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north as Navrongo, crossed the Volta (Volta River) and entered French Togoland, in the east, and traveled to Elmina in the west. There was much speculation as to what she was doing in Ghana, and because the engagement had not been announced, she could not explain the real reason for her visit. She told the ''Daily Graphic'' that ''" As a member of a political family in Britain, I am very interested in the people of the Gold Coast and in their political advancement"''. Along

Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

-Hyacinthe, Quebec St-Hyacinthe , Quebec, to a political family. His grandfather, Honoré Mercier and his uncle, Lomer Gouin, were both former Premiers of Quebec (Premier of Quebec). His grandmother's second husband was Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada) Member of Parliament (MP) and later Senator (Senate of Canada) Joseph Godbout. '''Marie Luc Arpin''' (born July 4, 1978 in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec) is a Canadian (Canada) water polo player. She is a graduate


-Missisquoi, Candidate Profiles , accessed 2 December 2010. DATE OF BIRTH 1 April 1949 PLACE OF BIRTH Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec DATE OF DEATH Background Manley has a Bachelor of Science degree from the ''Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean'', in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. He lives with Isabelle Masson, his partner of 13 years. He has one son, Yannick. Manley comes from a political family. Peter Manley (politician

Portobello, Dublin

Street and attended Synge Street CBS. *Abraham William Briscoe, father of the first Jewish lord mayor of Dublin, Robert (Robert Briscoe (politician)) and later a prominent Dublin political family lived on Emorville Avenue, the family first moved to the area as Russian immigrants. *Barry Fitzgerald (1888–1961), the Abbey actor who was awarded an Oscar, and his brother Arthur Shields, Abbey actor, 1916 (Easter Rising) Volunteer and Hollywood actor, were born in Walworth Road. *Harry Kernoff (1900–1974) was an Irish painter who lived and had a studio under the roof of 1 Stamer Street. He was of London Russian Jewish extraction, and is primarily remembered for his sympathetic interest in Dublin and its people. Some of his work includes the local scenery such as La Touche bridge. He afterwards returned to the Abbey theatre. In 1936 John Ford brought him to the United States to act in a film version of ''The Plough and the Stars''. Disbandment In April 1917 the 4RMF joined the 5RMF at the Curragh. In August the 4th moved to Castlebar County Mayo, the 5th to Galway. With the changed political situation and growth in support for Sinn Féin loyalty was under test. Reports of loss of rifles, Lewis guns and ammunition necessitated the massive transfer of the battalions out of the country in November, the 3rd to Devonport (HMNB Devonport), England, the others to Scotland, 4th to Invergordon the 5th to Dreghorn. Staunton pp.165-6 With the possibility of the extension of conscription to Ireland those Irish battalions still stationed in Ireland were transferred to England in April 1918. The RMFs were relocated again, 3rd to Plymouth, 4th to Portobello (Portobello, Dublin) and the 5th to Fort George (Fort George, Scotland), all three eventually amalgamating at Plymouth by August. The 3rd was absorbed into the 1st RMF in June 1919 . The Tralee Depot and the remaining reserves were moved to Devonport (HMNB Devonport) in England where they were disbanded on 31. July 1922. Staunton p.166

Bossier City, Louisiana

gubernatorial bid in 2007. Owen had been elected to the PSC in 1984, when then-incumbent Francis Edward "Ed" Kennon, Jr. (Edward Kennon), declined to seek a third term. Kennon is descended from a famous Louisiana political family: his uncle Robert F. Kennon was governor from 1952 to 1956. Ed Kennon, a Shreveport developer (real estate developer), also ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor in the 1971 Democratic primary (primary election). '''Louisiana's 4th

South Boston

in a number of ways: in still heavily Irish neighborhoods such as Charlestown (Charlestown, Massachusetts) and South Boston; in the name of the local basketball team, the Boston Celtics; in the dominant Irish-American political family, the Kennedys; in a large number of prominent local politicians, such as James Michael Curley; in the establishment of Catholic Boston College as a rival to Harvard; and in underworld figures such as James "Whitey" Bulger

Altoona, Pennsylvania

. It is, as of 2011, being held for restoration at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. This crash also inspired the finale for the 1976 film, ''Silver Streak (Silver Streak (1976 film)).'' Born in 1813 in Livermore, Maine to a prominent political family, Washburn organized the Maine Republican Party from 1854 onward. He was the 29th (List of Governors of Maine) Governor of Maine from 1861 to 1863. During the American Civil War, he helped recruit Federal government

Easton, Pennsylvania

pages 198 Early life, education, and early political career Leonard Lance was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, into a political family. His father, Wesley L. Lance (Wesley Lance), was a State Senator. Hon. Leonard Lance (MPA '82), Princeton University Policy Research Institute for the Region. Accessed May 11, 2007. His great-uncle, H. Kiefer Lance, was also active in New Jersey politics. Biography


. Atassi belonged to a prominent political family (Atassi), and was educated at Damascus University where he earned a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in clinical psychology in 1947. He practiced in this field from 1950-1958, in his home town and Atassi political base of Homs, until lured into the public arena by the Arab nationalist movement led by the Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser. Atassi strongly supported the union with Egypt that formed the United Arab Republic in 1958. Once again eschewing his medical training, Atassi returned to journalism and became chief editor of the pro-Nasser daily, ''Al Jamaheer'' (''The Masses'') until the union became defunct in 1961. During this time he worked, lectured and campaigned in favor of Nasser. When a coup (Coup d'état) in Syria dissolved the union, he became a vocal member of the opposition dedicated to restoring the UAR. birth_date 1926 birth_place Homs, Syria death_date

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in as Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir on July 25, 2001 for the second time. Universally respected in Azad Kashmir for his adherence to principles, his courage, competence, and above all, his dedication to the development of Azad Kashmir. He was born into an eminent political family of Kerala, Nikayal in Kotli district on June 1, 1934, he is the son of Sardar Fateh Mohammad Khan Karelvi whose name is synonymous with one of the first major uprisings against the repressive Dogra,regime in 1931. He

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