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Ashburn, Ontario

Economy Ashburn is a traditionally agricultural community. Today it is home to Greenwood Mushroom Farm, one of the three largest mushroom farms in Canada. The operation moved its headquarters and main production site from Pickering (Pickering, Ontario) to Ashburn in 1993. In 2004, the operation employed 220 individuals. Jason Santerre, "Mushroom Cloud over Ashburn," ''Harrowsmith Country Life'' (Dec. 1, 2004): 38. In 2011, the Ashburn company received


, Oldsmobile Bravada, Isuzu Ascender, and Chevrolet TrailBlazer (and for this the 9-7X had been given the nickname "Trollblazer", The Detroit News: Saab hangs on by its fingernails although it was not assembled in Trollhättan, Sweden, the traditional production site for Saabs). The 9-7X was the first American-built Saab

Smyrna, Tennessee

headquartered in Smyrna. Smyrna will serve as the US production site for the Nissan Leaf. Nissan's goal is that the plant in Smyrna will eventually produce 150,000 cars, and 200,000 electric car batteries per year. US Department of Energy on Nissan Leaf plans in Smyrna The top employers in the city are: http: CWT EXTERNAL WCPAGES ECONOMIC-DEVELOPMENT SMYRNA%20LARGEST%20EMPLOYERS%2012-12.PDF * Nissan (automobile manufacturing): 4,400 * Asurion (communications): 1,165 * Vi-Jon (personal care products): 737 * Stonecrest Medical Center (hospital): 550 * Taylor Farms (produce): 550 * Square D Schneider Electric (electrical products): 474 Education Smyrna is served by the Rutherford County Schools (Rutherford County Schools (Tennessee)) school district. Rutherford County Schools Public schools * Cedar Grove Elementary * Smyrna Primary School (Huskies) * David Youree Elementary School * John Colemon Elementary School * Smyrna Elementary School * Stewartsboro Elementary School (Stallions) * Rock Springs Middle School (Knights) * Smyrna Middle School (Panthers) * Stewarts Creek Elementary School * Stewarts Creek Middle School * Smyrna High School (Tennessee) Smyrna High School (Bulldogs) * Stewarts Creek High School (Redhawks) * Smyrna West Alternative School * Thurman Francis Arts Academy (Rams) Private schools * Summit Christian Academy * Lancaster Christian Academy Recreation Smyrna has 10 parks, a public golf course, 7 miles of greenway trails and an outdoor water park. A public fitness center located in Town Centre includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Landmarks * Nissan plant * Sam Davis Home * Smyrna Airport (Smyrna Airport (Tennessee)) Sewart Air Force Base Notable people * Ben H. Guill, former U.S. Representative from Texas, born in Smyrna in 1909. * John Sam Ridley & Knox Ridley (twins), both former mayors of Smyrna, born in Smyrna, June 23, 1919. *Sonny Gray, a Major League Baseball pitcher for the Oakland Athletics, born November 7, 1989. *Mike Sparks, an author of the books ''How to Do More with Less During Tough Times,'' ''Learn the Car Business for Fun and Profit'' and ''Learn to Barter.'' Serves in the Tennessee General Assembly as a State Legislator for the 49th House District, born in Smyrna at Stewart Air Force Base Hospital on January 11, 1967. * Townes Van Zandt, singer-songwriter, March 7, 1944 – January 1, 1997. Many of his songs, including "If I Needed You" and "To Live Is to Fly", are considered standards of their genre. * Bryan Smith, horror novelist. See also * Best places in the US to retire References regional airline. Its headquarters and maintenance base were located at the Smyrna Airport (Smyrna Airport (Tennessee)) in Smyrna, Tennessee, USA (United States) . "Employment." RegionsAir. October 28, 2005. Retrieved on May 26, 2009. The hub airports for RegionsAir were Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL) and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE). Some of the effects from the dismay on the part of conservatives include the following: * Some communicants and members of St. Bartholomew's Church in Nashville, St. Barnabas' Church in Tullahoma (Tullahoma, Tennessee), and All Saints' Church in Smyrna (Smyrna, Tennessee) (the latter a recent new church start) left their respective congregations in order to form continuing Anglican churches. St. Bartholomew's had been noted as one of the first Southern parishes that embraced the charismatic movement in the 1970s, under then-rector Charles H. Murphy, Jr.; the legacy left behind was a conservative evangelicalism that was for years quite distinctive among the area's Episcopal congregations. Despite the defection, St. Bartholomew's remains strongly conservative in theology, however, while the other two have moved more toward a moderate-to-liberal stance. * Most of the membership of two congregations, Winchester (Winchester, Tennessee)'s Trinity Church and Murfreesboro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)'s Holy Cross Church, left, including their rectors, to, again, establish continuing Anglican congregations. The remaining communicants are in the process of rebuilding their churches under new clerical leadership who are, unlike their predecessors, loyal to the national Episcopal Church. The Winchester church eventually joined the Southeast Tennessee Episcopal Ministry (STEM) group of small mission churches near Sewanee in order to provide regular clerical leadership. image Image:WFFH logo.png city '''WFFH''': Smyrna, Tennessee '''WFFI''': Kingston Springs, Tennessee area Nashville, Tennessee '''WFFH''' (94.1 FM (FM broadcasting)) and '''WFFI''' (93.7 FM) are radio stations simulcasting a Contemporary Christian format as "FM 94 The Fish", the "fish (Ichthys)" referring to the traditional Christian (Christianity) symbol. Licensed to Smyrna, Tennessee and Kingston Springs, Tennessee respectively, the stations serve the Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee) area. The stations air the same programming to provide maximum coverage of the Middle Tennessee area. Cheney attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and there became friends with many of the Fugitives (Fugitives (poets)) and Agrarian writers. He took courses under John Crowe Ransom and shared a room with Robert Penn Warren. In 1928, Cheney married Frances Neel, a reference librarian. Frances Neel Cheney Biography He and his wife frequently entertained Caroline Gordon and Allen Tate at Idler's Retreat, a large Antebellum (Antebellum architecture) house in Smyrna, Tennessee, which Frances had inherited. When they were received into the Roman Catholic Church in 1953, Gordon and Tate were their sponsors.


Napoleon's officer Lambert, who had been sent to investigate the port, reported that it had a population of about 2,000, who seemed sympathetic to the French. After the failure of his campaign, his troops retreated to Dor, where he hoped to evacuate by sea, but his navy failed to appear. To free up horses for carrying the wounded, he ordered heavy ordnance dumped in the bay. Artillery pieces, muskets and ammunition have been found in underwater surveys around Dor. The British traveler James Silk Buckingham, who visited in 1816, described al-Tantura as a small village with a small port and a ''khan'' (caravanserai). Buckingham, James Silk (1821):''Travels in Palestine'' p. 121–123. Quoted in Khalidi (1992), pp. 193, 194 Mary Rogers, sister of the British vice-consul in Haifa, reported that in 1855 there were 30–40 houses in the village, with cattle and goats as the chief source of income. Rogers, Mary Eliza (1862): ''Domestic Life in Palestine'' Reprint 1989, p. 73–74. Quoted in Khalidi (1992), p. 194 In 1859 William McClure Thomson William McClure Thomson, ''The Land And The Book: Or, Biblical Illustrations Drawn From The Manners And Customs, The Scenes And Scenery Of The Holy Land''. 1859 p. 498 described Tantura Dor in his travelogue: 'Tantura merits very little attention. It is a sad and sickly hamlet of wretched huts on a naked sea-beach, with a marshy flat between it and the base of the eastern hills. The sheikh's residence and the public menzûl for travellers are the only respectable houses

Nizhny Novgorod Oblast

production site, and has life expectancies of less than 50 years for both men and women; the city was until very recently closed to foreigners, but is now open for those who wish to see its singular and towering hyperboloid Shukhov Tower on the banks of the Oka River * Kstovo — a small Soviet-era industrial city (petrochemicals), which grew out of on an old village of the same name. Kstovo is home to the World Sambo Academy; an important 18th-century church is in the adjacent village

Greater Poland Voivodeship

and the need to resettle thousands of people. Rock salt is mined intensively at a salt mine in Kłodawa (this mine alone accounts for about 20% of domestic production). Throughout the province there are significant deposits of aggregates, gypsum, ceramic materials, and lacustrine chalk. In Kościan the largest and most modern, a natural gas production site is in operation. It supplies raw material for Kościańska Zieme, and Zielona Gora CHP. It is estimated that at the rate local gas reserves are being exploited, the reserves in Kościan will be enough for about 20 years of operation, thus practically allowing for local independence against the effects of gas crises. Climate Wielkopolska is influenced by oceanic air masses that affect the mildness of the climate. The farther east one travels the more distinctly continental the climate becomes. The area is situated in the Silesian Greater Poland agro-climatic region where the average annual temperature is about 8.2 °C, and in the north drops to around 7.6 °C. It is slightly warmer in the south and west where the average temperature is usually about 8.5 °C. The number of days with snow can reach up to 57 days in and around the Kalisz district. The growing season is one of the longest in Poland. On the province's southern plains this season constitutes around 228 days, while north of Gniezno and Szamotuły this gradually declines to 216 days. Precipitation ranges from 500 to 550 mm. Despite this the region is still faced with a deficit in rainfall, particularly in the eastern part of the province (around Słupcy, Kazimierz Biskupi, Kleczew) where sometimes experience only 450 mm of rainfall per year, this threatens steppization of the region. Throughout the province there is typically a prevailing westerly wind. Transportation 250px thumb right The Autostrada A2 (Poland) A2 motorway (Image:Autostrada A2 - Koło.jpg) traverses the voivodeship Greater Poland is a major transport hub within Poland, a great deal of traffic from Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union pass through Poznań and Konin to reach Germany and other EU member states. To the south runs the international route from Gdańsk via Poznań and Leszno to Prague and then to the south of Europe. There is also a major highway being built in the province, the A2 motorway (A2 autostrada (Poland)), which when completed will run from the western border of Poland with Germany, through Poznań to Warsaw and then onwards via Belarus to Moscow. The main railway hubs located in Greater Poland are Poznań, Piła and Ostrów Wielkopolski. PKP Intercity operate a number of trains a day between Warsaw and Berlin which provide a fast connection for the two cities also to Poznań. This route was the first in Poland, adapted for use by the European high-speed transportation system. In the near future the government expects to construct a high-speed rail line in the shape of a Y connecting Kalisz and Poznań from Łódź, Warsaw and Wrocław. Poznań is the port of arrival for most international travellers as it is plays host to Ławica International Airport (Poznań-Ławica Airport) which has recently seen the second highest passenger growth rate in the country. Politics ) is a town in Poland, in Greater Poland Voivodeship. It is the capital of Ostrzeszów County (''powiat ostrzeszowski''). The population is 14,490 (2004).


, the pharmaceutical industry has undergone further development lately, with GlaxoSmithKline establishing a production site in Brașov. A large longwave broadcasting facility is located near Brașov, at Bod (Bod Transmitter). Demographics class "wikitable" border "1" style "float:right; font-size:93%;width:200px;height:16px;border:0;text-align:left;line-height:120%;margin-left:10px; margin-bottom:10px;" - colspan "14" style "text-align:center


minister and owned mansions in Kabul and Jalalabad, but was later dismissed and hanged by Habibullah Khan's son and successor, Amanullah Khan. His mother was the daughter of Abdul Qādir Khān, a regional Safi tribal leader. She died when Khalili was seven. On October 28, 2010 agents of Russia’s Federal Service for the Control of Narcotics joined Afghan and American antidrug forces in an operation to destroy a major drug production site near

Marshall Space Flight Center

progressed, external facilities were needed. In 1961, The Michoud Plant near New Orleans, Louisiana, was selected as the Saturn production site. A isolated area in Hancock County, Mississippi was selected to conduct Saturn tests. Known as the Mississippi Test Facility (later renamed the John C. Stennis Space Center), this was primarily to test the vehicles built at the Michoud Plant. Space Shuttle File:Space Shuttle Pathfinder OV-098 original


-5722-4 year 2007 publisher Ashgate Publishing A second possibility about the origin of the city's modern name is that it is an Arabic (Arabic language) form of the city's Latin name "Emesus", derived from the Greek (Greek language) "Emesa" or "Emesos". Room, 2006, p. 167. History For approximately 2,000 years, Homs has served as a key agricultural market, production site and trade center for the villages

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