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of the Republic of China as commissioner of Gannan Prefecture ( ). During his time in Gannan, from 1940 he implemented a "public

information desk" where ordinary people could visit him if they had problems, and according to records, Chiang Ching-kuo received a total of 1,023 people during such sessions in 1942. In regards to the ban on prostitution and closing of brothels, Chiang implemented a policy where former prostitutes became employed in factories. Due to the large number of refugees in Ganzhou as a result from the ongoing war, thousands of orphans lived on the street; in June 1942, Chiang Ching-kuo formally

and fighting corruption, opium consumption, and illiteracy. Chiang Ching-kuo was appointed as commissioner of Gannan Prefecture (Ganzhou) ( ) between 1939 and 1945; there he banned smoking, gambling and prostitution, studied governmental management, allowed for economic expansion and a change in social outlook. His efforts were hailed as a miracle in the political war in China, then coined as the "Gannan New Deal" (贛南新政). During his time in Gannan, from 1940 he implemented a "

Tenderloin, San Francisco

were able to afford the good cut of meat. Yet another story, also likely apocryphal, is that the name is a reference to the "loins" of prostitutes (Prostitution). The Tenderloin borders the Mission Market Street corridor, which follows the Spaniards' El Camino Real (El Camino Real (California)), which in turn traced an ancient north south Indian trail. The Tenderloin is sheltered by Nob Hill (Nob Hill, San Francisco), and far enough from the San Francisco Bay bay

, the name "Tenderloin" does not appear on any maps of San Francisco prior to the 1930s; before then, it was labeled as "Downtown", although it may have been informally referred to as "the Tenderloin" as early as the 1910s. The area had an active nightlife in the late 19th century with many theaters, restaurants and hotels. Notorious madam (Procuring (prostitution)) Tessie Wall opened her first brothel on O'Farrell Street in 1898. Almost all of the buildings

reference to Tenderloin as "worst neighborhood in San Francisco http: traveler guide sf neighborhoods tenderloin.shtml Squalid conditions, homelessness, crime, illegal drug trade, prostitution, liquor stores, and strip clubs give the neighborhood a seedy reputation. Part of the neighborhood forms part of the theater district. Prominent theatres include the Geary, the home of the American Conservatory Theater, and the Curran Theatre Curran

Bountiful, British Columbia

fundamentalism Mormon fundamentalists . mann act prostitution Timelineprostitution&hl en&safe off&sa X&tbo p&num 100&tbs tl:1,tll:1943,tlh:1943&ei bNdoSvqIOYzOM56i8c8M&oi toolbelt_timeline_result&resnum 3&ct timeline-date 1943 (All U.S. ''states'' have anti-polygamy laws; in recent years state authorities have sometimes targeted organized polygamists.) The twin


accessdate 29 October 2013 It is also home to one of the world's largest, though largely empty, shopping malls, New South China Mall. ref name "pov

;Phillips" with the prostitution sector — consisting of brothels, massage parlours, nightclubs, sex hotels, sauna centres and karaoke bars — estimated to contribute 20 to 30 per cent of the total output of the city's service industry, employing between 500,000

and 800,000 people. Crackdown fails to scare Dongguan's sex-trade veterans The prostitution sector has mushroomed (wiktionary:mushroomed) since the turn of the century and, by 2014, employed around one in ten of the migrant labour force of between 500,000 and 800,000 people, including around 300,000 prostitutes. Sex services are estimated to contribute 20 to 30 per cent

Downtown Eastside

March 2009 author date Spring 2007 work 10th Edition publisher City of Vancouver There are many conflicting definitions of its perimeter but it can generally be viewed as being bordered by Cambie Street to the west, Clark Drive to the east, the waterfront to the north and Venables Street Prior Avenue to the south, with Hastings Street running down the middle of the neighbourhood. The area is noted for a high incidence of poverty (Poverty in Canada), drug use, Prostitution

Downtown Eastside. Pivot's mandate is to take a strategic approach to social change, using the law to address the root causes that undermine the quality of life of those most on the margins. Pivot's work involves addressing child welfare, addiction and health, housing, policing and prostitution. Guru Nanak's Free Kitchen is a non-profit community organization that regularly provides thousands of meals to the needy and homeless in the area through events held in the local area

. Downtown Eastside is infamous for its open drug trade, drug-related deaths (Vancouver's Skid Row has the highest per capita heroin-related deaths in the entire North American continent), prostitution and the highest rate of HIV and Hepatitis C infection in North America. thumb left Construction of the new Woodward's development in Downtown Eastside (File:Woodwards development.jpg), Vancouver Recently, there has been a move toward

Elko, Nevada

home to legal prostitutes (Prostitution and the law#Regulated prostitution) and contains active brothels. Under Nevada law, any county with a population of less than 400,000 is allowed to license brothels if it so chooses. Several geothermal features are also located in Elko, the largest of which

the Weatherman", played by actor Bill Murray, in the very beginning of the movie, ''Groundhog Day (Groundhog Day (film))''. * Americana (Americana (music)) band Railroad Earth have a song entitled "Elko," with lyrics depicting the prostitution, gambling, and drinking. They also have an album entitled ''Elko'' (a live performance). * The early events of the sixth-season X-Files episode "Drive (The X-Files (season 6))" took place in Elko and the vicinity

thumb right 300px Shady Lady Ranch, a licensed brothel in Nye County. Brothels have been allowed in Nevada since the middle of the 19th century. One brothel in Elko (Elko, Nevada) has been in business since 1902. In 1937, a law was enacted to require weekly health checks of all prostitutes. In 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an order to suppress prostitution near military bases—affecting the red-light districts of Reno (Reno, Nevada) and Las Vegas, Nevada Las


theater used to be called the Lido.There used to be a pulquería named ''La Carioca''. There was prostitution in the old days as well with some of these women well known around the neighborhood by their working names such as La Chimuela, La Tejocota, La Lupona and La Caperuza. Many of the older residents remember the area as a “paradise” without pollution, traffic congestion or crime. By the 1970s, younger Mexican-born generations of these immigrants began

; Older residents complain of the noise, street congestion, drugs and prostitution. A recent drive to allow bars to stay open later was rejected by residents, and there are demands to review the licenses of establishments which generate noise and around which crimes have happened. Another complaint associated with these bars is the invasion of customers’ cars into private parking spaces. Some residents claim that visibly armed guards and patrons can now


(streets). Nice location in Punta Gorda, big room with a refrigerator, air conditioner, and bathroom. Very nice family. Good food and laundry. 25 CUC, plus 4 CUC for breakfast and 10 CUC for dinner. Plus Nadia is a lawyer if you need legal advice! Stay safe Before 2003 Cienfuegos had a reputation for teenage prostitutes. Girls would skip school to go to the airport three times a week for the flights from Canada and meet Canadian men. Beginning in 2003 the police cracked down on prostitution

and now Cienfuegos has a reputation for the most vigorous anti-prostitution police patrolling in Cuba (and there are no longer flights from Canada). After dark be careful at nightclubs, restaurants, or on the streets; simply asking an innocent young woman for directions could get her arrested. Don't bring a Cuban guest into your casa unless she signs the guest book; several home owners lost their homes because tourists brought "girlfriends" home for the night

Nizhny Tagil

and women was found near Nizhny Tagil. They had been abducted in the city by a prostitution gang between 2002 and 2006. See Nizhny Tagil mass murder (2002-2007). A frightful, fictionalized description of Nizhny Tagil and these murders appears in “The Bourne Sanction,” by Eric Van Lustbader, chapters 28, 30, 34 and 39. References * Information and entertainment portal

. Katz (1997), 38 This case is similar to the American decision to replace the M68 tank gun with Rheinmetall's 120 mm gun in 1976; the introduction of the T-64A had raised the question within the armor community whether the new ammunition for the existing gun caliber could effectively deal with the new Soviet tank. Green (2005), 32–33 A large case of forced prostitution and mass murder was uncovered in 2007

Downtown Calgary

remaining industrial area in the downtown (Downtown Calgary) area and the railway. Currently, the East Village is notoriously rife with social problems such as drugs and prostitution. Part of the city's revitalization plan includes a large urban campus for the University of Calgary. The riding (Electoral district (Canada)) comprises primarily the downtown (Downtown Calgary) core of the city of Calgary. The riding has broad demographic diversity, and comprises the most transient

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