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Rainy Lake

of defiance, as much to say, I am now out of your power." A war between Britain (Kingdom of Great Britain) and France, followed by a sharp drop in fur prices, slowed exploration for several decades. In 1732 the French-Canadian La Vérendrye (Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, sieur de La Vérendrye) built Fort St. Pierre on Rainy Lake near the head of the Rainy River (Rainy River (Minnesota-Ontario)) in order to gain access to the west. Jean Baptiste, with three brothers, Pierre

Ferrol, Galicia

, Spain as a War Making Power" New York Times, 6 February 1858, Page 4 Spanish Minister for Naval affairs (Spanish Government), which included amongst other political successes the construction and launch in the Royal Dockyards of Ferrol of Spain's first steam propelled ship (Steamboat) in 1858. The second half of the 19th century brought to the Royal Dockyards of Ferrol not just plenty of work but social and political tensions which ended up in the failed republican

Saratov Oblast

;) and "Clever and Calm Politicians Grasping not only Beer". Its platform stated that the Party "will defend interests not only beer lovers, but also lovers of sausage, butter, meat, tea, kvass and other lovers, with the exception of lovers of power". It was branched into about 60 regions of Russia, the largest ones being in Moscow, Komi Republic, Chuvashia (Chuvash Republic), Irkutsk Oblast, Saratov Oblast and Moscow Oblast. By the moment of elections it enlisted over 50,000 members. During the election (Russian legislative election, 1995) into the State Duma (second convocation) it gained 0.62% of votes, way below the 5% election threshold. Vladimir Pribylovsky was among the candidates nominated by the party. '''Balashov''' ( commons:category:Saratov Oblast wikipedia:Saratov Oblast


with Ras Yimer and Fitawrari Sirah Bizu. When the Imperial army reached that town 10 December, he fled further north to the old stronghold of Amba Mariam, further away from the center of power. "Iyasu could not even slow down the consolidation of the new government," notes Harold Marcus. Marcus, ''Haile Sellassie'', pp. 25f He played his last First-Class match in January 1940. He joined 1st Battalion of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment, and served in East Africa

Tehachapi, California

. The Los Angeles City Council voted in 2004 to direct the LADWP to generate 20% of its energy (excluding Hoover Dam) from clean sources by 2010 The prison held both male

Taizhou, Jiangsu

revenue RMB 34.4 billion yuan, the total amount of bank deposits RMB 188.5 billion yuan. Five county-level cities or districts are ranked among the "China's Top 100 Counties with Greatest Comprehensive Power". It boasts numbers of large-sized enterprises or groups, such as Chunlan Group Corp. Taizhou was among the first few cities in Jiangsu to be recognized as having a famous cultural history. In 1990, Heheng village in Jiangyan County was awarded Global 500 Roll


Economy Private property is protected, and entrepreneurship is de jure. There are no taxes on the people or businesses in Rojava. Instead money is raised through border crossings, and selling oil or other natural resources. The administration of Rojava is encouraging local community-based cooperatives as a way for people to serve their own needs and provide employment. http: poor-in-means http: en news content view 436354 Price


of Power". Alqush has adorned the Bayhidhra mountains for more than twenty five centuries. The town glowingly reigns over Nineveh's northern plateau known for its fertile soil and extends southward across the other Assyrian towns, such as, Telassqopa (Tel Skuf), Baqofah, Sharafiya, Batnaya, and Tel Keppe. Alqush traces its history back into the ancient Assyrian empire and perhaps even further. The earliest mentioning of Alqosh appears in Sennacherib's era 750

Ciudad Acuña

an omnidirectional antenna. It was forcibly shut down by the Mexican authorities on February 24, 1933 and the '''Villa Acuña Broadcasting Company''' of Del Rio (Del Rio, Texas), Texas, U.S. (United States) which had managed the station, was dissolved. * Chilapa de Alvarez

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