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center - 2. 17 June 1999 Manizales, Colombia ), also called '''UNAL''' or just '''UN''', is a public (public university), national (National university), coeducational, research university, located primarily in Bogotá (Bogotá, D.C.), Medellín, Manizales and Palmira, Colombia. Established

San Miguel de Tucumán

include the public National University of Tucumán and the National Technological University, and the private (and Catholic) Saint Thomas Aquinas University of the North and the Saint Paul T University. Since August 2008, the city has been the location of trials of high-ranking former military officers charged with war crimes from the 1976–83 dictatorship (National Reorganization Process). Luciano Menéndez, a former colonel, was convicted for crimes against humanity, including the kidnapping and disappearance of senator (Guillermo Vargas Aignasse) on the night of the ''golpe'' (coup) in 1976. Many Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo (Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo) have been seen in and around the Tucumán trials. The convictions of Menéndez and What today is commonly referred as the '''Independence of Argentina''' was declared on July 9, 1816 by the Congress (Congress of Tucumán) of Tucumán (San Miguel de Tucumán). In reality, the congressmen that were assembled in Tucumán (Tucumán, Argentina) declared the independence of the United Provinces of South America, which is still today one of the legal names of the Argentine Republic. The Federal League (Liga Federal) Provinces, The Argentine ''Littoral'' provinces Santa Fé (Santa Fe Province), Entre Ríos (Entre Ríos Province) and Corrientes (Corrientes Province), along with the Eastern Province (Banda Oriental) (present-dayUruguay) at war (Argentine Civil War) with the United Provinces, were not allowed into the Congress (Congress of Tucumán). At the same time, several provinces from the Upper Peru that would later become part of present-day Bolivia, were represented at the Congress. *LRA14 Santa Fe (Santa Fe, Argentina), Santa Fe Province *LRA15 Tucumán (San Miguel de Tucumán), Tucumán Province *LRA16 La Quiaca, Jujuy Province

National Transitional Council

. Currently, the National Transitional Council is in the process of organizing Libya's recovery from the Libyan civil war and has pledged to organize democratic elections (Libyan Public National Conference election, 2012) by April


Public University of Ghana - Accra Polytechnic (A-Poly) Tudu Public - Advanced Business University College (ABUC) Kaneshie Private University of Education, Winneba - Ghana Institute Of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Achimota Public - The Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) Legon Public

- National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) Cantonments Public University of Ghana - Valley View University (VVU) Oyibi Private Transportation


will be used to perform computer simulations of the interactions between millions of chemical compounds and certain target proteins. This will help find the most promising compounds that may lead to effective treatments for the disease. ), also called '''UNAL''' or just '''UN''', is a public (public university), National university


foremost interests on the Assembly and he authored the report, and chaired the enquiry, into the London bombings (7 July 2005 London bombings) of 7 July 2005. This has led to his taking a very public national and international role in the fight against terrorism, particularly in addressing the ability of urban authorities to build resistance and response mechanisms to potential atrocities. In 2007 he spoke at conferences in both Dubai and New York. The '''New York Mercantile


university Public - - National University of Distance Education Madrid Community of Madrid Public (Public university) - - Technical University of Madrid Madrid Community of Madrid Public (Public university) - - CEU San Pablo University Madrid Community of Madrid Private (Private university) - - Comillas Pontifical University Madrid Community of Madrid Private (Private university) - - Saint Louis University Madrid Campus Madrid Community of Madrid Private (Private university) - Alfonso Reyes was posted to Mexico's diplomatic service in France in 1913. After Germany invaded France in 1914, he moved to Madrid, Spain, and pursued a literary career as journalist, investigator, translator, critic, and writer. In 1915, he wrote what is probably his best known essay, "Visión de Anáhuac (1915)," with its famous epigraph, "''Viajero: has llegado a la región más transparente del aire''", the source of the title of Carlos Fuentes's novel ''La región más transparente''. *Eight international sites in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Colombia (Bogotá, Medellín), Ecuador (Guayaquil and Quito), Panama (Panama City), Peru (Lima) and the United States (Miami) offering extension courses, research and international consulting.


'' of the school. * February 23, 1931: Council of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry of Polytechnic conferred academic rank of Honorary Doctor to professor Nils Handson (Stockholm, Sweden). '''France Télévisions''' ( ) is the French (France) public national television broadcaster (Television broadcasting). It is a state-owned company formed from the bringing together of the public television channels France 2 (formerly Antenne 2) and France 3

''' - Government has moved to accrual recently: Government financial statements were issued for the first time in 2006. They are audited by the Cour des Comptes (Public National Audit Office). Accounting standards are based on French GAAP for the private sector, IFRS and IPSAS. Standards are issued by the Conseil de normalisation des comptes publics (Advisory council on public sector accounting standards). * '''Gambia''' - In the process of adopting the cash basis IPSAS, will then move to adopt

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