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channels, Cegléd TV is backed by the local authority, while Club TV is a commercial one. There is also a popular local radio channel called "Rádió 88". As for the printed media (Publishing), Cegléd has a weekly local paper called Kék Újság (Blue Newspaper), as well as a newly founded magazine, Ceglédi Panoráma (Panorama of Cegléd). A periodical cultural review also appears, under the name "Gerjepart" (Bank of the Gerje). Transport The main road number 4 passes Cegléd

Galiano Island

, with a Tuscan-style wood-fired oven holding pride of place; draft beer; best views; walking distance from the ferry, so park your car and "wait until your boat comes in". Opening later evenings in August. * '''Grand Central Emporium and Grill''' - Originally the landmark old Burrill Brothers store, the owners have transformed the antique building into a popular local hangout. Service is "island-style" with a full menu. Licensed. Occasional "open mike" nights and live

Stirling, Alberta

Frontier Mini-Railway , William T. Ogden House Lost Frontier Mini-Railway. Retrieved on 2007-08-02 a small train park open by booking from May to October and is a very popular local attraction. Located on the grounds of the William T. Ogden Home (William T. Ogden House), the park also has a petting zoo, a mini village, a large Cuckoo clock as well as the "worlds smallest church". 441 4th Street


Palace (now a hotel) and the Agadez Sultan's Palace. The city is also known for its camel market and its silver and leatherwork. Some popular local musicians have found recognition in the west, like Tuareg guitar player Bombino (Bombino (musician)) and his band Group Bombino, Group Inerane and others. Mdou Moctar's film, ''Akounak Teggdalit Taha Tazoughai'', is set and filmed on location in Agadez.


for lunch, then closed until dinner. *'''Mayi Hotel''', Spacious outdoor restaurant with a good diverse menu. Lots of fish and chicken dishes. Arrive later in the evening for more menu availability. Their spaghetti and cheese sauce is especially good if you're vegetarian. 8000tsh - 12000tsh. *'''New Mwanza Institute''', Station Rd. west of the train tracks. Popular local outdoor restaurant. Local dishes only. 2000tsh - 4000tsh. Street food. Oranges, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, avocados

Leduc, Alberta

justice of the peace. The establishment of the Calgary & Edmonton railroad, later acquired by the CPR, opened the region to settlement. The first train stopped at Leduc in July 1891. There are two versions of how Leduc got its name. According to popular local legend, the city's name was decided in 1890 when a settler (McKinlay) setting up a telegraph office needed a name for the new settlement and decided that it would be named after the first person who came through the door of the telegraph office. That person was '''Father Hippolyte Leduc''', a priest who had served the area since 1867. In another, more official, version, the Lieutenant Governor of the North-West Territories, Edgar Dewdney (1835–1916) decided that Telford Place should be renamed at the time the railroad terminal was established in 1891, and picked the name of the missionary priest. Leduc was first incorporated as a village in 1899, and went on to become officially a town in 1906. It became a city in 1983. By that time its population had reached 12,000. The town continued to grow quietly over the decades and Alberta's historical oil strike on February 13, 1947, was made near the town at the Leduc No. 1 oil well. Striking Oil in Alberta at CBC Digital Archives Geography Leduc has a wide variety of parks and sports amenities. Leduc has more than east of the Town of Drayton Valley (Drayton Valley, Alberta), to the City of Leduc (Leduc, Alberta) where it ends at Highway 2 (Alberta Highway 2).


'''Ahmedabad''', Gujarat, India '''Sons''' * Prince ''Shahzadeh'' Soltan Mohammad Baqer ''Feyzi Mirza'' (''b''. 15 September 1587, Mashhad, Khorasan (Greater Khorasan)-''k''. 25 January 1615, Rasht, Gilan), was Governor of Mashhad 1587-1588, and of Hamadan 1591-1592. Married (1st) at Esfahan, 1601, Princess Fakhri-Jahan, daughter of Ismail II. Married (2nd) Del Aram, a Georgian (Georgian people). Married (3rd) Marta daughter of Eskandar Mirza. He had issue, two sons: ** (By Del Aram) Prince


in Jos. The school has been running for more than fifty years (since 1942) and contains a large international student population. Covering roughly

Herceg Novi

, and almost everywhere else around town, there are about hundred small cafes with tables conveniently positioned for this popular local pastime. All serve good coffee (Italian style) and many also offer a selection of freshly made and delicious cakes and ice creams. *Hiking - Going from the bus station up towards the hills you can find some wonderful ancient stone paths that lead up to some very rural communities. The paths are not marked and not very visible but if you wander along any road

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