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'''Mahmut Hanefi Erdoğdu''' (born 1 June 1983 in Adapazarı) is a footballer (football (soccer)) playing for the Turkish Super League club Diyarbakirspor. Erdoğdu plays at the Defender (Defender (football)) position. He is 180 cm tall and weighs 79 kilograms. His playing style and hair


organ (organ (music)) and piano in local clubs. For a time, he was pianist and arranger for the Sonora Matancera, Cuba's best-known musical group. He also worked with casino orchestras in Havana for most of the 1940s, He was nicknamed "''El Cara de Foca''" ("Seal Face") by his peers at the time. ref name


and playing style used by most Tuvan musicians today are largely the same as the original form of the igil. left thumb 100px Igil made by Oktober Saya (Image:Igil made by Oktober Saya side view.gif) An '''igil''' (Tuvan (Tuvan language)- игил) is a two-stringed (string instruments) Tuvan musical instrument, played by bowing (bow (music)) the strings. (It is called "ikili" in Western Mongolia.) The neck and lute-shaped sound box (sounding board) are usually made of a solid piece of pine or larch. The top of the sound box may be covered with skin or a thin wooden plate. The strings, and those of the bow, are traditionally made of hair from a horse's tail (strung parallel), but may also be made of nylon. Like the morin khuur of Mongolia, the igil typically features a carved horse's head at the top of the neck above the tuning pegs, and both instruments are known as the '''horsehead fiddle'''. The igil formerly had an entire genre dedicated to it, with a repertoire of songs meant to be performed only on the igil. During the communist period in Tuva attempts were made to "modernize" the igil. This was nothing more than an attempt to westernize the instrument making it more like the European cello. However the instruments and playing style used by most Tuvan musicians today are largely the same as the original form of the igil. Distribution and habitat The Falcated duck breeds in eastern Asia. It nests in eastern Russia, in Khabarovsk, Primorskiy (Primorskiy Krai), Amur (Amur Oblast), Chita (Chita Oblast), Buryatia (Republic of Buryatia), Irkutsk (Irkutsk Oblast), Tuva, eastern Krasnoyarsk (Krasnoyarsk Krai), south central Sakha (Sakha Republic) Sakhalin (Sakhalin Oblast), extreme northeastern North Korea and northern China, in northeastern Inner Mongolia, and northern Heilongjiang, and in northern Japan, Hokkaidō, Aomori (Aomori Prefecture), and the Kuril Islands. Clements, J. (2007) It is widely recorded well outside its normal range, but the popularity of this beautiful duck in captivity clouds the origins of these extralimital birds. Another term that may be rendered "thoughtform" is 'yilu' (Tibetan: ''yid lus''). 'Yidam' (Tibetan: ''yi dam'') are tulpa. The concept of "tulpa" is vindicated in the Consciousness-only Doctrine (Consciousness-only) first propounded within the Yogacara School (Yogacara). The doctrine is entwined with the doctrine and lineage of the Mindstream and may even have ancient roots and antecedents in Bonpo traditions, Himalayan and Asian shamanism evident in Tibet, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Tuva, Mongolia, Russia and China. Pena attended a performance of Tuvan throat-singing at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco on February 6, 1993. He performed an impromptu Tuvan song in the kargyraa style, which impressed famous Tuvan throatsinger Kongar-ol Ondar. Ondar invited Pena to sing in the second international Khoomei Symposium in 1995 in Kyzyl, Tuva. Pena travelled to Tuva and was the first westerner to compete in the Symposium. He placed first in the Kargyraa contest and also won the "audience favorite" category. thumb right Kongar-ol Ondar (File:Kongar-ol Ondar.jpg) '''Kongar-ol Ondar''' ( wikipedia:Tuva commons:Category:Tuva

Santiago de Cuba

off San Juan on the 25th to participate in the blockade of that port. The ''trompeta china'' is used primarily in Cuban carnival music, particularly in the eastern region of Santiago (Santiago de Cuba), where it is an integral part of the ''comparsa'' (carnival musical ensemble). The instrument has also been adopted for use in some forms of ''son'' (Son Cubano (music)). Players of the ''trompeta china'' are not necessarily of Chinese ancestry, and the instrument's playing style

is more imitative of a trumpet than of the traditional playing style of the ''suona'' or any other Chinese instrument. ''Severn'' called at Key West in January 1871 before cruising among West Indies ports into the following year. In April, she investigated alleged mistreatment of the United States consul at Santiago de Cuba, subsequently returning to Hampton Roads at the end of July. Departing Hampton Roads for Key West in December, ''Severn'' returned north to the Boston Navy Yard, decommissioning there on 31 December 1871. birth_date Wikipedia:Santiago de Cuba Commons:Category:Santiago de Cuba


intervention and Spanish cultural remnants. Well as evidence of the formation of the first organological Mazatlan clusters and clusters of other Sinaloa, for example: La Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizarraga 1938 that had a strong German influence in his playing style, which included his instumentación stringed instruments, in contrast with La Banda Los Tacuichamona 1888, La Banda Los Sirolas Culiacan (1920) and The Band of Brothers Rubio (1929) Mocorito, which were exclusively instrumental integration


web url http: LegendsOfHockey jsp LegendsMember.jsp?mem p196218&page bio&list #photo title Sweeney Schriner biography publisher Hockey Hall of Fame accessdate 2010-07-29 but was especially fond of hockey and baseball. His hero growing up was a semi-professional baseball player by the name of Bob Sweeney. Schriner emulated Sweeney's playing style and as a result earned the nickname "L'il Sweeney" which was later shortened to just "Sweeney". Schriner preferred his nickname so much he would not respond to anyone who addressed him by his given name of David. DATE OF BIRTH November 30, 1911 PLACE OF BIRTH Saratov, Russian Empire DATE OF DEATH July 4, 1990 Nikolay Gippius’s job implying the need for almost continuous city-to-city traveling, his daughters received little formal education; taking lessons from governesses and visiting tutors, they attended schools sporadically in whatever city (Saratov, Tula (Tula, Russia), Kiev, etc.) the family happened to stay for more or less substantial period of time. wikipedia:Saratov commons:Саратов


. The counterweights are made of hollow concrete and total 780 tonnes. Daily traffic in 2010 is 30,000 trips a day at peak usage, of which 4000 are pedestrians, 3000 cyclists, and 23,000 vehicles. Until 2011, the rail span for the E&N (Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway) was used twice a day by the Via Rail Dayliner, for trips up the island towards Duncan (Duncan, British Columbia), Nanaimo and Courtenay (Courtenay, British Columbia). Location The railroad continues to cross Duncan as does the British Columbia Highway 1 Trans


has a fast, entertaining style of play (being nicknamed "Shotgun") due to his speed around the table and aggressive playing style. Profile at the Global Snooker Centre Early career Born in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Williamson signed for Southampton (Southampton F.C.) from Torquay United F.C. Torquay United

La Paz

in Bolivia and the only team to have played continuously in the country's top Division for a century. Its main rival is Bolívar (Club Bolívar), with whom it plays the La Paz football derby par excellence. Traditionally, The Strongest was considered the team of the La Paz upper class, while Bolívar represented the humbler social strata. In playing style, the club has been renowned for its tenacity (''garra''). Lechín was born to a Lebanese immigrant father and a Bolivian mother in Corocoro

Kitchener, Ontario

&type Player&page bio&list ByName#photo title Babe Siebert statistics publisher Hockey Hall of Fame accessdate 2010-07-11 Though his elder brothers mocked his simple playing style—he used his size and strength to push his way through opponents—Siebert was invited to join the Kitchener Greenshirts in 1922.

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