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the marina. During the high tourist season (July to September), the Grotta and the Deep are two popular dance bars that have been built into a natural cave along the sea. * WikiPedia:Makarska Dmoz:Regional Europe Croatia Localities Makarska Commons:Category:Makarska


Deco architecture? ...that '''Johannes Bugenhagen''' introduced the Protestant Reformation to Pomerania and Denmark in the 16th century? *'''Ma gaisa''', the popular dance music genre commonly known as Damara Punch, has produced household names like Stanley, Phura and Raphel & Pele (Marurus di Gereseb), all with Welwitchia Music Production, Swakopmund, Axue and Om Backos. The genre was derived from Damara (Damara (people)) traditional music


as jaripeos, a coronation of a queen and popular dance. Handcrafts produced in the town include a tool called a guingaro, used to accomplish much of the work in the fields. They also made embroidered belts (called pitiados) as well


— an older club in a bomb shelter; fairly laid back with pool rooms and gambling * Iskra — dance club bar bowling alley * Light Zone — popular dance club for the Izhevsk youth Sleep * wikipedia:Izhevsk


. It is in the same block as Retro, but on the other side of the building. This is a highly popular party place among foreign students who study in the city. They usually play the latest popular dance songs. *

of the popular university clubs that is open during the day as well as at night. There is a large bar section and several dance floors with different types of music. Concerts and other cultural events are also common here. If the evening appears to be slow, the crowd might go over to the SZOTE Klub (which is true vice-versa). The high school and college crowd blends really well in this place. They play all types of music from alternative through the latest popular dance songs to older Hungarian favorites. * WikiPedia:Szeged Commons:Szeged


café-bar, with a very friendly Italian owner. Great place to start the night. Cocktails 13-25Bs. Beer 13Bs. Does very good Italian dishes. *


mostly in the basements in the city center. Depending on your taste, it may be important to know whether a club plays worldwide popular dance hits the entire night, or the playlist include folk music from ex-Yugoslav countries, which is often the case. * WikiPedia:Podgorica Commons:Category:Podgorica Dmoz:Regional Europe Montenegro Localities Podgorica


long directions phone +1 506-463-BOOM tollfree fax hours 8PM-2AM price $4.50 content A gay friendly nightclub, that plays mostly popular dance music. Boom offers a nice variety of drinks, especially with their large shooters. Sleep Hotel *


Litten and the Politics of Criminal Law in the Weimar Republic,” in Markus Dirk Dubber and Lindsay Farmer, eds., ''Modern Histories of Crime and Punishment'', Stanford University Press (2007) Benjamin Carter Hett, ''Crossing Hitler'', p. 65 (and beyond). Oxford University Press (2008) ISBN 978-0-19-536988-5 1931: Tanzpalast Eden Trial On November 22, 1930, an SA (Sturmabteilung) Rollkommando attacked a popular dance hall frequented predominantly

Cook Islands

. The '''tāmūrē''', or Tamouré as popularized in many 1960s recordings, is a dance from Tahiti and the Cook Islands and although denied by the local purists, for the rest of the world it is the most popular dance and the mark of Tahiti. Usually danced as a group of boys and girls, all dressed in ''more'' (the Tahitian grass skirt, however not made of grass but of the fibers from the bark of the ''pūrau'' (hibiscus)). The Pacific Science Council is the governing body of PSA

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