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St. Albert, Alberta

by the Brackman-Ker Milling Company, the other was built later in 1929 by The Alberta Wheat Pool company. There is also a reproduction of the original 1909 railway station housed at the Grain Elevators Park, the reproduction was constructed in 2005. On Madonna Drive stands the Little White School House which is open to the public. Arts and Heritage - St. Albert maintain this site as well as the Grain Elevators and other heritage buildings and sites under restoration in the city. In June

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Guitartowns title Gibson GuitarTown: Nashville, Austin, and London Big Guitar Public Arts and Charity publisher date *In 2012, ''Money (Money (magazine))'' magazine ranked Waukesha one of the "100 Best Places to Live," in the United States. *In 2011 and 2012, America’s Promise Alliance


;ft. statue of a fighting muskellunge. Huskie the Muskie is situated in McLeod Park at the northernmost tip of Lake of the Woods. The city's downtown core has a public arts project, with 20 murals depicting the region's history painted on buildings in the business district. The city is home to a major international bass (bass (fish)) fishing tournament. Kenora is sometimes stereotyped as an archetypal hoser community, evidenced by the phrase "Kenora dinner jacket" Wikipedia:Kenora Commons:Category:Kenora

Vancouver, Washington

) in the Vancouver School District, is a public arts magnet school for grades 6 to 12. In addition to traditional academic studies, the school's curriculum involves in-depth elective study of the performing (performing arts), literary (literary arts), visual (Art) arts, as well as film studies (called "moving image arts" at the school). For the 2008-2009 school year, they accepted nearly 100 6th graders. Originally built in 1929 under the name "Shumway", it was remodeled


theatres in the city. The Queens in Burslem, The Regent, Mitchell Memorial and Victoria Hall in Hanley, the New Vic in Basford, the rep at Stoke. The university campus (near Stoke railway station) has a public arts cinema that shows intelligent films. Near to Stoke are the '''Keele Arboretum''', '''Biddulph Grange Garden''' (The National Trust), '''Alton Towers''' (a giant theme park), and the '''Peak District National Park'''.Consall Hall landscaped gardens are nearby and in a beautiful setting. Buy The main shopping facilities are to be found in Hanley the City centre of Stoke-on-Trent. One would be able to find the usual high street stores and includes the second largest Primark in the United Kingdom. The main shopping attraction for Stoke-on-Trent is the factory shops of the pottery companies. Only Portmeirion, Wedgwood, Dudson and Emma Bridgewater continue to manufacture pottery in the city, and the factory shops can offer heavy discounts on what will be called "second quality" goods, that often have only very minor defects that are frequently very difficult to tell from the main shop goods. Otherwise, shopping is not something that one would come to Stoke-on-Trent for. The city centre of Hanley offers nothing that cannot be found elsewhere. However it still offers a wide range of stores which would fulfill the needs of any traveller with needs of supplies. Most pottery factory shops will offer a postal delivery service, so that one does not have to carry fragile or heavy items onto a plane when returning home. Eat Stoke-on-Trent is renowned for a delicacy known as the '''Staffordshire Oatcake''' and many Oatcake shops can be found throughout the city. The oatcake resembles a pancake in look and is a mix of flour, oatmeal, salt, yeast and water. It is often served with melted cheese and a choice of either (or all!) sausage, bacon and tomatoes. Drink The pubs of Burslem are renowned, and '''The Leopard''' and '''The Bull's Head Inn''' are to be recommended as authentic English pubs.The Congress Inn in the Longton area is a nice friendly real ale pub with a large choice of good beers, as is The Malt & Hops in Fenton. Monday Night is student night in Hanley and students from Staffordshire and Keele Universities and many other young people from the region converge on the city centre. Many of them are chain pubs, with The Reginald Mitchell (JD Wetherspoon), Walkabout, Chicago Rock Café and Reflex all represented and popular with the locals at weekends. There do remain some traditional pubs in the centre, all of which have been somewhat battered over the years by the chain venues. Most people wanting to stay out for the night will finish their evenings in either Liquid (around £5 entry), which features mainstream music or, the slightly further away Underground which specialises in rock indie music and sometimes has live acts. This costs £2 to enter on a Monday, and four quid on a Saturday. Cans of Red Stripe lager will set you back around three pounds. Sleep The George Hotel, located in Burslem, is a fine hotel in an area not known for its accommodation options. The Stoke-on-Trent Moat House is a four-star hotel on Festival Park, part of which was originally the mansion of Josiah Wedgwood. The North Stafford Hotel is directly opposite the railway station, which is adequate and conveniently-located for sleeping arrangements. Otherwise, there are a range of hotels available in the surrounding countryside, including options at Alton Towers. Stay safe Stoke-on-Trent as a whole is a safe city. As with anywhere care must be taken especially at night, avoid walking alone in dark places. However, if you wish to sample the nightlife, there's no need to avoid the city centres: simply show the same common sense as you would elsewhere, for example by sticking with a group of friends. As with the rest of the UK, in any '''emergency''' call '''999''' or '''112''' (from a land-line if you can) and ask for Ambulance, Fire or Police when connected. It is free to call the Emergency Services from Payphones. Go next The locale of Stoke-on-Trent makes it ideal to visit other cities in the Midlands and North-West of England. While the city in itself suffers from a long period of industrial neglect and might not be immediately visually appealing, the surrounding areas of countryside are especially pleasant. The Peak District National Park (Peak District) can easily be reached from Stoke-on-Trent, either by catching the Sheffield-bound bus from Hanley Bus Station, or by catching a train to Edale or other place in the Hope Valley, with a change at Manchester. Birmingham (Birmingham (England)) can be reached on the M6 motorway heading southbound and takes roughly an hour to reach. There are hourly train services most of the day that cost about £12 return and in fifty minutes take one right into the heart of Birmingham (at New Street Station) with its '''Bull Ring Shopping Centre''' which features around 140 stores and is one of the largest shopping centres in Europe. Birmingham is home to '''Aston Villa Football Club''', one of the oldest in England and one of the founders of the football league. Their stadium, '''Villa Park''', lies on the outskirts of the city in Aston. They share a healthy rivalry with the more centrally located '''Birmingham City Football Club''' based at '''St. Andrews''' stadium. Heading northbound on the M6 Motorway one can reach Manchester, the UK's third largest city (behind London and Birmingham) which is excellent for shopping and sightseeing. It also has one of the biggest gay and lesbian communities in the country. As with Birmingham, Manchester is roughly an hour away by car and cheap train fares are available which will take you right into the centre of the city. '''Old Trafford''' is the home of the world-renowned '''Manchester United Football Club''' and tours of the ground are available. Liverpool is another location that is easily accessible from Stoke-on-Trent, being slightly north of Manchester and roughly a ninety minute journey by car. Cheap rail fares are available but often require a train change along the way and consequently can take up to two hours to reach. Liverpool is famous for its docklands, museums and being the home of '''The Beatles'''. It is also the home of the historic '''Liverpool Football Club'''. The historic city of Nottingham lies to the east of Stoke-on-Trent and once again is easily accessible by car or train. Many coach operators run regular services to Nottingham taking around ninety minutes to two hours and details are available from the tourist information office at Hanley Bus Station. Nottingham is a city renowned for its beauty and medieval architecture and Robin Hood enthusiasts will find much to do there. The county town of Stafford is a place to visit to sample traditional British life and culture. It is around twenty minutes from Stoke-on-Trent via car or train and bus services take around forty minutes from Hanley Bus Station. Stafford is known for its magnificent parks, architecture and its bustling yet traditional high street. 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Works Progress Administration

in 2008. thumb left Thomas Hart Benton (painter) Thomas Hart Benton (Image:People-of-Chilmark-Benton-1920-lrg.jpg), ''People of Chilmark (Figure Composition),'' 1920, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC. When the Great Depression hit, president Roosevelt’s (Franklin D Roosevelt) New Deal created several public arts programs. The purpose of the programs was to give work to artists and decorate public buildings, usually with a national theme. The first of these projects, the Public Works of Art Project (PWAP), was created after successful lobbying by the unemployed artists of the Artists' Union. The PWAP lasted less than one year, and produced nearly 15,000 works of art. It was followed by the Federal Art Project of the Works Progress Administration (FAP WPA) in 1935, which funded some of the most well-known American artists (List of American artists). Several separate and related movements began and developed during the Great Depression including American scene painting, Regionalism (Regionalism (art)), and Social Realism. Thomas Hart Benton (Thomas Hart Benton (painter)), John Steuart Curry, Grant Wood, Ben Shahn, Joseph Stella, Reginald Marsh (Reginald Marsh (artist)), Isaac Soyer, Raphael Soyer, and Jack Levine were some of the best known artists. Huey Long Reviewers at the time and literary critics ever since have emphasized the connection with Louisiana politician Huey Long, who was preparing to run for president in 1936. plot on which the school is situated cost $35,000. The school opened in the fall of 1939 with fifty faculty members and 1,250 pupils. In 1959, Kenmore East High School was opened as the district continued to grow. At that time, the Highland Parkway school officially became Kenmore West High School. Raymond S. Frazier was appointed to the position of principal of Kenmore West in 1952. ''A Brief History of Kenmore West High School''. Accessed July 16, 2006. * Nikolai Trubetzkoi Trubetskoy, Nikolai S. .''Grundzüge der Phonologie''. ''Principles of Phonology'' . ''Travaux du Cercle Linguistique de Prague'', 7. Prague, 1939. *WPA (Works Progress Administration) Federal Writers' Project, ''Life History Manuscripts from the Folklore Project'', 1936-1940. Online version: Library of Congress ''American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936 - 1940'', Item 27 of 312 (Nebraska), "Charles Blooah" '''Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium and Armory''' (commonly known as '''The Armory''') is an indoor arena in Sheboygan (Sheboygan, Wisconsin), Wisconsin built in 1942 on the city's lakefront as a WPA (Works Progress Administration) project. Mead Public Library timeline ''The Sheboygan Press'' "City may shut down Armory", Sept. 20, 2006, pages A1–A2 '''Harry Lloyd Hopkins (w:Harry Hopkins)''' (August 17, 1890 – January 29, 1946) was one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's closest advisers. He was one of the architects of the New Deal, especially the relief programs of the Works Progress Administration (w:Works Progress Administration) (WPA), which he directed and built into the largest employer in the country. In World War II he was Roosevelt's chief diplomatic advisor and troubleshooter and was a key policy maker in the $50 billion Lend-Lease (w:Lend-Lease) program that sent aid to the allies.


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Austin, Texas

thumb The original plan for Memphis, Tennessee (Image:Memphis Plan 1819.jpg), as surveyed in 1819 In the early


and the latter sketched a new Comintern line on the war. The new line — which stated that the war was unjust and imperialist — was approved by the secretariat of the Communist International on 9 September. Thus, the various western Communist parties now had to oppose the war, and to vote against war credits. "From the Red Flag to the Union Jack" A number of French communists (including Maurice Thorez, who fled to Moscow), deserted from the French Army, owing to a 'revolutionary defeatist' attitude taken by Western Communist leaders. The Communist Party of Germany featured similar attitudes. In ''Die Welt'', a communist newspaper published in Stockholm having been banned in Stockholm, it continued to be published in Zurich. http: fulltext sozmit som-von-aussen.htm the exiled communist leader Walter Ulbricht opposed the allies (Britain representing “the most reactionary force in the world” as cited in: Sozialistische Mitteilungen 08 1940. ) and argued: “The German government declared


2002–2003; Toronto, Canada and London, England Genre Jazz The '''Etobicoke School of the Arts''' is a specialized public arts-academic high school located in Etobicoke (Etobicoke, Ontario) area of Toronto, Canada. Founded on September 8, 1981, the Etobicoke School of the Arts has the distinction of being the oldest, free standing arts focused high school in Canada. "Etobicoke School

of CTV (CTV Television Network)'s ''Canada AM'' in September 2006. The '''Etobicoke School of the Arts''' is a specialized public arts-academic high school located in Etobicoke (Etobicoke, Ontario) area of Toronto, Canada. Founded on September 8, 1981, the Etobicoke School of the Arts has the distinction of being the oldest, free standing arts focused high school in Canada. "Etobicoke School of the Arts TDSB

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