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Huehuetenango Department

and livestock production, run by Spaniards (Spanish people). In modern times agriculture is the most important industry, although mining continues on a small scale and handicraft production also contributes to the local economy. Rouanet et al 1992, p.8. Maize is cultivated across the whole department, without being limited by local climatic differences. The primary highland crops are wheat, potatoes, barley, alfalfa and Common

Puebla, Puebla

original launch and unprecedented 58-year production run (counting from 1945, the year VW recognizes as the first year of non-Nazi funded production). This last Beetle, nicknamed ''El Rey (El Rey (disambiguation))'' (Spanish for "The King" after a legendary Mexican song by José Alfredo Jiménez) was delivered to the company's museum in Wolfsburg, Germany. Popocatepetl is southeast of Mexico City, from where it can be seen regularly, depending

Thunder Bay

OF DEATH family factory Thunder Bay, Ontario refurbishment family factory Thunder Bay, Ontario numberbuilt The '''T-series''' rapid transit cars (widely known as the '''T1''' as only one production run was made) are a Toronto subway (Toronto subway and RT) car model, ordered in 1992 and built in 1995–2001. The cars were built by Bombardier Transportation's Thunder Bay Works for the Toronto Transit Commission. The cars were

Nizhny Novgorod

Zaloga 1983:6 Due to a shortage of new V-2 diesel engines, the initial production run from the Gorky factory were equipped with the BT tank's Mikulin M-17 gasoline aircraft engine, and inferior transmission (transmission (mechanics)) and clutch. Zheltov 2001:40–42 (#Reference-Zheltov-2001) Only company commanders' tanks could be fitted with radios, which were expensive and in short supply – the rest signalled with flags. The L-11 gun did not live


, the Hillman Hunter, was the Coventry-based company's major competitor in the medium family car segment. In its 13-year production run, its UK market contemporaries included the Ford Cortina, Morris Marina and Vauxhall Victor, although model positioning within the range meant competition with some larger cars as well, including the BMC ADO17 (that is, in plain English, the Austin (etc.) 1800). ---- In 1957, a first official proposal presented a square virtually similar


weapon with the German Army, but saw limited use with some SS (Schutzstaffel) and police units. They were also exported to Germany's ally, Romania. The MP 41's production run was brief, as Erma filed a successful patent infringement lawsuit against Schmeisser's employer, Haenel. On arrival in Cernăuţi July 1941 the German SS (Schutzstaffel) Einsatzkommando and their Romanian allies set the city's Great Synagogue (Czernowitz Synagogue) on fire. In October, the Romanians deported


, the Republic of Macedonia and Greece (on grounds of ethnic affiliation). * Irredentists from the Republic of Macedonia have expressed land claims to the entire region of Macedonia (Macedonia (region)) out of which only 40% lies within the Republic of Macedonia, the rest being in Greece, Bulgaria and Albania, on the purported ethnic, historical and geographic grounds. Later models Near the end of its production run, Zastava sold an updated version of the Yugo Koral model


. '''Mark Raffety''' (born in Portsmouth, England) is an Australian actor who played skate Doctor Darcy Tyler in the Australian soap opera ''Neighbours'' from 2000 to 2003. He reprised the role for several episodes in 2004 and returned again in 2005. *Because of the story's location filming requirements it was allocated the second slot in the production run for ''Doctor Who'''s ninth season so as to allow filming in October. However to alternate the stories

Republic of Macedonia

of its production run, Zastava sold an updated version of the Yugo Koral model, known as the '''Zastava Koral IN''', which has Central locking, three steps rotary switch on the dash marked "0", "1", "2", "3" for Headlamps levelling control in four height positions, 4-speakers (loudspeaker) Car Audio system (Car audio), Electric windows, Folding Electro-adjustable Side-view mirrors (Side-view mirror), alloy wheels, optional Car air


. Sheffield City Airport to close Background London Transport has a history of building small batches of prototype trains in order to try out ideas, prior to building a large production run of new trains. Thus in 1935, four six-car trains (London Underground 1935 Stock) were supplied by Metropolitan Cammell Carriage and Wagon Company (Metro Cammell), which were

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