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Ventura, California

Widders'' to "Mini Lop" to make it more appealing to the public. The group was incorporated in July 2004 by Ventura (Ventura, California) resident Joseph Turner, who was unsatisfied with the existing immigration-reform groups whose letter-writing campaigns he deemed ineffectual. In an interview, Turner stated, "Our belief is that if that worked or had any sort of positive influence, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in." In contrast, SOS's tactics are statedly &quot

;aggressive", and "in-your-face". Their language reflects this, intentionally eschewing what they perceive to be the political correctness that characterized the language of the 1990s. In the opinion of Turner and many of his supporters, political correctness and multiculturalism are both factors that contribute to the continued entry of illegal aliens into the United States. Chumash and Tongva trading expeditions between the mainland and the Channel Islands were common. Most were to obtain steatite for soapstone bowls and effigy figurines. The remains of this prehistoric seafaring is being investigated by underwater archaeologists. At least 25 individual sites have been reported between Ventura, California Beach and Point Conception. By 1853, Newman had moved the family to Dallas, Texas, where they ranched for a time, and where their last two children, Ester and Alonzo were born. Both Newman and his oldest son John enlisted in the Confederate Home Guard at the outbreak of the American Civil War. Newman was eventually released due to his age. Newman moved the family to Arizona Territory in 1865 at the end of the war and settled for a time near Fort Bowie near Willcox, Arizona. In 1866, they moved to San Buenaventura, California (Ventura, California) and after 16 years of marriage his wife Mariah died. In 1871, he moved the family to Port Hueneme, California. Biography She was born '''Joanne Grogan''' in Ventura, California. She attended the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music (California Institute of the Arts), but devoted herself to jazz by imitating Frankie Carle albums. She was influenced by Charlie Parker and bebop. On March 20, 2004, sixteen months after the book was published, Sherri Skanes, an artist, and semi-retired school teacher from Ventura (Ventura, California), California, solved the treasure hunt and claimed the $100,000 prize. campus with an enrollment of 14,456 students. The college is part of the Ventura County Community College District.

Independence, Missouri

Deeds'', Kessinger Publishing, 2004 1883 pp. 355–91 ISBN 1417963050 The new policy of an "aggressive defense against mobs" was put into practice in Daviess County when a group of non-Mormon vigilantes, primarily from Clinton and Platte counties, began to harass Mormons in outlying areas. The vigilantes hoped to drive the Mormons from the county through a policy of intimidation


). The horns are taken to represent "aggressive power, genetic vigor and fecundity." Francisco Marco Simón, "Religion and Religious Practices of the Ancient Celts of the Iberian Peninsula," ''e-Keltoi: Journal of Interdisciplinary Celtic Studies'' 6 (2005), p. 310.


as a serious threat to the peace and stability of the region. Zhou complained that, while China was working towards "world peace and the progress of mankind", "aggressive circles" within the United states were actively aiding the Nationalists in Taiwan and planning to rearm the Japanese. He was widely quoted for his remark that "the population of Asia will never forget that the first atom bomb was exploded on Asian soil." With the support of its most prestigious


resides at Carolina Rediviva, Uppsala, Sweden. Some 35–40 wild birds were found dead. The birds were brought to Uppsala (w:Uppsala), where an analysis confirmed the presence of an "aggressive" form of Avian Flu. Tests at a laboratory in the UK (w:UK) will later eventually confirm whether the birds died of the lethal H5N1 (w:H5N1). Biography Born Ernst Ingmar Bergman in 1918 in Uppsala (w:Uppsala), Sweden to a Lutheran (w:Lutheranism) minister


in Riyadh is your own car, ideally driven by somebody else used to the conditions, but many expats take the plunge and drive themselves. The traffic in Riyadh is, by Saudi standards, fairly sane: ubiquitous raised bumps on lane markers keep cars traveling more or less in a straight line, and radar-equipped cops on the major highways zap the craziest of speeders. Still, the local driving style can charitably be described as "aggressive", with swerving from the leftmost lane to the exit ramp on a four-lane highway being par for course, and central Riyadh jams up almost daily during rush hour. Please be aware: It is illegal for women to drive. On foot The modern, northern half of Riyadh is very pedestrian-hostile, with 8-laned roads filled with speeding SUVs making crossing the road a dangerous exercise. Pedestrian bridges are very few and even at stoplights you need to keep an eye out for crazy drivers. Add in the fearsome summer heat, and it's little surprise that there aren't too many people walking about. In al-Bathaa, though, the situation is almost reversed: some of the alleys are too narrow or congested for cars, and walking is the only way of getting around. But if you're the fearless type, walking along even the wider roads is a great way to see the city, as you'll be too distracted by constant near-misses while riding in a taxi. Stay in the shade, be careful along stretches without a pedestrian walkway (or one that is blocked off due to construction going on), and you'll be fine. See thumb Masmak Fortress floodlit at night (Image:Masmak Fortress, Riyadh at night.jpg) thumb The pointy facade of the National Museum (Image:Riyadh NationalMuseum Facade.JPG) thumb Riyadh at night, seen from the Skybridge of the Kingdom Centre (Image:KingdomCentre Skybridge.JPG) Sightseeing in Riyadh is a frustrating exercise in careful timing: not only are most sites closed on weekends (Thu-Fri) and during prayer hours, but visiting hours are segregated between men and families. The one saving grace is that many sites stay open until 9 PM. Museums and historical sights * Dmoz:Regional Middle East Saudi Arabia Localities Riyadh Commons:Category:RiyadhWikipedia:Riyadh


in Kyrgyzstan, but during the collapse of the Soviet Union most fled to other countries, mainly the United States and Israel. In addition, there is a small community of Ashkenazi Jews, who fled to the country from eastern Europe during the Second World War. On 6 November 2008, the Kyrgyzstan parliament unanimously passed a law increasing the minimum number of adherents for recognizing a religion from 10 to 200. It also outlawed &quot

;aggressive action aimed at proselytism", and banned religious activity in schools and all activity by unregistered organizations. It was signed by President Kurmanbek Bakiyev on 12 January 2009.

Columbus, Ohio

Statistical Area . In 2008, Madison County, which spans Interstates 70 (Interstate 70) and 71 (Interstate 71) as they converge on Columbus (Columbus, Ohio), was cited by the Ohio State Highway Patrol as leading the state for the most number of speeding tickets in excess of 20-mph over the posted limit. "AGGRESSIVE DRIVING: 20mph+ Over the Speed Limit", Ohio State Highway Patrol, Traffic Safety Bulletin, Feb 13, 2008.

East Germany

; and more "aggressive" than control groups. At a 23 March meeting in Dresden in East Germany, leaders of "Warsaw Five" (USSR, Hungary, Poland (People's Republic of Poland), Bulgaria (History of Communist Bulgaria) and East Germany) questioned a Czechoslovak delegation over the planned reforms, suggesting any talk of "democratization" was a veiled critique of other policies. ref name "NavDresden">

Austin, Texas

; ref In a promotional biography he is described as an "aggressive constitutionalist". Alex Jones has

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