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and 1979 summertime fuel shortage (1979 energy crisis). This brought many more outsiders into the region. On 3 September 1995, the Molson Brewing Company (Molson) arranged for several popular rock bands to give a concert in Tuktoyaktuk as a publicity stunt promoting their new ice-brewed beer. During the months leading up to concert, radio stations across North America ran contests in which they gave away free tickets. Dubbed ''The Molson Ice Polar Beach Party'', it featured Hole


of cultural events in Seinäjoki nowadays. For example, Seinäjoki is known for hosting three large summer events: ''Tangomarkkinat'', which is a tango (tango (dance)) festival attracting more than 100,000 visitors annually, ''Vauhtiajot'', which is a motor racing event music festival, and ''Provinssirock'', which is one of the largest and oldest rock festivals in Finland. Rytmikorjaamo is a popular rock club, wherein almost every weekend play some Finnish or international artists


it was a trend that would soon pass. The first Israeli rock bands began performing in the mid-1960s in nightclubs and discos, first in Ramla and later on HaMasger Street in Tel Aviv. From margins to mainstream, Haaretz These bands mainly performed cover versions of popular rock songs by bands like The Beatles and The Shadows. Rock culture, in the social and political sense, was nowhere in sight. Bands that stood out in the first wave of Israeli rock were The Lions, The Churchills, The Fat and the Thins, The Styles, The Electric Stage, The Seventh Radiance, The Goldstars, The Sing-Sing, The Blue Stars and The Spiders. Advance by Desert Mounted Corps continues On 15 November the commander of Desert Mounted Corps, Lieutenant General (Lieutenant General (Australia)) Sir Henry George Chauvel (Harry Chauvel), issued orders for the Yeomanry Mounted Division (Major General G. de S. Barrow) and the Anzac Mounted Division (Major General E. W. C. Chaytor (Edward Chaytor)) to continue the advance on Ramleh (Ramla) and Lud (Lod) about

Pinal de Amoles

have won the grand prize in previous years are not allowed to participate again together. For 2011, the groups presenting live music for the event included Los Hidalguenses, Reales de Colima and Huapangueros Differentes. The event is concurrent with the Fiestas Patronales or feast day of the patron saint of the municipality. This event in 2011 featured popular rock groups such as Pambo Pop-rock and Pega Pega de Emilio Reyna. Most of the population lives in very small rural communities, many under 500 inhabitants. There are no notable social conflicts in this area, which is free of problems related to the illegal drug trade that afflict other parts of the country.

Greek military junta of 1967–74

Mastorakis were very popular throughout the dictatorship years both on radio and television. Nikos Mastorakis Museum of Broadcast communications: "Nikos Mastorakis was the TV personality sine qua non of the dictatorship years" Most Western record sales were similarly not restricted. In fact, even rock concerts and tours were allowed such as by the then popular Rock band

Vernon, British Columbia

birth_place Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), BC (British Columbia), CAN (Canada) draft undrafted DATE OF BIRTH February 4, 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), BC (British Columbia), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH


and disbanded several more times during the 1980s and 1990s, releasing albums that saw little commercial success. Popular rock acts of the 1990s were Galija, Partibrejkers, Van Gogh (Van Gogh (band)), Dejan Cukić, Del Arno Band, Babe (Babe (Serbian band)), Prljavi Inspektor Blaža i Kljunovi, Familija, and the Belgrade faction of the band Zabranjeno Pušenje. Galija, despite being formed in the late 1970s and initially performing progressive rock, reached

is, however, better accepted abroad than in Serbia. Popular rock acts of the 1990s were Galija, Partibrejkers, Van Gogh (Van Gogh (band)), Dejan Cukić, Del Arno Band, Babe (Babe (Serbian band)), Prljavi Inspektor Blaža i Kljunovi, Familija, and the Belgrade faction of the band Zabranjeno Pušenje. Galija, despite being formed in the late 1970s and initially performing progressive rock, reached the peak of popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s

Schlager pop , Pop-Rock '''Jutro''' (trans. "Morning") was a Sarajevo-based rock (Rock music) band (Musical ensemble) most notable as the immediate predecessor to Bijelo dugme. It existed from late 1971 to the very end of 1973 when it transformed into probably the most popular rock band to come out of former Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) – Bijelo dugme. So, after a productive working vacation, Bregović was back in Sarajevo faced

Ho Chi Minh City

tollfree fax hours price content House band plays covers of Metallica, Guns 'n Roses and other popular rock bands nightly between 21:00 and midnight. * *

Shreveport, Louisiana

5 - Elvis Presley has his first commercial recording session at Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. He sang ''That's All Right (Mama)'' and ''Blue Moon of Kentucky''. *October 16 - Elvis Presley makes his first appearance on a radio program in Shreveport, Louisiana called the ''Louisiana Hayride''. *Fall - A cover version (cover song) of Big Joe Turner's "Shake, Rattle and Roll" by Bill Haley and His Comets becomes the first internationally popular

rock and roll recording. Williams signed with MGM Records in 1947 and released "Move It On Over (Move It On Over (song))", which became a massive country hit. In 1948 he moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, and he joined ''Louisiana Hayride'', a radio show broadcast that propelled him into living rooms all over the southeast appearing on weekend shows. Williams eventually started to host a show on KWKH and started touring across western Louisiana and eastern Texas


, 189, 192–197 '''N.R.M.''' (''Niezaležnaja Respublika Mroja'') is a rock band from Minsk, Belarus, founded in 1994. They are considered to be the most popular rock band in the country. They perform in the Belarusian language, and are a rallying point for political opposition to the Belarusian government, despite a performance ban used during 2006-2009 against them. Sergey Voychenko was born in Mariupol, Ukraine but his family moved to Minsk, Belarus (where his family roots were) when he was four years old. In 1969 he enrolled in an art school where he studied art and sculpture, and in 1975 got accepted to the Belarusian Art Academy, the department of design, where he met his future co-author Vladimir Tsesler. He got his first award for posters in 1984 for a series of posters called "History of Minsk." Lida was in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the second half of the 14th century, after the Christianization of Lithuania the Catholic parish was established in former pagan (Lithuanian mythology) lands and a Church was built by Jogaila (ruins are still preserved). Subsequently in 15th century town became a centre of production by craftsmen and trade. Lida was connected with Vilnius, Navahrudak and Minsk. At that time the town had a market square and four streets ''Wielenska'', ''Zamkowa'', ''Kamieńska'' and ''Krivaya''. WikiPedia:Minsk Dmoz:Regional Europe Belarus Localities Minsk Commons:Category:Minsk

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