National Audubon Society v. Superior Court

in California highlighting the conflict between the public trust doctrine and appropriative water rights. The Public Trust Doctrine is based on the principle that certain resources (such as navigable waters) are too valuable to be privately owned and must remain available for public use. In ''National Audubon

Society v. Superior Court,'' the court held that the public trust doctrine restricts the amount of water that can be withdrawn from navigable waterways. The basis for the Public Trust Doctrine goes back to Roman law. Under Roman law, the air, the rivers, the sea and the seashore were incapable

of private ownership; they were dedicated to the use of the public. In essence, the public trust doctrine establishes the role of the state as having trustee environmental duties owed to the public that are subsequently enforceable by the public. There is judicial recognition of this, dictating

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

telecommunications technologies to millions of Americans in rural and underserved urban areas through its information infrastructure grants. * Providing the hardware that enables public radio and television broadcasters to extend and maintain the reach of their programming. * Advocating competition and liberalization of telecommunications policies around the world. thumb 400px right A Park Service radio license. (Image:Lava license.jpg) * Participating in international government

-to-government negotiations to open markets for U.S. companies. * Negotiating with foreign governments to ensure adequate spectrum (electromagnetic spectrum) for national defense, public safety, and U.S. business needs. * Promoting efficient use of federal radio spectrum and encouraging the development and implementation of new and emerging telecommunications technologies. * Performing long-term research to explore uses of higher frequency spectrum. * Working with Federal, state, and local public

, ITS serves as a key Federal appliance in investigating the current telecommunications’ challenges of other Federal agencies, state and local governments, private corporations and associations, and international organizations. The Director of Staff for the ITS is Al Vincent. Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications (OTIA) The Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications (OTIA) collaborates public and non-profit entities in productively using telecommunications

Riverdale, Toronto

the area and according to Toronto's Official Plan, are to be preserved as an area of green space in the years to come. Schools * Riverdale Collegiate Institute is the neighbourhood's local high-school. * '''Earl Grey Senior Public School''' is the area's local middle school, grade 7-8. * '''Quest Alternative School''' http: SchoolWeb _site viewitem.asp?siteid 10056&pageid 7556&menuid 8633 is the area's original alternative middle school, and one

has 68 students and accepts students from all over Toronto. * '''Withrow Avenue Junior Public School''', '''Jackman Avenue Junior Public School''', ref name 14 09 11>

; '''Frankland Community School''',


release of a commodity output of the enterprises food and a process industry, the enterprises of light industry and the enterprises of a machine-building complex at the expense of reorientation to release of the consumer goods. Relative density of the enterprises chemical and a petroleum-refining industry is reduced, despite insignificant growth of their volumes of manufacture. Chemical and the petroleum-refining industry in a city is presented by two big enterprises: Public corporation"

;AZMOL", the Berdyansk state factory of fiberglass, and also two small enterprises: Limited Liability Company "Fibreglass", Closed Corporation "Bertie". Public corporation"AZMOL"is engaged in manufacture and realisation of lubricants, manufacturing of container for their packaging and packing. Expansion of assortment of lubricants, development and introduction of new highly effective and competitive products with application of energy-efficient technologies

release of mesh for plastering, the cable yarn, reinforcing materials for manufacture of plastic. Closed Corporation "Bertie". specialises on release of general mechanical rubber goods. In the near future introduction of new technologies is planned. The machine engineering industry in the city is presented by following enterprises of a different patterns of ownership: – Public corporation "Pervomaysky factory of agricultural machinery" with branches; – Public corporation

NHS Scotland

employees 160,000 budget £ (Pound sterling)11.9 billion (2012-13) minister1_name Shona Robison minister1_pfo Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport minister2_name minister2_pfo deputyminister1_name Maureen Watt deputyminister1_pfo Minister for Public Health deputyminister2_name Jamie Hepburn deputyminister2_pfo Minister for Sport and Health Improvement chief1_name Paul Gray

Budget NHS Scotland had an operating budget of £ (Pound sterling)11.9 billion in 2012–13, up from £11.35 billion during 2010-11. Health and social care are devolved issues in the United Kingdom (Reserved and excepted matters) and the separate public

Tamil Nadu Government Organizations

''' are the commercial & non-commercial establishments in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu by Government of Tamil Nadu. This includes the state-run PSUs (Public Sector Undertaking), Statutory corporations and Co-operative societies (Co-operative society). These commercial institutions are very vital to the economic growth of this state. They have generated a revenue of ₹42,535.07 crores for the fiscal 2008-09.

Development & Panchayat Raj Women Empowerment State Govt. Undertaking - 7 Dharmapuri District Socio Economic Development Society (DDSEDS) Chennai - 8 Vanniyar Public Property Welfare Board Chennai Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare (Department of Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare (Tamil Nadu)) http

: vppwb vppwb - 9 Non-Resident Tamils' Welfare Board 13.12.2010 Chennai Public (Department of Public (Tamil Nadu)) Labour and Employment class "sortable wikitable" style "margin: 1em auto 1em auto;" + ! Sl. No Company Incorporated Headquarters Parent Department Role Type Remarks Website - 1 Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) Chennai http

Grimsby, Ontario

is detrimental to the town as orchards close to the town centre are used for residential development; however, most of the orchards in Grimsby were replaced by houses between the 1950s and 1980s and very few orchards remain. notable attractions in Grimsby are the local skatepark, the Grimsby Museum, the Grimsby Public Library,

; the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, the West Niagara YMCA , the Danish Church and the hockey arena (Peach King Centre), home of the Grimsby Peach Kings. History The town of Grimsby was founded in 1790 (originally named Township Number 6 and then 'The Forty'), after a group of United Empire Loyalists lead by Teri Green settled at the mouth of 40 Mile Creek in 1787. Robert Nelles, a politician and later lieutenant

closing and developers buying land to build houses. Local government thumb right Aerial view of Grimsby (File:Niagara-Escarpment-Winter-IMG 0626.JPG) thumb right Grimsby Public Library (File:Grimsby Ontario Public Library.JPG) The council is composed of a mayor and eight aldermen who serve for a term of four years. The mayor is elected at large and the aldermen are elected by ward. The town is divided into four wards with two aldermen elected in each ward. It is the role of council

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