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Grants Pass, Oregon

and thematic shopping. Grants Pass Towne Center Association - Association of Grants Pass Merchants and Businesses Supporting Grants Pass Oregon Business, Businesses and Community Boatnik is held every Memorial Day weekend in Grants Pass and is one of the year's most popular events in Grants Pass, drawing many visitors to town. The activities start in Riverside Park with the Davis Shows Carnival

Mérida, Mérida

, a number of cultural and popular events constantly take place in these locations. Notable among these events are the concerts of the ''Symphonic Orchestra of Mérida'', as well as concerts of local bands, performing rock and other musical styles. Many of the night-clubs and discos open till 5 AM or so, with a few of them open until the sun rises next morning. A common practice among the thousands of college students is grab breakfast after partying all night long, and then go to bed. Media

Port Harcourt

Book Festival , formerly known as Garden City Literary Festival remains one of the city's most important and popular events since its inception in 2008. Established by the government of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi (Rotimi Amaechi), the yearly gathering improves local literacy levels, promotes reading habits among denizens, and benefits exhibitors seeking wider audience.


) celebrations are a good start to upcoming events and include traditional processions and samba dancing at the Sambódromo in the Centro de Convenções (Convention Centre). May is a popular time to pay a visit to Manaus, since the city hosts both the Ponta Negra Music and the Amazonas de Opera festivals during this month, each of which are extremely popular events in their own right. Staged at the famous Teatro Amazonas, the Opera Festival lasts around three weeks and usually runs into early June. Festival Floclorico do Amazonas (Amazonas Folklore Festival) is in June, which has grown to become a major event in Manaus. Expect a huge array of folk dancing and music, culminating in the Procissao Fluvial de São Pedro (St. Peter River Procession), when literally hundreds of riverboats sail along the Rio Negro (Rio Negro (Amazon)), honouring the patron saint of fishermen. October 24 is another date to add to your calendar, since it was on this day in 1848 that Manaus legally became a city. This anniversary is always cause for a party or two, culminating in fireworks at the end of the day. Those in the city during November may like to check out a screening or two at the week-long Amazonas Film Festival, with films and documentaries (Documentary) often emphasising ecology, ethnology and human relationships. Events in Manaus *February – Amazonas Carnival – samba schools parade at the "sambódromo" in the Convention Center *May – Ponta Negra’s Music Festival *May - Amazonas Opera Festival *June – Amazonas Folklore Festival *July - Amazonas Jazz Festival *June 29 – São Pedro Fluvial Procession *September 5 - Elevation of Amazonas to the category of Brazilian Province *October 24 – Anniversary of Manaus *November - Amazonas Film Festival *December 31 – Ponta Negra's New Year's Eve Party Sights and attractions thumb right Amazonas Theatre (File:Teatro-amazonas.jpg) Because of Manaus' location next to the Amazon rain forest, it attracts a substantial number of Brazilian and foreign tourists, who come to see wildlife on land and in the rivers. It is also home to one of the most endangered primates in Brazil, the Pied tamarin. Tour boats leave Manaus to see the Meeting of the Waters, where the black waters of the Negro River meet the brown waters of the Solimoes River, flowing side by side without mixing for about WikiPedia:Manaus commons:Manaus

San Sebastián

into August and featuring classical music concerts. In September, the San Sebastián International Film Festival (San Sebastian International Film Festival) comes to the spotlight, an event with more than 50 years revolving around the venues of Kursaal (Kursaal Palace) and the Victoria Eugenia Theatre. Sticking to the cinematic language but lacking its echo, Street Zinema is an international audiovisual festival exploring contemporary art and urban cultures. Other rising and popular events


(malin e Vilës). The outer wall was 7 m high, the Bastion 12 m high. The city is built using more than 2 m long and 1 m high stone elements. Take a tour around the hill Festivals Some of the most popular events are Summer Day celebrations in Mid-March, and Independence Day festivities on November 28. Recently, a number of prestigious festivals have become a tradition


of 'Embedded Design', which has tied design in the city to innovation, "creating global brands, such as Nokia, Kone and Marimekko, popular events, like the annual Helsinki Design Week, outstanding education and research institutions, such as the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and exemplary architects and designers such as Eliel Saarinen and Alvar Aalto". Helsinki also hosts many film festivals. Most of them are small venues, but some have gained renown even abroad. The most prolific would be the Love & Anarchy (Helsinki Film Festival) film festival (also known as Helsinki International Film Festival), which features films on a wide spectrum. Night Visions Film Festival on the other hand focuses on genre cinema, screening horror (horror film), fantasy and science fiction films in very popular movie marathons that take whole night. Another popular film festival is DocPoint, a festival that focuses solely on documentary (documentary film) cinema. Commons:Category:Helsinki Wikipedia:Helsinki Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Southern Finland Localities Helsinki

Kingdom of Prussia

that and the exhibition activities in Olsztyn, there are also popular events held within the frameworks of the Olsztyn Artistic Summer and so called “evenings of the castle” and “Sundays in the Museum”. birth_date March 23, 1900 birth_place Frankfurt am Main, Hesse-Nassau (Hesse-Nassau Province), Prussia (Kingdom of Prussia), Germany (German Empire) death_date File:Lyksborg slot 9-7-2005.jpg thumb left Residence


tollfree fax hours Sa 6PM departure price $69.95 person content Train ride with 1940s era dining cars that gently rides down tracks towards Downtown, including the Oasis line where the neighbors defeated intercity rail, but for some reason can tolerate this weekly train excursion. Price includes 3 course meal and there is also a bar car on board. Check website for details on special trips, including excursions to popular events like Riverfest. Book ahead to reserve tickets


Serb Hall in Milwaukee is known for its Friday fish fries and popular events. Many U.S. presidents have visited Milwaukee's Serb Hall in the past. The Bosnian population is growing in Milwaukee as well due to the recent migration after the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. During this time, a small community of African Americans who emigrated from the South (Southern United States) formed a community that would come to be known as Neighborhoods of Milwaukee#Bronzeville Bronzeville

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