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reached 34,750 in the 1991 census and by the 2006 census it reached 123,866, and according to World Gazetteer its population as of 2012 is 138,398, making the population close to what it was before the war. Economy The economy of Khorramshahr is still largely affected by the destruction and depopulation of the city's residents in the 1980s during the first years of the Iran–Iraq War. The main activities are, however, essentially the same as before the war, petroleum production and exports

New Finland, Saskatchewan

;ref By 1899, a Finnish consul found the population close to 250 persons.


. The metropolitan area extends over much of the Zahlé District, and additionally comprises: * the town of Kab Elias to the Southwest * the town of Bar Elias (Barelias) to the South * the villages of Furzol, Ablah and Niha (Niha Bekaa) to the Northeast * and the towns of Riyaq (Rayak (Riyaq)), Haoush Hala and Ali en Nahri to the East with a total population close to 200,000. Zahlé is the largest predominantly Christian (Christianity in Lebanon) town in Lebanon


to Marrakesh. The urban population is estimated at 650,000 Template:Largest cities of Morocco with the metropolitan population close to 1,000,000. It is the capital of the Meknes-Tafilalet region. Meknes is named after a Berber (Berber people) tribe which was known as ''Miknasa'' (native Berber name: '''Imeknasen''') in the medieval North African sources.


''' (Hangul: 수원, Hanja: 水原, south of Seoul. It is traditionally known as "The City of Filial Piety". With a population close to 1.2 million, it is larger than Ulsan Metropolitan City, although it is not governed as a metropolitan city. http:


regime staged a White Terror in 1919–20. '''Miskolc''' ( ) is a city in northeastern Hungary, mainly with heavy industrial background. With a population close to 170,000 (2010) Miskolc is the fourth largest city (List of cities and towns in Hungary#Largest cities in Hungary) of Hungary (behind Budapest, Debrecen and Szeged; second-largest with agglomeration.) It is also the county capital of Borsod-Abaúj


team Poland 2 24 8-2 Friendly (Exhibition game) - * ) is a city in northeastern Hungary, mainly with heavy industrial background. With a population close to 170,000 (2010) Miskolc is the List of cities and towns in Hungary

Port of Spain

district and a number of economically depressed and a few upscale adjoining suburbs. In addition to the official population, the adjacent East-West corridor conurbation has a population close to 600,000 people and the "big city" feel with its suburban car dominated commuting. The corridor is the built-up area of north Trinidad stretching from the capital, Port of Spain, east to Arima. It includes the towns of Barataria


, listed as separate towns, are Kamëz (67,301), Kashar (45,742), Paskuqan (37,313) and Farkë (22,713). Thus the urban area of Tirana has a population close to 600,000. When it comes to religion, Muslims represent 55.9% of the population, while large Christian and atheist minorities collectively make up 44.1% of the population. In 1703, Tirana had about 4,000 inhabitants and by 1820 the number tripled to 12,000


's third largest city, killing three and injuring more than 100. Other missiles have hit the Ma'alot (w:Ma'alot), Carmiel (w:Carmiel) and Kiryat Shmona (w:Kiryat Shomna). '''Haifa''' (Hebrew חֵיפָה ''Heifa''; Arabic حَيْفَا ''Ḥayfā'') is the third largest city in Israel and the major city in the north of the country with a population close to 300,000. It is a seaport located on Israel's Mediterranean

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