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City of Wakefield

, Outwood (Ledger Lane), Outwood North, Lingwell Gate, Wrenthorpe, Silcoates Elections class "wikitable" +'''Party political make-up of Wakefield Council''' ! style "background:#ccc" rowspan "2"    ! style "background:#ccc" rowspan "2" Party ! style "background:#ccc" colspan "3" Seats ! style "background:#ccc" colspan "63" rowspan

-election-results-2014 - style "background:#c00"   Labour (Labour Party (UK)) style "text-align: right" ''40'' style "text-align: right" ''52'' style "text-align: right" ''54'' style "background:#c00"   style "background:#c00"   style "background:#c00"   style "background:#c00"   style "background:#c00" &nbsp

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Nguyễn dynasty

-color:black;"   - width "75px" width "75px" width "20px" width "75px" width "75px" width "20px" colspan "2" style "border:1px solid #8F8F8F;" 2 '''Minh Mạng''' 1820–1840   - width "75px" width "75px" width "20px" width "75px" width "75px" width "20px

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North West Leicestershire

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on the cabinet. class "wikitable" border "1" - width 290 align "center" '''Position''' width 160 align "center" colspan "2" '''Councillor''' width 160 align "center" '''Respective Ward''' - Leader of the Council bgcolor "#0087DC"   Cllr (Councillor#United Kingdom) Richard Blunt Appleby - Deputy Leader bgcolor "#0087DC"   rowspan 2 small>


. The first route is through the Russian territory only, but the second one covers the Russian and Ukrainian territories (i.e., Russia-Ukraine-Russia). If you fail to have a Ukrainian visa (citizens of many countries don't need it), you have to take the first route trains. Get around See Do Buy Eat * "Novyj Rim" — a restaurant in the south-west district of the city, prices are in the upper medium range; * "Akropol" — a mainly Greek cuisine restaurant; * "Piramida" — a new restaurant; * "Skif" — a restaurant in the north-west district of the city; * "Teatral'noye" — a cafe just opposite the Stavropol Drama Theater, prices are in the upper medium range, a rather pleasant environment; * "Shokoladnyj Pushkin" — (or Chocolate Pushkin) - it's a small club-like cafe almost in the city's center, prices are very affordable, witty interior, usually visited by the city's youth; * Bar "Kazachok" — traditional Russian and Ukrainian cuisine; * "Goodness" — a fast-food cafe just opposite the Salute cinema in the south-west district; * "Flora Burger" — a fast-food cafe in the center, very convenient location, the owners are Turkish, so there is some oriental touch about the American-like burgers and fries. Drink Night clubs and Discos * "Tovarisch" — house-cafe club; * "Amal'gama"; * "Frash"; * "Ermitage"; * "Novyj Rim". * molinari**** Sleep "Novyj Rim"; "Kontinent"; "Turist". Connect Wireless internet There was the WiFi-Anet commercial network in Stavropol. As of October 2008, the maximum price for individual users was 1.5 ruble per 1 MB of bandwidth. Go next commons:category:Stavropol


as follows: class "wikitable" +'''Party political make-up of Worthing Borough Council''' ! colspan 2 Party ! Seats ! colspan "37" Worthing Borough Council 2013 - style "background:#339"   Conservative (Conservative Party (UK)) style "text-align: right" ''23'' style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "background:#339"   style "

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Gorman, California

as before. Johannis Andrews, the principal for 2011-2012, said in August 2011 that attendance had increased to 101 students, with five teachers. ref

to the south. Only two fatalities were recorded as a result of this earthquake. One was a woman who was killed by a collapsing adobe house at Reed's Ranch (Gorman (Gorman, California)), very close to the fault, and an elderly man fell dead in a plaza in the Los Angeles area. Most of the buildings at Fort Tejon were badly damaged and several people were injured. Some buildings in Los Angeles were cracked but no major damage was reported. In Ventura (Ventura, California) the roof of Mission San Buenaventura fell in and the bell tower was damaged. Ground cracks from liquefaction (soil liquefaction) of swampy ground were observed in Los Angeles and near Oxnard. The earthquake was felt as far south as the mouth of the Colorado River, as far north as Marysville (Marysville, California) and as far east as Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada). The "main division" of the forest includes lands within San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo County, California), Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara County, California), Ventura (Ventura County, California) and Kern (Kern County, California) Counties, with a small extension into Los Angeles County (Los Angeles County, California) in the Pyramid Lake (Pyramid Lake (California)) area, between Castaic (Castaic, California) and Gorman (Gorman, California). Mountain ranges within the Los Padres include the Santa Lucia Mountains, La Panza Range, Caliente Range (Caliente Mountains) (a small part), Sierra Madre Mountains (Sierra Madre Mountains (California)), San Rafael Mountains, Santa Ynez Mountains, and Topatopa Mountains; the highest parts of the forest are not within named mountain ranges, but are adjacent to the western San Emigdio Mountains and include Mount Pinos, Cerro Noroeste, and Reyes Peak. The forest is also adjacent to the Angeles National Forest, which is in Los Angeles County in Southern California and is nearby Carrizo Plain National Monument in eastern San Luis Obispo County. Forest headquarters are located in Goleta, California. There are local ranger (National Park Ranger) district offices in Frazier Park (Frazier Park, California), King City (King City, California), Ojai (Ojai, California), Santa Barbara, and Santa Maria (Santa Maria, California). USFS Ranger Districts by State Ryan owned a real hot rod that was built from a 1948 12-cylinder Lincoln (Lincoln V12 engine) chassis shortened two feet and with a 1930 Ford Model A (Ford Model A (1927–1931)) body fitted to it. Thus the song explains how in "Hot Rod Race" a kid in a Model A could have outrun late-model Ford and Mercury sedans. Ryan actually raced his hot rod against a Cadillac sedan driven by a friend in Lewiston, Idaho, driving up the Spiral Highway (former U.S. 95 (U.S. Route 95 in Idaho)) to the top of Lewiston Hill. His song, however, keeps the same location as "Hot Rod Race", namely the Grapevine Hill, which is an old-time local southern California nickname for the long, nearly straight grade up Grapevine Canyon to Tejon Pass, near the town of Gorman, California, just south of Bakersfield (Bakersfield, California). The '''San Emigdio Mountains''' are a part of the Transverse Ranges in Southern California, extending from Interstate 5 at Lebec (Lebec, California) and Gorman (Gorman, California) on the east to Highway 33–166 on the west. They link the Tehachapis (Tehachapi Mountains) and Temblor Range and form the southern wall of the San Joaquin Valley.

Saint-Hubert, Quebec


The City of Four Names Each of the well known names represent a specific era of the city's history. * ''Charcas'' was the indigenous name for the place upon which the Spaniards built the colonial city. * ''La Plata'' was the name given to the emerging Hispanic city of privilege and honor. * The name ''Chuquisaca'' was bestowed upon the city during the independence era. * ''Sucre'' honors the great marshal of the Battle of Ayacucho (December 9, 1824), Don Antonio José de Sucre. * "La Ciudad Blanca" is a nickname that was bestowed upon the city because many of the colonial style houses and structures are painted white. Sports Sucre has the most important sport facilities in Bolivia, and the most practiced sport in the city is soccer. Sucre has the second-biggest football and Olympic stadium in the country, the Estadio Patria (Estadio Olímpico Patria). It is the home ground of Sucre's first-division team in the Bolivian professional league (Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano), Club

Greenfield Park, Quebec

consists of the following councillors: class "wikitable" - +Greenfield Park Borough Council - ! style "background:#ddf; width:150px;" Title ! style "background:#ddf; width:150px;" colspan "2" Party ! style "background:#ddf; width:100px;" Councilor - City Councillor style "background:#2f873e; width:20px;"   Option Greenfield Park Robert Myles - Borough Councillor 1 style "background:#2f873e

; width:20px;"   Option Greenfield Park Wade Wilson - Borough Councillor 2 style "background:#afbd22; width:20px;"   Action Longueuil Sylvain Joly ;Coat of Arms Greenfield Park's coat of arms is golden, with a sable reversed chevron (chevron (insignia)). The chevron supports a sinople (sinople (heraldry)) coloured tree. Below the chevron are two red roses. Above the shield is a crown, shaped like a wall with five turrets. The shield

Alief, Houston

-align:center; vertical-align:bottom;" '''Name''' ! style "text-align:center; vertical-align:bottom;" '''Party''' ! style "text-align:center; vertical-align:bottom;" '''First Elected''' ! style "text-align:center; vertical-align:bottom;" '''Current Term Ends''' ! style "text-align:center; vertical-align:bottom;" '''District Boundaries''' - style "background:red;"   style "background:#fff3f3" Precinct 3 ref name

-align:center; vertical-align:bottom;" '''District Boundaries''' - style "background:blue;"   District 13 (Texas Senate, District 13) Texas Senate. "Senator Rodney Ellis: District 13". ''The Texas Senate''. nd. Retrieved July 23, 2011 Rodney Ellis Democrat 1990 2014 Map

of District 13 - style "background:red;"   style "background:#fff3f3" District 17 (Texas Senate, District 17) Texas Senate. "Senator Joan Huffman: District 17". ''The Texas Senate''. nd. Retrieved July 23, 2011 style "background:#fff3f3" Joan Huffman style "background:#fff3f3" Republican style "background

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