. Sister cities * Freetown, Sierra Leone, since

Saint-Louis, Senegal

were extended to those peoples who adopted French culture, including primary use of the French language in their lives, wearing Western clothes, and conversion to Christianity. Despite granting French citizenship to the residents of the "Four Communes" (Dakar, Saint-Louis (Saint-Louis, Senegal), Gorée, and Rufisque), most West Africans did not adopt French culture or Christianity. Following World War I, "association" replaced assimilation as the fundamental tenet of the colonial relationships. It was thought that French culture might exist in association with indigenous societies and that these autonomous colonies might freely associate with France in the French Union.


, when a group calling itself the "Association for Prosperity and Security in the Middle East" became active in the city. The non

Winona, Minnesota

August 28, 1859 in Winona (Winona, Minnesota). Originally known as the ''Minnesota Baptist Convention'' and affiliated with the Northern Baptist Convention, this body withdrew from the Northern Baptists because of what they felt was an increasing trend toward modernism among the leadership, colleges, etc. Later the name was changed from "Convention" to "Association". '''Winona State University''' (also known as "WSU") is a comprehensive public university


society "Javor", association of tamburica players, a volunteer fire brigade and a theater and others. Transport Jastrebarsko lies on both Zagreb–Split (Split (city)) (Adriatic (Adriatic Sea)-Ionian (Ionian Sea) highway) and Zagreb-Rijeka (Corridor Vb) rail and road corridors. There is a highway exit near Jastrebarsko on the A1 highway (A1 (Croatia)), located between the Lučko interchange near Zagreb and the Karlovac

Serbia and Montenegro

;Crusader" Association of Ethnic Montenegrins is very active in Vojvodina. At the 2006 referendum (Montenegrin independence referendum, 2006) Montenegro chose independence from its state union with Serbia (Serbia and Montenegro), Michael officially supporting the "Yes" option. After it the Church announced a new directive, laying claim to all Serbian Orthodox monasteries and churches in Montenegro built before 1918 and those built afterwards with funds achieved in Montenegro


of the popular Christmas carol Silent Night. The orphanage cares for children who were abandoned or whose parents died, largely due to AIDS. This recording supported, and was launched on, the World AIDS Day. "Silent Night in Zimbabwe", Association of Zimbabwe Journalists, 24 December 2007 Over 50% of the purchase price goes directly to the orphanage in order to assist it with its work. ref


and Vojvodina. He justified the assault of the Yugoslav People's Army on Dubrovnik and a historical Montenegrin right to it, as well as Italy's right to Istria and Dalmatia. He blamed the Croatian President Franjo Tuđman for outcome of conflict, calling him "The Balkan Hitler". Since 2005 Michael headed the construction of the first MOC shrines in Montenegro, but also in Serbia, where its supporter the "Crusader" Association of Ethnic Montenegrins

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