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precipitated into a series of agitations for equal representation in Council and also in executive government jobs Thomas Johnson Nossiter - Communism in Kerala: a study in political adaptation, University of California Press, 1982, pp. 78- 82, ISBN 0520046676 Popular news papers like Malayala Manorama and Nasrani Deepika (Deepika (newspaper)) were used to convey the grievance of the community and to garner public support. J Devika


in the city and is called Lollywood. Many films are filmed in Lahore and the city has some of the oldest film studios in the country. Many actors and directors are based in Lahore, which brings many artists together to launch films. Cinema's popularity is on the upswing again in recent years and IMAX is building outlets in the city. Several FM radio stations and television stations have set up their operations here. Lahore is home to many popular news channels such as Dunya News and Express News (Express News (Pakistan)) among others.Geo TV's Infotainment Division and Pakistan's first children's television channel, Wikid, as well as Pakistan's first community channel, Asset Plus (available only in DHA Lahore (Defence Housing Authority, Lahore)) and lifestyle channel, Value TV are all based here. The television channel, City 42 broadcasts news and information about latest happenings and events in the city. The channel contains a variety of programs in Urdu, Punjabi (Punjabi language) and English which span from current affairs to general infotainment. WikiPedia:Lahore


became involved with the new medium of television in 1953. Al Stone, formerly of WGAR (WHKW#WGAR (AM)) in Cleveland, Ohio, hosted an American Bandstand-like dance show for local teens. Carroll Godwin hosted a local daytime talk show in the 1960s. Loraine (Rainee) Evans hosted the popular children's program ''The Happy Raine Show''. Ken Clyce was another popular news announcer. * Charleston (Charleston, South Carolina) (Charleston International Airport) * Cleveland

Republic of Ireland

Reatha RTÉ ), is a major division of Raidió Teilifís Éireann responsible for news programming on television, radio and online within the Republic of Ireland. It is, by far, the largest and most popular news source in Ireland - with 77% of the Irish public regarding it as their main source of both Irish and international news. RTÉ News and Current Affairs It broadcasts in English (English language), Irish (Irish language) and Irish Sign Language. Irish equivalent In the Republic of Ireland, the equivalent is '''Third Class''' or '''Rang a trí''' (for 9 year olds) which is the fifth year of Primary School. It is traditionally the year after children take their First Holy Communion. The '''River Foyle''' ( The bomb was found on the side of a road near the village of Forkhill (w:Forkhill) in County Armagh (w:County Armagh), Northern Ireland (w:Northern Ireland), close to the border with the Republic of Ireland (w:Republic of Ireland). It was defused by an expert bomb disposal team from the Irish Army (w:Irish Army). The explosives were home-made and weighed 600 lb (270 kg). It is believed that the bomb was planted there by dissident republicans. On Saturday, 67% of Irish (w:Republic of Ireland) voters favored the European Union's (w:European Union) (EU) Lisbon Treaty (w:Treaty of Lisbon) which now requires approval from the presidents of the Czech Republic (w:Czech Republic) and Poland (w:Poland) for ratification (w:ratification). A car, thought to have been used for the get-away, has been found burnt out just over the border in the Republic of Ireland (w:Republic of Ireland). Mr Kee and the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin (w:Micheál Martin) have asked for any witnesses to contact the Gardai (w:Gardai) or the PSNI immediately.


, and the fibers are beaten to make them into a brush with built-in soap. 120px thumb Hechos Logo (Image:HechosTVA logo.PNG) '''Hechos''' (Facts), launched in February 1994 and conducted by Javier Alatorre, soon became a popular news show in Mexico. It was broadcast by the Azteca 13 network. '''Javier Alatorre''' (born 1963 in Navojoa, Sonora) is a Mexican (Mexico) journalist. He is the anchorman of ''Hechos'' the headline news program of TV Azteca. '''Sterling Price''' (September 20, 1809


and entertainment programmes. Alter has been featuring popular news anchor Nikos Hadjinikolaou, morning show host Giorgos Aftias and controversial but popular investigative reporter Makis Triantafyllopoulos. Alter also airs the award-winning program Fos Sto Tounel, a program that tracked down missing persons. It also features a strong lineup of children's programming that airs daily. Since early December 2011, Alter Channel has stopped broadcasting due to financial difficulties. King


is one of the two major private TV companies in both Germany and the Netherlands and also owning assets in Belgium, France, UK, Spain, Czech and Hungary. Bertelsmann also owns Gruner+Jahr, Germany's biggest popular magazine publisher, including popular news magazine Stern (Stern (magazine)) and a 26% share in investigative news magazine Der Spiegel. Bertelsmann also owns Random House, a book publisher, #1 in the English-speaking world and #2 in Germany. Early life

date June 2011 '''''Die Wochenshow''''' ("Show of the Week") is a German (Germany) weekly comedy sketch (sketch comedy) show that is aired on Sat.1 and is produced by Brainpool TV. It started on April 20, 1996 and was cancelled early in 2002. Almost a decade later, new episodes are broadcast since May 20, 2011. The show is a very popular news (news broadcasting) parody with sketches and recurring characters. Image:Ingolf Lueck by Stuart Mentiply.jpg thumb

news coverage and national news discussion. It offers Germany's DW TV (Deutsche Welle) ''Journal,'' ''France 24,'' http: en "NHK Newsline" (Newsline_(NHK)), "RT News" (RT_(TV_network)), formerly called Russia Today http: , and ''Euronews'' on digital channel 21 20.1. Popular news talk shows include those hosted by Charlie Rose and Tavis Smiley. The greatest variety


also owns Gruner+Jahr, Germany's biggest popular magazine publisher, including popular news magazine Stern (Stern (magazine)) and a 26% share in investigative news magazine Der Spiegel. Bertelsmann also owns Random House, a book publisher, #1 in the English-speaking world and #2 in Germany. result German victory combatant1 United States of America


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