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Broadview, Saskatchewan

Adamson first Julia title Canadian Maps: January 1925 Waghorn's Guide. Post Offices in Man. Sask. Alta. and West Ontario. work Online Historical Map Digitization Project publisher Waghorn year 1925 url http: ~canmaps 1925Waghorn January1925-24-25.html format Published online January 5, 2005 accessdate 2009-05-15 The Canadian Pacific Railway station building was declared a historic railway station in 1992 <

publisher Waghorn year 1925 url http: ~canmaps RandMcNally1924 index.html format Published online 11-Nov-2003 accessdate 2009-05-15 See also * List of communities in Saskatchewan * List of towns in Saskatchewan References External links * Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan

Whitewood, Saskatchewan

"E of S" Hawkes penned "Saskatchewan and Its People" in three volumes.

publisher Julia Adamson year 1924 url http: ~cansk SaskatchewanAndItsPeople index.html format published online 15-Jun-2005 accessdate 2009-06-14 left thumb The Whitewood band, including some of the French aristocrats from St. Hubert, previously La Rolanderie, 1904 (File:The Whitewood band, including some of the French aristocrats from St. Hubert, previously La Rolanderie..jpg)One of the most unusual and glamorous settlements

Grenfell, Saskatchewan

January1925-24-25.html format Published online January 5, 2005 accessdate 2009-05-15 Education thumb 200px left Grenfell High School circa 1925. (File:Grenfell High School c.1928.jpg) thumb 200px right MacPherson School, north of town, circa 1925. (File:MacPherson School south of Grenfell SK 1920s.jpg) Grenfell is home to the Mechanic's Library Institute which was established in 1882 being one of the province's oldest libraries. ref name "SaskBiz" >

Baring (Baring, Saskatchewan) Southeast Hillesden (Hillesden, Saskatchewan) image Flag of Saskatchewan.svg

Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

in the north.

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

' and Shippers' Guide work Online Historical Map Digitization Project publisher Rand McNally year 1925 url http: ~canmaps RandMcNally1924 index.html format Published online 11-Nov-2003 accessdate May 15, 2009 In 1884, Honore Jaxon and James Isbister were involved in the movement which brought Louis Riel back to Canada. Riel returned from the United States following a political exile resulting from the Red


have effect in the island of Nevis." See section 3 and 4 about Nevis Island Legislature and Administration in ''The Saint Christopher and Nevis Constitution Order 1983''. Published online by Georgetown University and also by University of the West Indies. Retrieved 8 August 2006. Nevis has its own premier and its own government, the Nevis

Ulan Bator accessdate 2012-04-18 Because Mongolia lacks a publishing industry, and few children's books, the idea has been to "spur the publishing industry to create 200 new children's books for classroom libraries in grades 1-5." After these books were published and distributed to teachers they were also published online with the rest of the ICDL collection. While a significant portion of this project is supported by outside sources, an important component is to include training of Mongolian staff in order to make it continue in an effective way. '''Peace Bridge''' in Mongolia is a bridge built in 1963 in the city centre of Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, with technical and financial assistance from China (People's Republic of China). * In Moldova, the Chişinău-controlled Dubăsari district is split into five pieces, of which two are enclaves within Transnistria. Transnistria is ''de facto'' independent, but not recognized by any UN members. * In Mongolia, the municipality of Ulan Bator is divided into three parts, two of which are enclaves in Töv Province. * In New Zealand, the Kawerau District is an enclave within the Whakatane District. - align center 30px border (File:Flag of Mongolia.svg) '''Mongolia''' Монгол улс (''Mongol uls'') 35px (File:Monggol ulus.svg) (''Mongγol ulus'') Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) align right 1,564,115.75 align right e 2,754,685 (2010 Census) align right 1.75 align center Mongolian tögrög (MNT) align center Mongolian (Mongolian language) Head of State: Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj Head of Government: Sükhbaataryn Batbold - Asashōryū whose real name is Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj and hailing from Ulan Bator (w:Ulan Bator), Mongolia, started the tournament fourteen days earlier with an opening-day win over komusubi Kisenosato. His tournament win creates a new record with yokozuna (w:Yokozuna_(sumo)#Yokozuna) becoming only the fourth man to win 23 Emperors Cups. He now is only one win behind Kitanoumi (24), but a long way from both Chiyonofuji (31) and Taiho (32).


;nbsp;252–281. *Hoehne, Markus V. 2007: Puntland and Somaliland clashing in northern Somalia: Who cuts the Gordian knot?, published online on 7 November 2007. http: Hoehne Bibliography *Bradbury, Mark, ''Becoming Somaliland'' (James Currey, 2008) External links *Somaliland official website *Somaliland Times English language news website. * http

Equatorial Guinea

of these communities were responsible for building and expanding the cocoa farming industry on Fernando Po (Bioko) during the 1880s and 1890s. African and European Cocoa Producers on Fernando Póo, 1880s to 1910s, W. G. Clarence-Smith, The Journal of African History, Volume 35, Issue 02, Jul 1994, pp 179-199, doi: 10.1017 S0021853700026384, Published online by Cambridge University Press 22 Jan 2009 The Fernandinos of Fernando Po were closely related to each other as well


, and compare its situation to that of the Breton people, integrated into France. Dmoz:Regional Asia Kazakhstan Localities Almaty WikiPedia:Almaty Commons:Category:Almaty

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