in North Yorkshire) and west to Galloway. One poem, a "marwnad" or death lament, was addressed to Owain, son of Urien. thumb 180px left alt Lithograph drawing showing a large stately home in ruins Sheffield Manor (File:Ruins of Sheffield Manor 1819 1.jpg) ruins as they appeared c1819 The area now occupied by the City of Sheffield has been inhabited since at least the late Upper Palaeolithic period, about 12,800 years ago.

. 458. The genealogies give him the epithet ''Godebog'', meaning "Protector" or "Shelterer". The poem ''Y Gododdin'' mentions some enmity between the "Sons of Godebog" and the heroes who fought for the Gododdin at the Battle of Catraeth. Whatever the case may be, Cadwallon was certainly affected by the ambitions of Edwin (Edwin of Northumbria), King of Northumbria. Bede, writing

in north Wales. Jackson (1969), pp. 5-7. thumb left 240px The Gododdin and neighbouring kingdoms (Image:North Britain 547-685.png) The poem is set in the area which is now southern Scotland and north-east England. Around the year 600 this area included a number of Brythonic kingdoms. Apart from the Gododdin, the kingdom of Alt Clut (Kingdom of Strathclyde) occupied the Strathclyde area and Rheged covered parts of Galloway, Lancashire and Cumbria


steeply southeast past Rustavi and turns eastward at the confluence with the Khrami River, crossing the Georgia-Azerbaijan line and flowing across grasslands into Shemkir reservoir and then Yenikend reservoir.

as ''Rustveli'', literary meaning, "someone from Rustavi". Georgian Language and Culture, by Howard Aronson, 267 Other clues provided by the poem suggests that Rustaveli was a well-educated and highly-placed nobleman at the court of Georgia's greatest sovereign, Queen Tamar. Georgian Language and Culture, by Howard Aronson, 267 It was Queen Tamar to whose honor the poet dedicated his masterpiece, written in ca. 1196-1207. In 1960

, the Georgian Archaeological expedition discovered a portrait of Rustaveli on the wall of ninth-century Georgian Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem. A medieval Georgian inscription identifies the figure of the old man with long white beard and dressed in rich clerical habit as Shota from Rustavi. As historians suggest, Rustaveli undertook a pilgrimage to this monastery before his death. Biography Little, if anything, is known about Rustaveli from contemporary sources. His poem itself, namely


Brigade. Of the original nearly 700-man strength of the Light Brigade, fewer than 200 men survived the encounter. The Light Brigade was memorialised in the famous poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson called the "Charge of the Light Brigade (The Charge of the Light Brigade (poem))". ;Sea transport The cities of Yalta, Feodosiya, Kerch, Sevastopol, Chornomorske and Yevpatoria are connected to one another by sea routes


Oswald son of Æthelfrith, Bernicia was united with Deira (Deira (kingdom)) to form Northumbria from 634 onward until the Viking invasion of the 9th Century. Notes References * Bede, ''Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum''. * Jackson, Kenneth H. (Kenneth H. Jackson) (1953). ''Language and History in Early Britain''. Edinburgh University Press. * Jackson, Kenneth H. (1969). ''The Gododdin: The Oldest Scottish poem''. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University

of about 300 men to assault the Angle stronghold of Catraeth, perhaps Catterick, North Yorkshire. The battle, which ended disastrously for the Britons, was memorialized in the poem ''Y Gododdin''. The region of present-day Northumberland once formed the core of the Anglian (Angles) kingdom of Bernicia, which was later united with Deira south of the River Tees to form the kingdom of Northumbria. The historical boundaries of Northumbria under King Edwin

of Deira (Deira (kingdom)) and Bernicia at the Battle of Catraeth (probably Catterick (Catterick, North Yorkshire) in North Yorkshire). The poetry abounds in textual difficulties and consequently interpretations vary. One stanza contains what ''may'' possibly be the earliest reference to Arthur (King Arthur), as a paragon of bravery with whom one fallen warrior is compared : the identification is, however, conjectural. The poem tells us that Aneirin was present at this battle

Lynden, Washington

Judson near the site of the Nooksack Indian (Nooksack (tribe)) village Squahalish (Nooksack (Nooksack language): ''Sqwehálich''). It was named by Phoebe Judson after the riverside town in ''Hohenlinden (s:Hohenlinden)'', a poem by Thomas Campbell (Thomas Campbell (poet)), stating: According

as '''Linden''' or '''Herlin''') is a community in the Upper Bavarian district of Ebersberg (Ebersberg (district)). The city of Lynden, Washington is named after it. Hohenlinden is also the subject of an eponymous poem (s:Hohenlinden) by Thomas Campbell (Thomas Campbell (poet)). The current route of SR 9 began as a road extending from Grace (today Woodinville (Woodinville, Washington)) north to Snohomish (Snohomish, Washington), first appearing in a 1895 map. ref name


; and the royal lifestyle and customs have had a significant impact on the characteristics of the people of Huế, even long afterwards. As a rule, royal family members were named

after a poem written by Minh Mạng, the second king of Nguyễn Dynasty. The poem, Đế hệ thi", http: vi.wikipedia.org wiki Minh_M%E1%BA%A1ng has been set as a standard frame to name every generation of the royal family, through which people can know the family order as well as the relationship between royal members. More importantly, the names reflect the essential personality traits that the royal regime would like their offspring

to uphold. This name-giving tradition is proudly kept alive and nowadays people from Huế royal family branches (normally considered 'pure' Huế) still have their names taken from the words in the poem. Clothing thumb 170px Violet ''áo dài (File:Aodai in Purple.JPG)'' are commonly associated with Huế. The design of the modern-day ''áo dài'', a Vietnamese national costume, evolved from an outfit worn at the court of the Nguyễn Lords at Huế


." An English translation by Kaarina Hollo of the same poem won the 2012 Times Stephen Spender Prize for poetry translation, a competition open to poems in all languages and from all periods of history. *John Sullivan (John Sullivan (Irish sailor)), recipient of the Victoria Cross *Graham Canty, current Cork Football captain is from Bantry and plays for Bantry Blues along with rugby

. A substantial minority of the Irish people never forgave him for this role during the divorce crisis, permanently damaging his own standing in Irish public life. The rift prompted a nine-year old Dublin schoolboy, James Joyce, to pen a poem called ''Et Tu, Healy?''. thumb right 125px Plaque on Bantry (Image:Iarthair Chorcaí 081.jpg)'s Wolfe Tone Square commemorating Tim Healy's birth. DATE OF BIRTH 17 May 1855 PLACE OF BIRTH Bantry, County Cork DATE OF DEATH


Parlichev translated his award-winning poem "The Serdar" into Bulgarian in an attempt to popularize his earlier works, which were written in Greek, among the Bulgarian audience. He also wrote another poem "Skenderbeg", and his autobiography. islands none cities Ohrid, Struga (Macedonia) Pogradec (Albania) reference thumb left Lake Ohrid (File:LakeOhridViewFromAlbania.JPG) There are three cities

Vladimir Oblast

District of Vladimir Oblast, Russia, located in the upper reaches of the Koloksha River, 23,000 (1974). Literary legacy Yerofeyev is best known for his 1969 poem in prose ''Moscow-Petushki'' (several English translations exist, including ''Moscow to the End of the Line'' and ''Moscow Stations''). It is an account

Voice title Susan Orlean, David Remnick, Ethan Hawke, and Others Pick Their Favorite Obscure Books url http: www.villagevoice.com 2008-12-03 books susan-orlean-david-remnick-ethan-hawke-and-others-pick-their-favorite-obscure-books the poem was published for the first time in 1973 in Jerusalem immediately making Yerofeyev famous throughout the world. It was not published in the Soviet Union until 1989. '''Gus-Khrustalny''' (

Trenton, Ontario

and provides a nice historical look of the town. It mentions many of the landmarks in the city (Mount Pelion, The Bridges, Trent River, etc.) and documents the period of the town directly before and after the huge munitions plant explosion of 1918. Purdy also wrote a poem entitled "At the Quinte Hotel" about the strip club in Trenton called The Sherwood Forest Inn. http: timberhouse.net recreation culture-around-here quinte-hotel Education The Public school

Sea Cadets . In addition, n o 599 Royal Canadian Air Cadets squadron is named in his honour. The poem itself also appears as part of display panels at the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, the National Air Force Museum of Canada, Trenton, Ontario, and is the subject of a permanent display at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio. Exhibit on "

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