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Lead, South Dakota

; In the early 1930s, due to fear of cave ins of the miles of tunnels under Lead's Homestake Mine, many of the town’s buildings located in the bottom of a canyon were moved further uphill to safer locations. Popular+Science+1933+plane+%22Popular+Mechanics%22&hl en&ei v_wHTomlB6H30gG6tLzMCw&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 5&sqi 2&ved 0CDoQ6AEwBA#v onepage&q&f true "City

Orleans, Massachusetts

to a mile, of the canal to study the effects of tidal currents on the enlarged and re-routed canal. Popular+Science+1936+plane+%22Popular+Mechanics%22&hl en&ei YQxKTqCgIeSDsgK6xpzSCA&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 1&sqi 2&ved 0CCoQ6AEwAA#v onepage&q Popular%20Science%201936%20plane%20%22Popular%20Mechanics%22&f true "Model of Cape Cod Canal Helps Study of Channel"


Atlantic airmail service from Stuttgart, Germany to Natal, Brazil.Popular+Science+1931+plane&hl en&ei q78LTaeBEcyTnQf_5cHUDQ&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 6&ved 0CDkQ6AEwBTgK#v onepage&q Popular%20Science%201931%20plane&f true "First Tranatlantic air line", February 1933, Popular Science On route proving flights in 1933, and scheduled service beginning

Jerome, Arizona

By 1918, UVX also had its own smelter in its own company town, Clemenceau


*26 airports, including large international one (Yemelyanovo (Krasnoyarsk Airport) near Krasnoyarsk). *'''Vladimir Obruchev''', geologist, explorer of Siberia and Central Asia, wrote the comprehensive ''Geology of Siberia'' and two popular science fiction and travel novels, ''Plutonia (Hollow Earth)'' and ''Sannikov Land'' *'''Maksim Perfilyev''', discoverer of Transbaikalia, founder of Yeniseysk and Bratsk *'''Fedot Popov''', discoverer of Chukotka and the Bering Strait, possible discoverer of Kamchatka Crusoe's travels in Siberia Argun was the first town on the Russian border, then they went through Nertzinskoi (Nerchinsk), Plotbus, touched a lake called Schaks Ozer, Jerawena, the river Udda, Yeniseysk, and Tobolsk (from September 1703 to beginning of June 1704). They arrived into Europe around the source of the river Wirtska, south of the river Petrou, to a village called Kermazinskoy near Soloy Kamskoy (Solikamsk). They passed a little river called Kirtza, near Ozomoys (or Gzomoys), came to Veuslima (?) on the river Witzogda (Vychegda), running into the Dwina, then they stayed in Lawrenskoy (July 3–7, 1704; possibly Yarensk, known as Yerenskoy Gorodok at that times). Finally Crusoe arrived at the White Sea port town Arch-Angel (Archangelsk) on August 18, sailed into Hamburg (September 18), and Hague. He arrived at London on 10 January 1705, having been gone from England ten years and nine months. There was prominent underground resistance in the regions controlled by Kolchak's government. These partisans were especially strong in the provinces of Altai (Altai Krai) and Yeniseysk. In the summer of 1919 partisans of the Altai Region united to form the Western Siberian Peasants' Red Army (25,000 men). The Taseev Soviet Partisan Republic was founded south-east of Yeniseysk in early 1919. By the fall of 1919, Kolchak's rear was completely disintegrating. About 100,000 Siberian Communists seized vast regions from Kolchak's regime even before the approach of the Red Army. In February 1920, some 20,000 partisans took control of the Amur region (Amur Oblast). "The Partisan Movement of 1918-22", Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 1969-1978 - Yeniseysk Енисейск Krasnoyarsk Krai - left 300px thumb Siberian river routes (File:Siberiariverroutemap.png) were of primary importance in the process of Russian exploration and conquest of Siberia (Russian conquest of Siberia). In the early 17th century the eastward movement of Russians was slowed by the internal problems in the country during the Time of Troubles. However, very soon the exploration and colonisation of the huge territories of Siberia was resumed, led mostly by Cossacks hunting for valuable furs and ivory. While Cossacks came from the Southern Urals, another wave of Russians came by the Arctic Ocean. These were Pomors from the Russian North, who already had been making fur trade with Mangazeya in the north of the Western Siberia for quite a long time. In 1607 the settlement of Turukhansk was founded on the northern Yenisey River, near the mouth of the Lower Tunguska, and in 1619 Yeniseysky ostrog (ostrog (fortress)) was founded on the mid-Yenisey at the mouth of the Upper Tunguska. wikipedia:Yeniseysk


"10 worst" report, calling the city the most polluted city nationally. It has also been listed as one of the world's ten dirtiest cities by the Popular Science website. The World's 10

, the environmental situation has improved. After a series of negative reports on the extreme level of pollution in the city, efforts were made to clean up Linfen. Substandard mines were closed. Coal trucks were


spent his vacation in Kisumu, Kenya. He had visited Kitum Cave on Mount Elgon prior to travelling to Mombasa, where he developed clinical signs of infection. The boy died after transfer to Nairobi Hospital. A popular science account of this case can be found in Richard Preston’s book ''The Hot Zone'' (the boy is referred to under the pseudonym “Peter Cardinal”). islands_category Islands of Lake Victoria cities Bukoba (Bukoba, Tanzania), Tanzania Mwanza, Tanzania Musoma, Tanzania Kisumu, Kenya Kendu Bay, Kenya Homa Bay, Kenya Kampala, Uganda Entebbe, Uganda Jinja (Jinja, Uganda), Uganda The Lake Victoria basin is one of the most densely populated rural areas in the world. Its shores are dotted with cities and towns, including Kisumu, Kisii (Kisii, Kenya), and Homa Bay in Kenya; Kampala, Jinja (Jinja, Uganda), and Entebbe in Uganda; and Bukoba, Mwanza and Msoma in Tanzania. These cities and towns also are home to many factories that discharge their waste directly into the lake and its influent rivers. These urban areas also discharge raw sewage into the river increasing its eutrophication that in turn is helping to sustain the invasive water hyacinth. Wikipedia:Kisumu Dmoz:Regional Africa Kenya Localities Kisumu

Enid, Oklahoma

'''Mark Dean Kelly''' (born June 28, 1956 in Enid (Enid, Oklahoma), Oklahoma) is a Christian (Christian rock) bass guitarist most remembered for being a member of Petra (Petra (band)) during the 1980s. Kelly joined Petra in 1981 and recorded seven albums with them before retiring in 1987, being replaced by Ronny Cates. Early life and education Marquis James was born the fifth child of Houstin James (December 18, 1844 – August 18, 1908), a lawyer, and Rachel Marquis (July 14, 1848 – May 22, 1930), a schoolteacher, on August 29, 1891 in Springfield, Missouri. Houstin, a Civil War veteran, participated in both the Land run of 1889 and the Land Run of 1893. Rockwell, Stella, ed., ''Garfield County, Oklahoma, 1907-1982, Vol. I'', Garfield Historical Society, Josten's Publishing Company, Topeka, Kansas. 1982., pgs 330-331 While unsuccessful in 1899, Houstin successfully staked a claim southeast of Enid, Oklahoma in the 1893 run and moved his family there in 1894. Houstin died in 1908, and is interred at Enid Cemetery (Enid Cemetery and Calvary Catholic Cemetery). Houstin James at findagrave Marquis James was educated at East Hill School and Central, and graduated Enid High School in 1910. He attended one year of college at Phillips University. '''Chisholm High School''' (founded in 1973) is the second largest high school in Enid, Oklahoma, and is located in the northern part of the city. The school has a student body of approximately 300 students in grades 9-12 with a curriculum that includes normal and AP (Advanced Placement Program) academic courses. Early life Owen was born and raised in a Native American (Native Americans in the United States) area of the Oklahoma Territory, where his original goal was to become a jockey, a dream denied by his 5-11, 230 pound frame that earned him the nickname, "Stout Steve." In addition to working on a cattle ranch, Owen attended Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma where he was an all-around athlete for two years beginning in 1917. Adding to his income during this period, he wrestled (Wrestling) professionally under the name "Jack O'Brien," a ruse that allowed him to preserve his amateur status. -- ''The Enid News & Eagle (Enid News & Eagle)'' Enid (Enid, Oklahoma) Daily 15,603 CNHI (Community Newspaper Holdings) -- Principal cities in the district include Guymon (Guymon, Oklahoma), Ponca City (Ponca City, Oklahoma), Enid (Enid, Oklahoma), Stillwater (Stillwater, Oklahoma), Mustang (Mustang, Oklahoma), Yukon (Yukon, Oklahoma), Guthrie (Guthrie, Oklahoma), Sapulpa (Sapulpa, Oklahoma) and Altus (Altus, Oklahoma). It also includes portions of Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Saguenay, Quebec

: Ville de Saguenay * Saguenay Official Website (limited) *Popular+Science+1935+plane+%22Popular+Mechanics%22&hl en&ei Uu44TpGOEquGsgLepeUC&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 1&ved 0CCgQ6AEwADgU#v onepage&q&f true "Giant of the North" ''Popular Mechanics'', December 1943, article on the crash program

Santiago de Cuba

coal—on 25 May and sent her into Key West under a prize crew. She cruised off Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo Bay (Guantánamo Bay, Cuba) into mid-June, then sailed to join the force blockading San Juan, Puerto Rico. thumb right 300px ''St Paul'' capsized at the pier in New York. Caption from Popular Science (Image:USS St Paul Capsized 1917.JPG) Magazine July 1918 edition Political abuse of psychiatry Although Cuba has been politically connected to the Soviet Union since

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