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providing public

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

and information technologies to complete national goals in addition to adequately providing public services. NTIA Office of Spectrum Management The OTIA is also currently administering programs that are helping the nation's switch to digital television, the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP), and Public Safety Interoperable Communications (PSIC) Grant Program


of this future roadway has been constructed alongside the rail line, known as part of Clement Avenue today. Public transport Kelowna Regional Transit System is operated by FirstGroup, providing public bus transportation services in Kelowna and its vicinity. Funding for the transit system is shared between the City of Kelowna, Central Okanagan Regional District (Regional District of Central Okanagan), Lake Country, British Columbia District

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Television TCT , Greensboro Cable-Only * News 14 Triad (News 14 Carolina) Transportation Public transportation The Winston-Salem Transit Authority (WSTA) has the responsibility of providing public transportation. It took over from the Safe Bus Company, founded in the 1920s as the largest black owned transportation company in the United States, in 1972. Operating out of the Clark Campbell Transportation Center at 100 West Fifth Street, WSTA has 26 daily routes, which run between 5:30am and 12:00 midnight Monday through Friday and from 6:30am through 6:30pm on Saturday. WSTA makes nearly 3 million passenger trips annually. In February 2010 WSTA added 10 diesel-electric buses to its fleet. The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) operates a daily schedule from the Campbell center connecting Winston-Salem to Boone, Mt. Airy and Greensboro, where other systems provide in-state routes to points east. Greyhound lines also provides interstate transportation from the Campbell Center. Thoroughfares thumb right 200px Business Interstate 40 at the US 52 interchange in downtown Winston-Salem. (Image:Exits 6 at Westbound I-40 Business in Winston-Salem, NC.jpg) US 52 (U.S. Route 52) (which runs concurrent (Concurrency (road)) with NC 8 (North Carolina Highway 8)) is the predominant north-south freeway through Winston-Salem; it passes near the heart of downtown. Business 40 (Interstate 40 Business (North Carolina)) is the main east-west freeway through downtown Winston-Salem. In 1993 a bypass loop of I-40 (Interstate 40 in North Carolina) was built. I-74 (Interstate 74 in North Carolina) links Winston-Salem to High Point (High Point, North Carolina) (southeast) and US 311 (U.S. Route 311) follows I-40 and US 52 through the Winston-Salem business district. US 421 (U.S. Route 421), which shares Business 40 through downtown, splits in the western part of the city onto its own freeway west (signed north) toward Wilkesboro, North Carolina and Boone, North Carolina. thumb left 150px US 421 highway near Winston-Salem. (Image:Highway 104-N.jpg) , owner Carl Pohlad almost sold the Twins to North Carolina businessman Don Beaver, who would have moved the team to the Piedmont Triad (Greensboro (Greensboro, North Carolina) – Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) – High Point (High Point, North Carolina)) area. The defeat of a referendum for a stadium in North Carolina and a lack of interest in building a stadium for the Twins in Charlotte (Charlotte, North Carolina) killed the deal.

The Bronx

Company''' was a bus operator in Manhattan, The Bronx, and Westchester County, New York, providing public transit between 1896 and 1954 after which services were taken over by the New York City Omnibus Corporation. It succeeded the Fifth Avenue Transportation Company. terminus_a in Manhattan


& Communication publisher accessdate 17 January 2010 archiveurl https: web 20100102003806 http: info transportation.htm archivedate 2 January 2010 deadurl no Beirut has frequent bus connections to other cities in Lebanon and major cities in Syria (List of cities in Syria) such as Homs and its capital Damascus. There are a number of different companies providing public transport in Lebanon. The publicly owned buses are managed by Office des Chemins de Fer et des Transports en Commun (OCFTC) (OCFTC – "Railway and Public Transportation Authority"). Buses for northern destinations and Syria leave from Charles Helou Station. Beirut Transport


extension of the Skøyen Line to Lilleaker. The two latter lines were later extended further, in 1935 and 1924 respectively. In 1942, a connection between the two lines, between Jar (Jar (station)) and Sørbyhaugen (Sørbyhaugen (station)), was opened, providing public rail transportation to the northern part of Ullern. In 1948, Ullern became a part of Oslo, when Oslo absorbed the entire Aker municipality. In the post-World War II period, the villa-dominated housing


Jamaica '' and the ''Discurso de Angostura''. Some of Bolívar's ideas include forming a union of Latin American countries, providing public education, and enforcing sovereignty to fight against foreign invasion, which has been interpreted to include economic domination by foreign powers. An example of such a union was Gran Colombia, a block of countries consisting of Venezuela, Colombia, Panamá (part of New Granada (Viceroyalty of New Granada) in that time) and Ecuador. '''Venezuela''': In Venezuela, the best known variety show is ''Súper Sábado Sensacional''. Originally established in 1968 (as ''Sábado Espectacular'') on Radio Caracas Television, the show moved to Venevision in 1970 and was renamed ''Sábado Sensacional''. In 1990, "Súper" was added to the title, and is how the show is currently known today. * ''Loxosceles laeta'' (Nicolet, 1849) — South America, introduced to North America, Finland and Australia * ''Loxosceles lawrencei'' Caporiacco, 1955 — Venezuela, Trinidad, Curaçao * ''Loxosceles lutea'' Keyserling, 1877 — Colombia, Ecuador Colombian, Brazilian, Mexican (Mexico) and Venezuelan telenovelas are programmed throughout the Portuguese (Portuguese language) and Spanish (Spanish language)-speaking world, and in many parts of India, China and Europe (European Union). Local names It is known as ''mamoncillo'', ''mamón'', and ''ackee'' (in St. Lucia (Saint Lucia), Barbados & Venezuela). However, in the rest of the Caribbean, the latter name is used to refer to the related ''Blighia sapida'' (ackee)), and the fruit is called ''chenette'' (in Trinidad and Tobago), ''guaya'', ''gnep'', ''guinep'' (in Jamaica and Antigua and Barbuda), ''guaya'' (in México), ''skinnip'' (in St. Kitts (Saint Kitts and Nevis), Grenada), ''canepa'', ''genip'', ''guinep'', ''ginnip'', ''kenèp'' (in Dominica, Guyana, Haiti, Belize, Bahamas) and in some parts of Central America, ''talpa jocote'' (in some parts of Guatemala), ''canepa'', ''quenepa'' (in Puerto Rico), ''genepa'', ''xenepa'', ''kenepa'' (in Curaçao and Aruba), ''knippa'' (in Suriname) and Spanish lime and ''limoncillo'' (in the Dominican Republic).


service_type Local bus transit The '''Fifth Avenue Coach Company''' was a bus operator in Manhattan, The Bronx, and Westchester County, New York, providing public transit between 1896 and 1954 after which services were taken over by the New York City Omnibus Corporation. It succeeded the Fifth Avenue Transportation Company. terminus_a in Manhattan


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