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Ponta Grossa

in regions of Av Souza Naves, Av Pres. Kennedy and PR 151. In the service sector, the city has a large supermarket chains, such as the Big Supermarket (controlled by the giant Wal-Mart), shopping malls, popular fast-food (like McDonald's, Bob's and Burger King) and Habib's already announced, as well as large national stores and regional department, electronics and retail. The city has one of the highest GDP of Paraná and, paradoxically, has pronounced deficits in infrastructure. Evidence


long 26.7351 directions phone +358 45 3482885 tollfree fax hours Mo-Tu 10.00-23.00 We-Th 10.00-23.00 Fr 10.00-02.00 Sa 11.00-02.00 Su 11.00-23.00 price content A popular fast food joint opposite to Tornionmäki school. *


''', Bantu St. near Nkrumah St. Open for breakfast and lunch. Excellent, popular, fast, local food for anywhere from 1000tsh to 4000tsh per person. A great daily stop. No Alcohol. *'''Harish Pan House''', Nyerere and Post St. Indian food with Zanzibar flavor. Vegetarian menu limited to Samosas, Zanzibar mix soup, snacks and other Indian traditional breads. *'''Sizzler''', Kenyatta and Post St. Wide variety on the menu, local food, Chinese, and Indian dishes. 4000tsh - 8000tsh. Open


Sv. Petra Cetinjskog 88 lat long directions phone +382 0 20 202025 tollfree fax hours price content A pizzeria and a cafe, one of the city's landmarks. * WikiPedia:Podgorica Commons:Category:Podgorica Dmoz:Regional Europe Montenegro Localities Podgorica

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

in Fayetteville (Fayetteville, North Carolina), with headquarters located in Raleigh (Raleigh, North Carolina). Popular pickle (Pickled cucumber) brand Mount Olive Pickle Company was founded in Mount Olive (Mount Olive, North Carolina) in 1926. Cook Out (Cook Out (restaurant)), a popular fast food chain featuring burgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes in a wide variety of flavors, was founded in Greensboro in 1989 and has begun expanding outside of North Carolina. * The Golden Triangle


. A strong tradition of preparing local sweets such as "Cajeta de leche", a sweet condensed milk as well as sugared coconut and nuts can be found. Some local varieties of chocolate can be found as well, usually prepared with pepper and other spices or nuts. A popular 'fast food' known as "quesillo" is popular throughout the country. Quesillo consists of locally produced cheese wrapped in a corn tortilla with cream, onions, and salt. Nacatamales, the Nicaraguan version of the tamale


address 173 High Street lat 51.899890 long -2.073499 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content A fairly large branch of the British chain store, with a large food section. Eat Budget * '''Pittville Gates'''. A row of popular fast-food rather than one single restaurant. Located on the nearest edge of Pittville Park. Very handy for walking back to the town from the races. Mamaris (Pizza, Kebab, Burgers) are always fresh and friendly. Chinese, Indian

Porto Alegre

''Rainha da Sucata'', one of the most watched in history of Brazilian television. DATE OF BIRTH October 3, 1965 PLACE OF BIRTH Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil DATE OF DEATH Brazil Doner kebab is one of the most popular fast-food dishes on São Paulo streets. It is usually served as a sandwich, and it is called "Churrasco Grego", which means "Greek Barbecue", or much less frequently ''Churrasco Turco'' (Turkish Steak

Trinidad and Tobago

, tamarind) and extra pepper sauce (ranging from a dash "slight" to much more), this delicacy is the most popular fast food in Trinidad and Tobago. It is usually eaten for breakfast, and sometimes lunch, but can be a late night snack as well. Popular doubles venues are Sleepy's Doubles (the pioneer) at St. Helena Junction, Deen's Doubles in San Juan, Ali's Doubles in San Fernando, Sauce Doubles in Curepe, and Johnny's Doubles in La Romaine and Golconda. commons:Trinidad and Tobago

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