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Siwa Oasis

الإسرائيليين وهذه المناطق في الواحة المصرية" (ie: "the third reason is that some people of Siwa protested about a previous episode because one of the guests spoke of a strong relationship between Israelis and these parts of the Egyptian oases" The File: The Egyptian Oasis of Siwa: Hidden Heritage, Al Jazeera, 5 November 2010 the program's host produced an episode about the history and Berber heritage

Ensenada, Baja California

miles (95 km) south of Tijuana on the Baja California peninsula) where the bus he was run over by in the previous episode dragged him and which he thinks is Hell. Cartman uses his description of Ensenada as the "Underworld" for his next sermon. '''''7 mujeres, 1 homosexual y Carlos''''' ("7 women, 1 homosexual and Carlos") is a Mexican (Mexico) comedy movie filmed in Tijuana and released in 2004. The film was written and directed by René Bueno

Tulsa, Oklahoma

url http: books?id dwgEAAAAMBAJ&pg PA40&dq %22roy+d.+mercer%22&client firefox-a#v onepage&q %22roy%20d.%20mercer%22&f false In its original broadcast, the episode was seen by approximately 12.2 million viewers, a drop from the previous episode which garnered 15.5 million viewers. Following its broadcast, the episode received mixed reviews from critics and won an Annie award in the category of Best Animated Television


was set to debut the next week, NBC put the show on hiatus. On December 23, 2001, the second set of episodes began airing on NBC in a new 7:00 p.m. ET Sunday timeslot. During this second set, the teams were abandoned in Bolivia. While the final two episodes were to air in a two-hour block the next week, NBC decided to skip the second episode of the set, and only aired the final episode in a one-hour timeslot, due to the previous episode having one of the lowest ratings in the network's history

Kansas City, Missouri

Writer Alexa Junge incorporated many of her own experiences into the script, in particular Phoebe's line about Ross and Rachel being "lobsters", something Junge's husband once said. Aniston wore a false nose for the scenes in the video while Cox wore a "fat suit". While a previous episode had already established Monica as being overweight as a child,


it was a Category 4 or even a Category 5. EpisodeNumber2 7 ShortSummary Continuing from the previous episode, the cast is concerned over Kevin's abrupt departure, and relieved to inform him of the prank when he returns. Heather takes Julie to a Hornets (Charlotte Hornets (NBA)) game, where they meet Larry Johnson (Larry Johnson (basketball, born 1969)), with whom Heather is smitten. The women learn they will be sent on a group trip to Jamaica. Becky has a heated


free tickets from New York to Hollywood to appear on ''The Tonight Show with Jay Leno''. He offers one to George (George Costanza) and they decide that while they are in Los Angeles they will track down Kramer (Cosmo Kramer), who headed to Los Angeles in the previous episode, "The Keys (The Keys (Seinfeld episode))", to become an actor. A dead body turns up in another part of LA and Kramer's script he had given to the woman is found on her person. George thinks he has insightful conversations with the talk show guests (Corbin Bernsen and George Wendt) but they both call him "nuts". Jerry can't remember the wording for a joke and blames the hotel maid, Lupe (Dyana Ortelli), who threw it away while cleaning the room. As Jerry and George leave The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, they see Kramer's picture on the news. He is the main suspect for the "Smog Strangler". 27 02 2009 align left


in sinlessness, and do not go to school, avoid home as much as possible, and listen earnestly to Cartman (Eric Cartman), who acts like a televangelist preacher. Meanwhile, Kenny (Kenny McCormick) calls from Ensenada (Ensenada, Baja California), Mexico (about 60 miles (95 km) south of Tijuana on the Baja California peninsula) where the bus he was run over by in the previous episode dragged him and which he thinks is Hell. Cartman uses his description of Ensenada

New Zealand

. The network was operated by The Radio Network (TRN). "The Bitter Suite" was shot between September and October, 1997, in New Zealand. Some actors of the previous episode return, Hudson Leick as Callisto, Danielle Cormack, as Ephiny, and David Taylor as Solan. Other old actors in the series return in that episode, as Ted Raimi, Kevin Tod Smith, Willa O'Neill, Karl Urban and Marton Csokas. The series executive producer, Robert Tapert


. On the European and Australian DVD releases of Season 8, this is the 18th episode, not the 15th. The previous episode to "Citizen Joe" is "Full Alert" and the next episode is "Moebius Part 1" on those DVDs. Only the Region 1 DVD set has a commentary for this episode. Jonas Quinn (portrayed by Corin Nemec) is mentioned in this episode for the first time since "Death Knell (Death Knell (Stargate SG-1))". Bruce Woloshyn (digital effects

cartoons controversy ''Jyllands-Posten'' Muhammad cartoons . Commons:Category:Australia Wikipedia:Australia Dmoz:Regional Oceania Australia

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