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to Ellicott City (Ellicott City, Maryland), Maryland to coach the Maryland Mania, a new professional team in the second division USL A-League, following his officially announced retirement from the professional game. Clustered along the shore of The Sound, from the medieval town of Skanör in the South to Bjärred in the North, a set of villages and towns have in the latter half of the 20th century expanded to an almost continuous set of suburbs. The commuter belt


Bundesliga . He also plays for the Peru national team (Peru national football team), for which he has 60 caps (Cap (sport)). Deportivo Pesquero Pizarro started playing as a youth in the Academia Deportiva Cantolao in Callao. He started his professional career playing with Deportivo Pesquero (Deportivo Wanka), a small provincial team in the city of Chimbote in the north of Peru, at the age of seventeen. His first professional game was in 1996 against Alianza Lima. He scored his first two goals two weeks later against Atletico Torino in the victory of Deportivo Pesquero 2–1. DATE OF BIRTH 3 October 1978 PLACE OF BIRTH Callao, Peru DATE OF DEATH ''Greenfish'''s shakedown cruise 22 July to 13 September 1946, took her to Barranquilla, Colombia; the Canal Zone (Panama Canal Zone); Callao, Peru; and St. Thomas (Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands), Virgin Islands. Exercises out of New London (Naval Submarine Base New London) and in Chesapeake Bay carried her through the year, and the early months of 1947 found ''Greenfish'' back in the Caribbean (Caribbean Sea) for fleet exercises. On 11 February 1947 she effected one of the first transfers of personnel from an aircraft carrier, '''BAP''' '''''Mariátegui''''' '''(FM-54)''' is the last out of four ''Carvajal'' class (Lupo class frigate) frigates ordered by the Peruvian Navy in 1973. It was built by SIMA (''Servicio Industrial de la Marina'', Navy Industrial Service) at Callao under license from the Italian shipbuilder ''Cantieri Navali Riuniti''. Shortage of funds and technical difficulties delayed her completion for several years, being finally commissioned (Ship commissioning) in 1987. In 1998 her flight deck was extended to allow ASH-3D Sea King (SH-3 Sea King) helicopters to land and refuel, even though they can't be housed in the ship's hangar.

Shaunavon, Saskatchewan

to the Women's Olympic team when she was 15 years old. https: about-hayley She was elected to the International Olympic Committee and was appointed to the Order of Canada. She became the first female hockey player to notch a point in a men's professional game while playing for the Kirkkonummen Salamat.<

Kingston upon Hull

) early in order to complete his studies at the Football Association's School of Excellence, while also honing his skills for the professional game. His father, Jeff Barmby, was also a player in his younger days and became his son's advisor and agent as his skills began to attract the attention of various clubs. '''The Watersons''' were an English (England) folk (folk music) group from Hull (Kingston upon Hull), Yorkshire. They performed mainly

cricketer: a right-arm fast-medium bowler who also batted right-handed. He was renowned for being one of the worst batsmen in the modern professional game, finishing with a career first-class (first-class cricket) batting average of 4.01, a figure which would have been even lower had it not been for his fairly high proportion of not outs (112 of them in 259 first-class innings). DATE OF BIRTH 23 November 1966 PLACE OF BIRTH Hull (Kingston upon Hull), Yorkshire DATE OF DEATH Routes operated under the MegabusPlus brand are to from: *London St Pancras International - Hull (Kingston upon Hull) via Doncaster and Scunthorpe *London St Pancras International - York via Castleford and Harrogate WikiPedia:Kingston upon Hull Commons:Category:Kingston upon Hull

Regina, Saskatchewan

was on February 22, 1923 on CJCG out of Winnipeg, Manitoba of a game between the Winnipeg Falcons and the Port Arthur Bearcats. The first complete broadcast of a professional game was made on March 14, 1923 on CKCK (CKCK (radio)) out of Regina, Saskatchewan and reported by Pete Parker. The game was not an NHL contest, but rather a Western


in a professional game in Venezuela while pitching for the Caracas Lions (Leones del Caracas) club. Helped by catcher Earl Battey, Yochim accomplished the feat in the Caracas 3–0 victory over Magallanes. Ray Monzant was the losing pitcher. *North America: Alberta (Canada), United States' portion of the Gulf of Mexico, and Mexico. *South America: Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador. *Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran

Aparicio . *December 8 - Lenny Yochim of the Caracas Lions (Leones del Caracas) became the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter in a professional game in Venezuela. The 27-year-old left-hander accomplished the feat in a 3–0 victory over Magallanes (Navegantes del Magallanes) helped by catcher Earl Battey. Ray Monzant was the losing pitcher. The screwballer Yochim also pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates in part of two seasons. '''Urdaneta''' is one

given this name, '''''Máku''','' is an unclassified language spoken on the Brazil–Venezuela border in Roraima along the Uraricoera River. The Borowa (Borowa people) territory was formerly between the Padamo (Padamo River) and Cunucunuma (Cunucunuma River) rivers. *January 12 – The first official professional game is played in Venezuela, launching the newly constituted four-team . The league is composed of four teams

Birmingham, Alabama

align "center" Private (for-profit (For-profit university)) Syler began her

Jacksonville, Florida

home runs and 28 RBI in 55 games for the Colonels. Lopata received one more call up to the majors on September 12, but he did not play in any games and was soon sent back to Louisville. Johnson has served as an on-air radio personality in Jacksonville (Jacksonville, Florida) for WJBT 92.7, WSOL V101.5, and WXQL 105.7. He also served as a host for several shows on the local cable station (''Teen Cultural Perspective'', ''The Video Zone''). He appeared on an episode (#20) of the action adventure series ''Sheena (Sheena (TV series))'' in 2001. In January 2003 he appeared in a regional theatre production of ''Miss Evers' Boys'' in Jacksonville. He was the host of ''SPLAT'', a Nickelodeon (Nickelodeon (TV channel)) show which aired 2004-5. thumb right A few things for themselves, Florida, venereal soil, Disclose to the lover (File:STS-95_Florida_From_Space.jpg). ~ Wallace Stevens '''Florida (w:Florida)''' is a state (w:U.S. state) in the southeastern region of the United States, bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico (w:Gulf of Mexico), to the north by Alabama (w:Alabama) and Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)), to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the Straits of Florida. Florida is the 22nd most extensive (w:List of U.S. states and territories by area), the 4th most populous (w:List of U.S. states and territories by population), and the 8th most densely populated (w:List of U.S. states and territories by population density) of the 50 United States (w:List of U.S. states). The state capital is Tallahassee (w:Tallahassee, Florida), the largest city is Jacksonville (w:Jacksonville, Florida), and the largest metropolitan area is the Miami metropolitan area (w:Miami metropolitan area). Quotes The Indianapolis Colts (w:Indianapolis Colts) beat the Jacksonville Jaguars (w:Jacksonville Jaguars) 26-18 at ALLTEL Stadium (w:ALLTEL Stadium) in Jacksonville (w:Jacksonville, Florida), Florida (w:Florida). The Colts remain undefeated 13 games into the 16-game NFL (w:National Football League) season.


center 100px (File:Point State Park in Fall.jpg) -- Set in 1936 Pittsburgh during the aftermath of the Great Depression, ''The Piano Lesson'' follows the lives of the Sutter family in the Doaker Charles household and an heirloom, the infamous piano. The play focuses on the arguments between a brother and a sister who have different ideas on what to do with the piano they own. The brother, Boy Willie, is a sharecropper who wants to sell the piano to buy the land that his ancestors had toiled on as slaves while the sister, Berniece, remains emphatic about keeping it. The piano shows the carved faces of their great-grandfather's wife of son during the days of their enslavement. merged_into office Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States people Leo Gerard, president The '''United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union''' (United Steelworkers or USW) is the largest industrial labor union (trade union) in North America, with 860,294 members. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, U.S., the United Steelworkers represents workers in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The United Steelworkers represent workers in a diverse range of industries (industry), including primary and fabricated metals, chemicals, glass, rubber, heavy-duty conveyor belting, tires, transportation, utilities (public utility), container (Packaging and labelling) industries, pharmaceuticals (pharmacology), call centers and health care. During the 1970s and early 1980s, many television stations (such as WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, WBAL-TV in Baltimore and KNTV in San Jose (San Jose, California)) used the composition - or a version of it re-recorded by Telesound - as their theme song. Plot Wayne Hayes (Robert Redford), and his wife Eileen (Helen Mirren) are living the American dream in a wealthy

at the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Panthers football#Jock Sutherland years (1924–1938)). The offer was to have been in excess of the $13,000 annual salary Sutherland earned at Pitt. When Sutherland spurned the offer (due most likely to the disdain in which he held the professional game)


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