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Nations#ASEAN Summits ASEAN summit conducted in Naypyitaw in November 2014. Construction of the villas was begun in 2010 by the government. However funds were limited so the project was later put out to tender for completion by private sector investors. Details of the tender process are unclear but ten companies were chosen to participate in the activity including firms owned by prominent business people known to have close connections with the government. '

Moline, Illinois

neighborhoods, with many of its homes built for the workers of John Deere. Several neighborhood homes were built between the 20th century and 1930s and were owned by prominent business leaders. Riverside Park, which gives the neighborhood its name, contains several baseball fields, a pond, two cemeteries, and the Riverside Aquatic Center, a pool with water slides and fountains. '''Forest Hill:''' This neighborhood, centered along 27th Street between 12th and 23rd Avenues, is one of the many solely


no provisions. During the Second World War the family fled first to Paris and then to the neutral city of Tangier. There Samuel became a prominent business leader specializing in the currency trade. Renée became a renowned humanitarian aiding victims of the Holocaust. Born in Tangier, Morocco,

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

and the Market Street Bridge leading from the City’s prominent business district. In 1886 a single horse trolley line was established from the city to Allison Hill. The most desirable section of Allison Hill was Mount Pleasant, which was characterized by large Colonial Revival style houses with yards for the very wealthy and smaller but still well-built row houses lining the main street for the moderately wealthy. State Street, leading from the Capitol directly toward Allison Hill, was planned to provide a grand view of the Capitol dome for those approaching the City from Allison Hill. This trend towards outlying residential areas began slowly in the late 19th century and was largely confined to the trolley line, but the growth of automobile ownership quickened the trend and spread out the population. Early to late 20th century thumb right 170px Anti-nuclear (File:Anti-nuke rally in Harrisburg USA.jpg) protest at Harrisburg in 1979, following the Three Mile Island accident. In the early 20th century, the city of Harrisburg was in need of change. Without proper sanitation, diseases such as typhoid (Typhoid fever) began killing many citizens of Harrisburg. Seeing these necessary changes, several Harrisburg residents became involved in the City Beautiful movement. Mira Lloyd Dock spearheaded the movement with an impressive speech before the city’s Board of Trade. Other prominent citizens of the city such as J. Horace McFarland and Vance McCormick advocated urban improvements which were influenced by European urban planning design and the World's Columbian Exposition. Warren Manning was hired to help bring about these changes. Specifically, their efforts greatly enlarged the Harrisburg park system, creating Riverfront Park, Reservoir Park, the Italian Lake and Wildwood Park. In addition, schemes were undertaken for the burial of electric wires, the creation of a modern sanitary sewer system, and the beautification of an expanded Capitol complex (Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex). The Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest indoor agriculture exposition in the United States, was first held in 1917 and has been held every January since then. The present location of the Show is the Pennsylvania State Farm Show Arena, located at the corner of Maclay and Cameron (Cameron Street) streets. In June 1972, Harrisburg was hit by a major flood from the remnants of hurricane Agnes (Hurricane Agnes). On March 28, 1979, the Three Mile Island (Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station) nuclear plant, along the Susquehanna River located in Londonderry Township which is south of Harrisburg, suffered a partial meltdown. Although the meltdown was contained and radiation leakages were minimal, there were still worries that an evacuation would be necessary. Governor Dick Thornburgh, on the advice of Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Joseph Hendrie, advised the evacuation "of pregnant women and pre-school age children ... within a five-mile radius of the Three Mile Island facility." Within days, 140,000 people had left the area. A Decade Later, TMI's Legacy Is Mistrust ''The Washington Post'', March 28, 1989, p. A01. Stephen R. Reed was elected mayor in 1981 and served until 2009, making him the city's longest serving mayor. In an effort to end the city's long period of economic troubles, he initiated several projects to attract new business and tourism to the city. Several museums and hotels such as Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, the National Civil War Museum and the Hilton Harrisburg and Towers (Hilton Hotels) were built during his term, along with many office buildings and residential structures. Several semi-professional sports franchises, including the Harrisburg Senators of the Eastern League (Eastern League (U.S. baseball)), the defunct Harrisburg Heat (Harrisburg Heat (NPSL MISL)) indoor soccer club and the Harrisburg City Islanders of the USL Second Division began operations in the city during his tenure as mayor. While praised for the vast number of economic improvements, Reed has also been criticized for population loss and mounting debt. For example, during a budget crisis the city was forced to sell $8 million worth of Western and American-Indian artifacts collected by Mayor Reed for a never-realized museum celebrating the American West. Civil War When the Civil War started in 1861, McConaughy formed and served as captain of the "Adams Rifles," a company of civilian scouts, primarily composed of his law clients. They were active in monitoring the region for signs of Confederate (Confederate States Army) activity during several threatened incursions, including during the Maryland Campaign. McConaughy's scouts and spies were particularly active in late June 1863 during the early days of the Gettysburg Campaign, when they shadowed oncoming enemy cavalry and, later, the main infantry columns. McConaughy gave this vital information to the local military commander, Maj. (Major (United States)) Granville O. Haller, who in turn relayed it to Maj. Gen. (Major general (United States)) Darius N. Couch and Governor Andrew Curtin in Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania). McConaughy stayed in Gettysburg during the Confederate occupation in early July, still rendering service to the Federal soldiers. Following the battle, Col. George H. Sharpe wrote a letter to McConaughy on behalf of Maj. Gen. George G. Meade, formally thanking him for the critical information on Confederate troop movements.


. The embassy serves a dual purpose as both the representative of the nation of Armenia and also a centre for the 75,000 strong Armenian-Canadian community. It was with the aid of the Armenian diaspora that the building was purchased. The building was originally built in 1907-1908 and it has housed a number of prominent business leaders. In the past it has also been home to the embassy of Uruguay and of Hungary. One of the embassy's most notable features is the six ton tuff sculpture entitled "Armenia Immortal", carved by Armenian artist Levon Tokmajyan and his son Hayk Tokmajyan. Shipped to Canada in October 2001 it is the largest such sculpture outside Armenia. The Embassy is currently headed by Ambassador Armen Yeganian.


in public during the holy month of Ramadan is prohibited from sunrise until sunset and visitors should consume meals in the confines of their hotel or residence. In conversations about politics and world affairs, avoid criticizing the ruling family of any of the seven Emirates or prominent business families. The United Arab Emirates does not have any formal relations with Israel, and the government publicly supports causes that involves the Palestinian people or Palestinian statehood. Public display of affection are frowned upon and public sexual acts can lead to jail time followed by deportation. In 2008, a British couple were arrested and faced jail sentences because they had sexual contact on a beach in Dubai. If all tourists remain respectful, decent and ensure that they do not upset the local people, there should be no problems. Homosexuality, along with ''all'' sexual relations outside of marriage, is a criminal offense with possible deportation or months of jail. Public displays of affection or cross-dressing may lead to jail time and or deportation. They should be avoided completely in public to ensure that no problems arise. In 2013 a Norwegian woman reported she had been raped but then, following bad advice, rescinded it. She was then sentenced to sixteen months in jail for extramarital sex and filing a false police report. After public pressure she was pardoned and deported. Women should dress sensibly and avoid wearing revealing outfits. This is especially true when traveling to districts like Karama, Deira and Bur Dubai, where the streets are packed with men, especially on evenings and weekends. While swimsuits and bikinis are a common sight on Dubai beaches, avoid sunbathing topless or wearing microbikinis—even in the private beach of a hotel. Prostitution is illegal in Dubai but still it is visible at nightclubs, bars and other places. Law enforcement ignores partially the solicitation but penalties are high if something is too obvious or others call the police. The biggest problem is that many prostitutes don't have a legit residence permit so human trafficking and forced prostitution is an issue to keep in mind. Petty crime While petty crime is hardly reported or mentioned in the news, keep an eye on your wallet or purse when in crowded areas like Naser Square or Deira in general. If withdrawing large amounts of cash from ATMs or banking institutions, either conceal the notes or ask the institution's security to escort you to your vehicle. Cases have occurred where people have been robbed of large amounts of cash when in crowded places just because they were not careful. Conmen are ever present in Dubai, especially the "Nigeria 419" scammers. Do not arrange meetings or entertain their requests or give any personal details. Should they not comply, individuals who will be happy to listen to their business propositions are the police. Thanks to Dubai's new property boom and bust, real estate fraudsters are also popping up, so exercise extreme caution if you are interested in buying or renting. Drug use and distribution are serious criminal offences, even when in the company of the person consuming the material, and can lead to a prison sentence of several years or even to be in front of the firing squad. Passenger baggage is screened quite thoroughly when entering Dubai. Even prescription drugs (without original prescription note) or ones that you bought over the counter in your country can lead to a prison sentence. You need to be careful when you are a tourist in Dubai, like many places around the world, people have a keen eye for tourists and can cheat you. For example taxi drivers can drive a longer way to the destination given that you pay by meter or try to charge you 20 dollars when you are sure you heard them say 20 Dirhams: (they do sound rather similar). Connect The international code for UAE is +971, for Dubai, add a 4 afterwards for land lines. Local mobile phone numbers start +971 50 xxx yyyy or +971 56 xxx yyyy for the GSM provider '''Etisalat''' and +971 55 xxx yyyy for the GSM provider '''Du'''. '''GSM''' – Those with GSM phones can expect auto roaming from their home countries. As roaming fees are quite high (easily 3 USD per minute and often more for a call to Europe) and incoming calls are also charged, consider to buy a local prepaid GSM SIM card, designed especially for tourists, from one of the two cellular providers of the UAE: * '''Etisalat''' - product Ahlan - 90 Dirhams - available at the Duty Free Shop (arrival hall) of Dubai Airport * '''Du''' - product Visitor Mobile Line - 70 Dirhams - available at the ''Telefonika'' kiosk in the arrival hall of Dubai Airport. Using these products, calls to Europe will be charged at maximum of about 0.55 USD per minute. Incoming calls are free of charge. '''Phone booths''' – Phone booths are located on most streets. Phone cards can be purchased from hotels and tourist shops. '''Internet''' – Internet cafés can be hard to find. The usual rate per hour is 3-4 AED. There are a number of cafés on Al Musalla Rd Al Mankhool Rd in Bur Dubai, including one at 38 Al Musalla Rd and one at Computer Plaza next to the Ramada Hotel. A number of Internet cafes are found in Satwa too. In Satwa there is the French Connection in the Al Wafa Tower on Sheikh Zayed Rd (opposite side of road from the Dusit Hotel), which has wi-fi access and nice cakes pastries. In Al Qusais, there is an internet café a 5 minute walk northwest from the Dubai Youth Hostel. Turn right out of the gates and walk to LuLu's Hypermarket. The café is located inside the food court and charges AED 4.00 per hour. Note that the Skype website is currently blocked. Gaming cafes aimed at teenagers are dotted around, notable examples including Escape gaming zone (opposite lulu hypermarket in al barsha), Que club in al barsha and behind Lamcy plaza. Surprisingly, the malls do not have internet cafés. Dubai Mall offers free Wi-Fi throughout. Mall of the Emirates offers free Wi-Fi, but you must have a local phone number. Many coffee-shops, restaurants and attractions also have free Wi-Fi, and you'll usually have to ask for the password. Most hotel business centres are equipped with internet cafés, but are expensive. '''Etisalat''', UAE's telecom operator, offers a roaming, post paid Wi-Fi internet connection known as '''iZone''' . Most coffee shops and malls across Dubai provide this service. Prices are available on the website. For those still using dial-up internet Etisalat provide a service when you can plug into any phone line and the line will be charged 0.5 dhs a minute '''Dubai International Airport''' (DXB) has free Wi-Fi in the terminal. Bring your laptop to use free Wi-Fi at some hotels. There are many free public Wi-Fi spots in Dubai. Post service '''Emirates Post''' service is pretty efficient. You will need to rent a P.O. Box as postal service to the door is not the standard. Newspapers & radio Thanks to the large influx of expatriates, Dubai has a wide selection of English language newspapers and radio channels. * The Gulf News. * The Khaleej Times. * The Gulf Today. * The National. * 7 Days. * Emirates Business 24 7. * The Sunday Times. * Channel 4 - Plays current songs from the UK and US. 104.8FM * Dubai Eye - Western oriented talk with focus on business, sport, lifestyle and entertainment. Owned by Arabian Radio Network. 103.8FM * Dubai 92 - Mainly 90's music. Popular with British expats. Owned by Arabian Radio Network. 92.0FM * Virgin Radio 104.4 - Chart music. Operates under franchise from Virgin Radio International. Owned by Arabian Radio Network. * City 101.6 - Broadcasts Indian music. * The Coast FM 103.2 - Feel good hits from the 70s to today. Channel 4's "grown up" sister station. * Radio 1 - Current western hits. Owned by Gulf News Broadcasting. 104.1FM * Radio 2 - Mix of older and current music ("80s, 90s and now"). Owned by Gulf News Broadcasting. 99.3FM * Abu Dhabi Classic FM - Despite its name, this station broadcasts classical and jazz music across the UAE. In Dubai it is on 87.9FM International newspapers are also available in most hotels and airport terminals. Carrefour and Borders bookstores sell British and American newspapers. '''Todaily''', a local printing house, can furnish newspapers and periodicals from around the world daily. Cope Religious services Dubai gives freedom of religion to its residents and citizens. '''St. Mary's Catholic Church''' is a Roman Catholic church located in Oud Metha opposite the Indian High School. Masses are celebrated in Tagalog (Filipino), some Indian dialects as well as in Arabic and English. There is also a Catholic school near it. While '''Holy Trinity Church''' is a Protestant church is located too in Oud Metha. Consulates * Commons:Category:Dubai Wikipedia:Dubai Dmoz:Regional Middle East United Arab Emirates Dubai


the Huangpu River, Pudong New Area includes Lujiazui, the financial center of Shanghai as well as China, and has been undergoing rapid development since its formation in 1992. In April 2009 Nanhui District was merged into Pudong. Chinese Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2010 Other prominent business and shopping areas include Xujiahui in Xuhui District


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of the United States President s Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Gerald Ford and First Lady (First Lady of the United States) Nancy Reagan, representing President Ronald Reagan, met at the Presidents' Summit for America's Future in Philadelphia. Also present were 30 governors, 100 mayors, 145 community delegations, dozens of prominent business leaders and several thousand citizens. At this conference the Presidents asked the nation to make youth a top priority and to support the Five Promises. Powell was chairman of the conference and subsequently became the Chairman of the organization.He held that position until his appointment as Secretary of State but still actively supports the foundation. Alma Powell is currently Chair of the Alliance. The '''''Acela Express''''' (

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