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Ado Ekiti

, the Onijan and the Onimesi; rulers of other subordinate towns and Ewi’s chieftains were constantly on hand to check them against crisis that could create chaos or attract foreign invasions. There is no doubt that the festering political relationship between dominant Ado and its erstwhile subordinate Ikere town played into the hands of Benin in 1815 as asserted thus: ‘…the rapid expansion of Ado brought it into conflict with Benin, another power with imperialistic designs in Ekiti. Responding


Lanka gained independence in 1948, when the political relationship between Tamil and Sinhalese people deteriorated (Origins of the Sri Lankan civil war), erupting into civil war. It is home to major naval and air force bases at the Trincomalee Garrison. The city also has the largest Dutch fort (Hoods Tower Museum) on the island. The Trincomalee Bay Harbour, bridged by the Mahavilli Ganga River (Mahaweli Ganga) to the south is referred to as "Gokarna" in Sanskrit, meaning

shrines of the compound on 3 March 1963. The naval and air bases were taken over by Sri Lanka in 1957. Following independence from Britain, the political relationship between Tamils and Sinhalese deteriorated across the island. Interest surrounding Trincomalee was increased due to its geostrategic position and the discovery of its underwater and land Hindu ruins. In 1968, the unity government of majority Sinhalese dominated United National Party


to the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina. This policy benefited Nablus economically. Pilgrimage caravans became the key factor in the fiscal and political relationship between Nablus and the central government. For a brief period in the early 17th century, the governor of Nablus, Farrukh Pasha Ibn Abdullah, was appointed leader of the pilgrimage caravan (''amir al-hajj''), and he constructued a large commercial compound in Nablus for that purpose. ref name "Doumani2"


asked about his political relationship to Fulani in the press Jackson said that there was no relationship at all. The Rainbow Lobby continued its lobbying activities into the early 1990s, while Fulani repeatedly rebuked Jackson for his support of the Democratic Party. Modern communities of European descent * There is a substantial, mostly Ashkenazic Jewish community in South Africa. These Jews arrived mostly from Lithuania prior to World War II, though others have origins in Britain

East Pakistan

Liberation War of 1971, Bangladesh gained its independence and established relations with India. The political relationship between India and Bangladesh has passed through cycles of hiccups. The relationship typically becomes favourable for Bangladesh during periods of Awami League government. http: books?id ykZKWATQgcoC&pg PA278&lpg PA278&dq pro-India+awami+league&source bl&ots h255jDn_OE&sig


served as mayor at the Buenos Aires Cabildo. In the following years he developed a friendship and political relationship with Juan Manuel de Rosas. South American Championships (1993 South American Championships in Athletics) Lima, Peru bgcolor "silver" 2nd fullname Estadio San Martin de Porres location Lima, Peru coordinates '''Estadio San Martín de Porres''' is a multi-purpose stadium in Lima, Peru. It is currently used

Weimar Republic

in the Prussian Ministry of Finance in 1903. He left the public sector to pursue a career in business and in 1909 he was appointed chairman of the supervisory board of Krupp Steel and built up a close personal and political relationship with Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach. Richard J. Evans, ''The Third Reich in Power'', Penguin Books, 2006, p. 373 As well as administering Krupps finance (with considerable success) Hugenberg also

Puerto Rico

2012. Political status Commons:Category:Puerto Rico WikiPedia:Puerto Rico Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Puerto Rico



limited, and today most school children have no proficiency in Russian even in urban centres. However, it was reported in 2003 that over half of the population could speak and understand Russian, and a renewed close political relationship between Russia and Uzbekistan has meant that official discouragement of Russian has dropped off sharply.

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