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Oliver W. Dillard

required actions for the Army to increase the number of Black officer and their quality. File:Rocks logo.png thumb 150px left The ROCKS, Inc. provides mentorship, professional development and social interaction to strengthen

the officer corps. thumb 150px right Military Intelligence Corps Distinctive Insignia. MI Corps established 1 July 1987. (File:MI RDI.svg) General Dillard was a 1974 charter member of The Rocks, Inc.—the largest professional military officers’ organization with a majority African-American membership—and was committed to assisting with professional development and social events to improve the officer corps.

LaSalle, Quebec

: fr-CA recherche-etablissement.aspx ÉCOLES ET CENTRES ." ''Commission Scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys''. Retrieved on December 7, 2014. Adult schools: * ''Centre d'éducation des adultes de LaSalle'' (the ''Clément'' and ''LaSalle'' buildings are in LaSalle) http: fr-CA enseignement formation-professionnelle centres liste cea-lasalle.aspx Professional development centres: * ''Centre intégré de mécanique, de métallurgie et d'électricité


: New Mexico State University website especially where pre-school, primary and secondary school education is concerned, Penados, Filiberto, "Teacher Education and Professional Development in Belize: Developments and Challenges," ICMI (The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction) Bulletin No. 49, December 2000 and nearly all schools in Belmopan are sustained by churches. ref

Duncan, British Columbia

University (formerly Malaspina University-College) has a regional campus in Duncan that offers programs and courses in university transfer, access, trades and applied technology, health and human services, and career and academic preparation. The campus also has a Continuing Education department that offers certificate programs, personal and professional development courses, and online courses. A new birth_place Duncan, BC (Duncan, British Columbia), CAN (Canada) career_start 2003 DATE OF BIRTH December 8, 1983 PLACE OF BIRTH Duncan, BC (Duncan, British Columbia), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH

Chinatown, Oakland

University, East Bay Cal State East Bay has the Oakland Professional Development and Conference Center at Broadway and 11th Street. Continuing education courses includes a certificate program in ''Teaching Chinese as a Heritage or Other Language''. Other education services *The Mun Fu Yuen "Chinese school" has after school and weekend classes in Cantonese and Mandarin to promote the Chinese language and culture

Lachine, Quebec

; ''Commission Scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys''. Retrieved on December 7, 2014. Adult schools include: * ''Centre d'éducation des adultes de LaSalle'', ''Édifice Boileau'' Professional development centres include: * ''Centre de formation professionnelle de Lachine'' (CFP), ''Édifice Dalbé-Viau'' and ''Édifice de la Rive'' Secondary schools include: * ''École secondaire Dalbé-Viau'' * ''Collège Saint-Louis'' Primary schools include: * ''École Primaire Catherine-Soumillard

Verdun, Quebec

'' Professional development centres include: * ''Centre de formation professionnelle de Verdun'' * ''Collège d’informatique et d’administration Verdun-LaSalle'' Secondary schools include: * ''École secondaire Monseigneur-Richard'' Primary schools include: * ''Chanoine-Joseph-Théorêt'' * ''Île-des-Soeurs'' * ''Lévis-Sauvé'' * ''Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde'' * ''Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix'' * ''Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes'' * ''Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs'' The Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) operates

Lakeside Apartments District, Oakland, California

East Bay has the Oakland Professional Development and Conference Center at Broadway and 11th Street. Continuing education courses are offered. Land development The neighborhood is located between Lake Merritt and Downtown Oakland. In recent years, market-rate housing developers have proposed constructing a variety of residential and residential mixed-use buildings which have been proposed to be anywhere from five to forty-two stories high. Neighborhood residents have voiced


personal and professional development. Batavia Coast Marine Institute The Batavia Coast Maritime Institute (BCMI), a subsidiary of Durack Institute of Technology, is a training, research and development facility located at Separation Point in Geraldton. BCMI offers coursework in Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Conservation & Land Management, Coxswain, Master Class V, Horticulture, Environmental Science, Marine Engine Driving Grade 1&2,Laboratory Sciences, Sustainability, Marine VHF


’ experience; uniting people of different walks of life, countries and ages; propaganda and development of the jazz music; introducing new jazz trends and new playing techniques to young musicians and audiences; development of the cooperation between artists and cultural institutions; enforcing the cultural dialogue; trans-border circulation of artists and artistic objects; professional development of young musicians; encouraging arts organization to create international jazz projects. The Lutsk part

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