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McMinnville, Oregon

Portland , IMAX Dome, OMNIMAX Theater (public view of projector), Oregon Museum of Science and Industry – (by the Willamette River) OMNIMAX, Oregon Museum of Science & Industry birth_date birth_place McMinnville, Oregon, U.S. (United States) death_date DATE OF BIRTH November 29, 1976 PLACE OF BIRTH McMinnville, Oregon, USA


''(since 1956)'' Life and career Born in Los Angeles, the son of Jewish immigrants from Tiraspol, he first emerged into the public view when he organised desegregated jam sessions at the Trouville Club in Los Angeles, which he later expanded when he staged a memorable concert at the Philharmonic Auditorium in Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California) on Sunday, July 2, 1944, under the heading of " Jazz at the Philharmonic


English and Russian. Coral Coast and Blue Beach Hotel offer daily yoga drop- in classes with various teachers of different yoga styles. Both yoga rooms are purpose built, with stunning view, situated on the roof, not accessible to public view and provide yoga-mats and props. Other *'''Shisha''' try Egypts favorite pastime, smoking a shisha water pipe with flavored tobacco whilst watching the world go by. *'''Kayaking''' a great way to explore the reef. Sea Kayaks are available

Kingdom of Serbia

referred to as the ''Annexation crisis'') erupted into public view when on October 5, 1908, Bulgaria declared its independence and on October 6, 1908, Austria-Hungary announced the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was populated mainly by south Slavic nationals (Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks). Russia (Russian Empire), the Ottoman Empire, Britain, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Germany and France took an interest in these events. In April 1909, the Treaty of Berlin (Treaty of Berlin (1878)) was amended to accept the new status quo bringing the crisis to an end. The crisis permanently damaged relations between Austria-Hungary on the one hand and Russia and Serbia on the other. The annexation and reactions to the annexation were contributing causes of World War I. Balkan Wars and ensuing changes The Romanian government signed a treaty with the Allies on August 17, 1916 and declared war on the Central Powers on August 27. The Romanian Army was quite large, with over 650,000 men in 23 divisions (Division (military)). However, it suffered from poor training and equipment, especially compared to its German counterparts. Meanwhile, the German Chief of Staff (Chief of staff (military)), General Erich von Falkenhayn correctly reasoned that Romania would side with the Allies and made plans to deal with Romania. Thanks to the earlier conquest of the Kingdom of Serbia and the ineffective Allied operations on the Kingdom of Greece border, and having a territorial interest in Dobrogea, the Bulgarian Army and the Ottoman Army were willing to help fight the Romanians.


-communist sympathies, thereby hoping to gain the support of the United States. Lumumba fled to Stanleyville (Kisangani), where he set up his own government. The USSR again supplied him with weapons and he was able to defend his position. Later, in November 1960, he was captured and sent to Katanga (Katanga Province). Mobutu still considered him a threat and ordered him to be arrested and beaten publicly on 17 January 1961. He then disappeared from the public view. It was later discovered he was murdered that day as well. In 1964. Congolese Prime Minister Moïse Tshombe hired "Colonel" Mike Hoare to lead a military unit called "5 Commando" made up of about 300 men most of whom were from South Africa. The unit's mission was to fight a breakaway rebel group called Simbas (Simba Rebellion). Later Hoare and his mercenaries worked in concert with Belgian (Belgium) paratroopers, Cuban exile pilots, and CIA hired mercenaries who attempted to save 1,600 civilians (mostly Europeans and missionaries (missionary)) in Stanleyville (Kisangani) from the Simba rebels in Operation Dragon Rouge. This operation saved many lives; WikiPedia:Kisangani Commons:Category:Kisangani

Presidio of San Francisco

By purchasing all local supply, the company created a monopoly on San Francisco's water. It was not until 1908, when the city approved construction of O'Shaughnessy Dam creating the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in the Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada (U.S.)) mountain range, that the city gained municipal control. Prior to the construction of the dam, Lake Merced was to serve as the city's main reservoir, with plans to expand the lake into land that is now the San Francisco State University campus. Around this time, Spring Valley sold off some of its land on Lake Merced, making way for the golf courses that exist today. In 1940, Metropolitan Life (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company) bought the last of Spring Valley's land to build the Parkmerced (Parkmerced, San Francisco, California) apartment complex. Lake Merced at one


of the Ruhr area ( 140,000 vehicles day) and suffers from heavy congestion during rush hours, which is why many people in the area nicknamed it ''Ruhrschleichweg'' (Ruhr crawling way). A tunnel was built in the 1970s, when the then-Bundesstraße was upgraded to motorway (Autobahn) standards, so that the A 40 is hidden from public view in the inner-city district near the main railway station (Essen Hauptbahnhof). Public transport thumb Essen Hauptbahnhof (File:Essen Hauptbahnhof Freiheit.jpg) in the city centre As with most communes in the Ruhr area, local transport is carried out by a local, publicly-owned company for transport within the city, the DB Regio subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn for regional transport and Deutsche Bahn itself for long-distance journeys. The local carrier, Essener Verkehrs-AG (EVAG), is a member of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) association of public transport companies in the Ruhr area, which provides a uniform fare structure in the whole region. Within the VRR region, tickets are valid on lines of all members as well as DB's railway lines (except the high-speed InterCity and Intercity-Express networks) and can be bought at ticket machines and service centers of EVAG, all other members of VRR, and DB. Aviation Together with the neighbouring city of Mülheim an der Ruhr (Mülheim) and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Essen maintains Essen Mülheim Airport (IATA (IATA airport code): ESS, ICAO (ICAO airport code): EDLE). While the first flights had already arrived in 1919, it was officially opened on August 25, 1925. Significantly expanded in 1935, Essen Mülheim became the central airport of the Ruhr area until the end of the Second World War, providing an asphalted runway of


. Jews who tried to escape were shot to death with their bullet-riddled bodies to be left in public view until dusk as a warning. Many of those who fled to the Aryan side without connections with Christian Poles willing to risked their lives in order to help, returned to the ghettos when they were unable to find a place to hide. מידע נוסף על הפריט !-- Bot generated


Muḥammad al-Mahdī , who, at the age of five after the death of his father, disappeared from public view. That was in the time of the 'Abbāsid (Abbasids) Caliphs. Knowing about the killings of all the Imāms and family members of the descendants of Muḥammad, Ja'far Bukhārī migrated to Bukhara in Uzbekistan Wikipedia:Bukhara Commons:Category:Bukhara Dmoz:Regional Asia Uzbekistan Localities Bukhara

Fort Wayne, Indiana

''', including what was formerly known as '''Archer Park''', is a public park in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is named after the popular-culture nickname of John Chapman, better known as "Johnny Appleseed," a famous American (United States) pioneer, who was buried on the site. Chapman's gravesite is accessible to public view through steel gates. The weathered tombstone says, "Johnny Appleseed He lived for others. 1774-1845." It also has a carved apple in bas relief

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