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Al Anbar Governorate

was also partnered up with the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Brigade of the 7th Iraqi Army Division (Iraqi Army#Deployment). 3rd Battalion attempted to secure Haditha by using an approach of "constant presence". The battalion operated from a series of forward operating bases (Forward Operating Base) in the local cities of Haditha, Barwanah, Haqlaniyah, and Baghdadi (Baghdadi, Iraq) from which the rifle and weapons companies sent out

North Borneo

Sea via the Suez Canal, alternatively round the Cape of Good Hope to India (British India), and on to East Asia (Brunei (History of Brunei), Burma, British Malaya, Hong Kong, North Borneo, Sarawak (Kingdom of Sarawak)) and Australia. With the end of empire, which began with Indian independence (1947), there was a gradual draw down of the military presence "east of Suez". North Borneo-born Beattie earned a total of 25 caps playing for Scotland (Scotland national rugby union team) as Career Seven years later, Lee set up his own rubber smoking house in Muar (district) Muar (Rugby_union_positions#8._Number_eight), which became the Nam Aik Rubber Company in 1928. His enterprises of rubber planting and manufacture, pineapple planting and canning soon expanded to other parts of Southeast Asia, including Singapore-Malaya (British Malaya), North Borneo, Indonesia and Thailand. He was known as Southeast Asia's Rubber and Pineapple King. He became one of the richest men in the region, with the Lee Rubber Company becoming a multi-million dollar business which he started in 1931. :Dominions: Australia, Canada, Newfoundland (Dominion of Newfoundland), New Zealand, Southern Rhodesia (not a dominion but supervised by the Dominion office) and Union of South Africa :Colonies: Aden, Antigua, Ascension Island, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Ceylon, Cyprus, Dominica, Egypt, Falkland Islands, Fiji, Gambia, Gibraltar, Gilbert and Ellice Islands, Gold Coast (Gold Coast (British colony)), Gibraltar, Granada, British Guiana, British Honduras, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaya (British Malaya), Malta, Mauritius, Montserrat, New Hebrides, Nigeria, North Borneo, Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Palestine (Palestine (mandate)), Penang, St. Helena, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), Sarawak, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, British Solomon Islands, Somalia, Sudan, Tanganyika, Trinidad, Tonga, Uganda, Virgin Islands and Zanzibar, Brace married Nellie Humphreys in 1890. The couple had had two sons and a daughter. The younger son, Ivor Llewellyn Brace, became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Sarawak, North Borneo and Brunei. ''Storstad'' The ''Pinguin'' headed north-eastwards towards the Sunda Strait to the shipping lanes between India and Australia. On 27 September the sea was calm enough to allow the spare seaplane to be assembled. Ernst-Felix Krüder and his navigation officer Leutnant Wilhelm Michaelson conceived and developed a plan to lay mines in six Australian and Tasmanian sea lanes but it would require two ships. On 7 October off Christmas Island a vessel crossing the raider's path was flagged down and ordered to stop with a 75 mm warning shot. The vessel stopped and surrendered. The vessel was identified as the Norwegian motor-tanker ''Storstad'' carrying a cargo of 12,000 tons of diesel oil and 500 tons of heavy fuel oil. She was on her way from British North Borneo to Melbourne. The ''Storstad'' was suitable for use as an auxiliary minelayer. CAPE OTWAY LIGHTSTATION Under a prize crew the ''Storstad'' was taken to a remote spot between Java and the north-west tip of Australia to be converted into an auxiliary minelayer. The ''Storstad'' was stripped and her after accommodation space was transformed into a mine deck with launching rails. One hundred and ten mines were transferred from the ''Pinguin'' in the motorboat that was taken from the ''Morviken''. 1,200 tons of the diesel oil was transferred from the ''Storstad'' to the ''Pinguin''. Norwegian Victims of Pinguin The '''Battle of North Borneo''' took place during the Second World War (World War II) between Allied (Allies of World War II) and Japanese forces. Part of the wider Borneo campaign (Borneo Campaign (1945)) of the Pacific War, it was fought between 10 June and 15 August 1945 in North Borneo (later known as Sabah). The battle involved a series of amphibious landings by Australian forces on various points on the mainland around Brunei Bay and upon islands situated around the bay. Japanese opposition to the landings was sporadic initially, although as the campaign progressed a number of considerable clashes occurred and both sides suffered relatively significant casualties. Ultimately, however, the Australians were successful in seizing control of the region, although to a large extent the strategic gains that possession of North Borneo provided the Allies with were ultimately negated by the sudden conclusion of the war in August 1945. Throughout much of World War II, British Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak (Kingdom of Sarawak) were under '''Japanese occupation'''. On 18 January 1942, using small fishing boats, the Japanese landed at Sandakan, the seat of government of British North Borneo. On the morning of the 19 January, Governor Charles Robert Smith surrendered British North Borneo and was interned with other staff.

St. Albert, Alberta

, on December 20." A district official responded, "at this point in time we're not planning to install metal detectors. We feel that we're taking the precautions by having a police presence." Extra staff members and local police officers patrolled the school's hallways for the week of December 17–21. Only days earlier, the words "December 18, 2007 Massacre (Wiktionary:massacre)" were found in a washroom at Paul Kane High School in St. Albert, Alberta. Officials


. Don't come here because it's over and done with. Recent history After 1968, the area went into decline due to "an influx of hard drugs and a lack of police presence,"

Saint Kitts and Nevis

WikiPedia:Saint Kitts and Nevis Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Saint Kitts and Nevis Commons:Category:Saint Kitts and Nevis


-name-holder index.html?hpt hp_bn5 The tiny island with a huge Web presence ." ''CNN''. 13 June 2012. Retrieved on 15 June 2012. Solar power Three solar power stations are planned to provide 100% electricity from photovoltaics, with battery backup. The first power station was completed in August 2012. In total, 4,032 solar panels


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Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Campaign Threatens U.S. url http: extremism isis-propaganda-campaign-threatens-u-s date 27 June 2014 publisher Anti-Defamation League accessdate 27 June 2014 Another comment is that "ISIS puts more emphasis on social media than other jihadi groups... They have a very coordinated social media presence."


of nuclear deterrence. Lee (1996), ''Aspects of British Political History 1914-1995'', 273 Pierre (1972), ''Nuclear Politics: the British experience with an independent strategic force: 1939-1970'', p100 This initially consisted of free-fall bombs operated by the RAF, but these were eventually superseded by the submarine-launched Polaris ballistic missile. While assurances had been made to the United States that Britain would maintain a presence "East of Suez", a process of gradual withdrawal from its eastern commitments was undertaken in the 1960s, primarily for economic reasons. Hack (2000), ''Defence and Decolonisation in South-East Asia: Britain, Malaya, Singapore, 1941-1968'', p285 Chandler & Beckett (2003), p345 By the mid-1970s, Britain had withdrawn permanently deployed forces from Aden, Bahrain, Malaysia, Mauritius, Oman, Sharjah (Sharjah (emirate)), and Singapore. Agreements with Malta (expired 1979) and South Africa (terminated 1975) also ended. alt location Aden, Yemen target commons:Aden


, who immediately got intrigued by Čolić's "clean tenor and good stage presence". 1991 he held a discussion with Croatian expert Dr Marin Kinel on Serbo-Croatian relations, in the outcome of the war. Miraš Dedeić became a proponent of Serbian nationalism, he magnified Slobodan Milošević as the savior of the Serb people, reintegrating Kosovo and Vojvodina. He justified

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