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checkout content * Stay safe The biggest danger in Goma during the day is crossing the busy roads. At night don't walk anywhere besides the main nightclub zone

Salem, Oregon

commercial AM stations, three non-commercial FM stations, and a community radio station. KBZY was a popular Top 40 station from its sign-on in 1957 through the 1960s and 1970s. Today KBZY has an oldies format, and continues to use live and local personalities. KBZY is affiliated with the ABC Radio Network. KYKN carries syndicated conservative talk hosts. KWOD is a Spanish language sports talk station. KPJC features Christian talk programming. KWBX is a non

Santo Domingo

that are open until 3AM on weekends since August 2007. The Malecon is home to several options as well, depending on what's in style at the time. Check out Jet Set on Monday nights for live Merengue and Bachata shows from the most popular top bands. Head over to the upscale side of Santo Domingo (Naco, Piantini) if that is your scene. There are a ton of options there, including perennial favorites such as Trio Caffe, Praia and Montecristo. Be aware that those kind of places can have a rather strict

Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville Climate Page Annual precipitation averages just under , which occurred on February 13, 1960. "PKFHSPKFHS popular Top 10 Snowfalls in Knoxville," ''Knoxville News

Birmingham, Alabama

a counterpart to WVOK-AM (WSPZ) 690one of the more popular Top 40 stations of its era. WVOK-FM changed its call letters to WRKK in 1979; it kept its Rock format until 1983, when it became “K99 Country.” Several format changes later, the station is now known in Birmingham as WZRR “Rock 99.5.” Since K98 began broadcast in 1990, it has employed a number of various disk jockeys, including Rick Burgess from the syndicated “Rick and Bubba” radio


glamorous realities of a small law firm. ''The Practice'' would be the first of four successful series by Kelley that were set in Boston, proximal to his hometown of Belmont, Massachusetts. Receiving critical applause (along with two Emmys (Primetime Emmy Award) for Outstanding Drama Series (Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series)) but low ratings in its starting seasons, it eventually became a popular top 10 program. ref name

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