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and writers who were born Zahlé over the past century, leading to its designation as "the City of Wine and Poetry". A graceful personification of this nickname stands at the town's entrance: a statue of Erato, the Muse of love poetry, holding a bunch of grapes. Zahlé's most important cultural event is the "Festival of the Vine", traditionally held each September, during which concerts, plays, poetry evenings and artistic exhibitions are organized daily over the course of two or three weeks. The final Saturday evening features the crowning of the "Maid of the Vine", the local beauty queen (Beauty pageant), and the next afternoon, the festival closes with arguably its most popular event: a parade of floats (Float (parade)) held on the town's main avenue. The floats are entirely decorated with flowers according to a central theme. The other central aspect of the local culture is religious devotion. Zahlé is still a very Catholic and conservative town, and many of its inhabitants display a pride with their religious identity which comes close to fanaticism. Church attendance is high, although it often constitutes a form of social, rather than religious, gathering. In particular, it is customary to pay visit to 7 churches on Good Friday. Holidays also endorse a very social character, being a time to visit friends and relatives. Prophet Elias (Elijah) (Elijah) is the town's patron saint, whose feast on July 20 is traditionally celebrated with fireworks. Another notable holiday is Corpus-Christi, celebrated on the first Thursday of June with a large-scale procession, with a torch-lit parade being held on the previous evening. The Corpus Christi celebration dates back to 1825, when the town was spared the ravages of bubonic plague. Notable natives * Said Akl, poet, philosopher and politician * Issa Iskandar Maalouf, writer and historian * Shafik Maalouf, poet * Fawzi Maalouf, poet * Riad Maalouf, poet * Najib Hankash, poet, comedian * Nicolas Youakim, poet, musician and philosopher * Elias Habshi, poet * Charles Elachi (from nearby Riyaq (Rayak (Riyaq))), director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in NASA * Najwa Karam, singer * Wael Kfoury, singer * Isabel Bayrakdarian, Lebanese Armenian (Armenians in Lebanon) opera singer * Peter IV Geraigiry, Melkite Catholic patriarch 1898-1902 * Wael El Zahr, The Great Programmer Actor Rapper Producer Lahmb3ajiner * Elias Hrawi, president of Lebanon 1989-1998 * Moussa Nammour, former depute and minister * Shebl Dammous, former depute * Joseph Tohme Skaff, former minister and founder Of The Popular Block party * Fouad El Turk, poet, former Lebanese ambassador to the United Nations and head of the Forum of Lebanese Ambassadors * Henri Abou-Khater, lawyer and writer * Jamil Abou-Khater, judge * Joseph Abou-Khater, former minister and ambassador of Lebanon in Egypt * Rachid Ammoury Maalouf, founder of the "RBA Company" * Lory Al Moakar, innovator of computer science at Grove City College * Roula Kehdi, Shoe Accessory Designer Fashion Consultant * Rina Chibany, Miss Lebanon 2012 * Colombian pop-star Shakira is also of local descent through her father William Mebarak Chadid. * Mansour Hobeika, Maronite Catholic bishop International relations Twin towns — Sister cities -- birth_place Zahlé, Lebanon origin '''Isabel Bayrakdarian''' (born 1974 in Zahlé, Lebanon) is a Grammy Award-nominated Armenian Canadian (Canadians of Armenian descent) opera singer. *Tripoli: Rue El Mina *Zahlé: Rue Brazil Rose Bouziane was born in Zahlé, Lebanon, to a sheep broker and a teacher. She taught high school French (French language) and Arabic (Arabic language), as the first woman teacher to teach outside of her hometown, before she married Nathra Nader in 1925. They immigrated to the United States, and soon settled in Winsted, Connecticut, where Nathra's Main Street bakery restaurant general store became a place for residents bemoaning actions or inactions at town hall. With her husband, she authored ''It Happened in the Kitchen: Recipes for Food and Thought'' ISBN 0-936758-29-5 In the Bekaa, there are Armenians living in Zahlé and most notably Anjar (Anjar, Lebanon).


celebrating Pinter included new productions (in French) of ''Precisely'' (1983), ''One for the Road'' (1984), ''Mountain Language'' (1988), ''The New World Order'' (1991), ''Party Time'' (1991), and ''Press Conference'' (2002) (French versions by Jean Pavans); and ''Pinter Plays, Poetry & Prose'', an evening of dramatic readings, directed by Alan Stanford, of the Gate Theatre, Dublin.


Wales saw a further shift with the likes of Rhydwen Williams who used the poetry and metre of a bygone rural Wales but in the context of an industrial landscape. Though the inter-war period is dominated by Saunders Lewis, for his political and reactionary views as much as his plays, poetry and criticism. After the end of the Second World War, several Welsh poets and writers in the English language came to note. These included Alexander Cordell


September 1921 – 27 April 1995) was a Dutch (Netherlands) author. He is considered one of the three most important authors in the Netherlands in the postwar period, along with Harry Mulisch and Gerard Reve. His works include novels, short stories, plays, poetry, essays, photography and philosophical and scientific works. '''Gerard Kornelis van het Reve''' (born 14 December 1923 in Amsterdam, Netherlands – died 8 April 2006


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Book Award for Fiction He also writes plays, poetry and non-fiction. An analogous situation can be seen in federal systems such as the United States where the federal (Federal government of the United States) and state governments (State governments of the United States) operate in parallel, but neither has the authority to command (wikt:command) the other. Although the power relationships are similar the actual powers exercised

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