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Quebec City

Maurice url http: fr email address 575 Grande-Allée Est lat long directions phone +1 418 647-2000 tollfree fax hours price content Upscale with a crowd in the mid-to-late 20s playing dance. Has a dress code for the second floor. *


. A recently opened 'superclub' with two large rooms playing Dance and R&B music. Open 11PM - 4AM. *'''Fuel''' A gay club, open Thur-Sun, Eyre Street near the Moor. Thursday is "student disco" with cheap drink, Friday is pop and cheese in one room and indie alternative in another, Saturday is electro house entertainers dancers, and Sunday is a chill out night. *'''Foundry and Fusion''' Western Bank (University of Sheffield Students' Union). A fiercely active union night club that packs


: composerinfo Carl_Michael_Ziehrer 22764.htm title Carl Michael Ziehrer Biography. accessdate 2008-11-07 publisher Naxos date After that, in a flurry of events, he toured 41 German (Germany) cities and finally returned to Vienna, where he formed an even larger and successful orchestra that specialized in playing dance music. At this point, his works began to gain a wider circulation among the music-loving Viennese, and works such as Weaner Mad'ln op. 388, as well as the more famous Wiener Bürger op. 419, were received with greater appreciation, the latter even temporarily triumphing over Strauss compositions when first published in 1890. The outbreak of the war sealed his career as a composer, and most of his property was destroyed. He died a poor and forgotten man on 14 November 1922 in Vienna. Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna


CIDC-FM in Toronto went exclusively top 40, CJFM-FM is the only radio station in Canada playing dance top 40 (Dance music) music as the station airs dance shows nightly Sundays to Thursdays from midnight to 3am, and Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm to 5am. Even though CHUM-FM Toronto, CKZZ-FM Vancouver, CISS-FM Ottawa and CKCE-FM Calgary dropped almost all modern adult contemporary artists, CJFM-FM continued to support these artists


:06:26 La Historia del grupo Magneto - Continúa como EX - Magneto In 1986, Magneto was featured in "Siempre en Domingo," a Mexican entertainment show viewed across Latin America and parts of Europe. Mexican teen pop group Magneto emerged in 1983. Their first record, Dejalo Que Gire came in 1984, followed by Super 6 Magneto. Tha Latin pop outfit suffered several lineup changes before achieving their first gold record in 1986. Mostly playing

dance-pop songs, the five-member ensemble started touring Central America after climbing charts with "Todo Esta Muy Bien," and "Soy Un Soñador." However, their breakthrough came after issuing a Spanish-language version of Desireless' "Voyage Voyage," a French pop hit from the '80s. In 1992 the boy band played the lead in their own movie called Cambiando el Destino. Nevertheless, the original Magneto disbanded in 1996 after a sold-out show at Mexico City's Auditorio


. '''CJFM-FM''' is an English language Canadian (Canada) radio station located in Montreal, Quebec. Owned and operated by Astral Media, it broadcasts on 95.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 41,200 watts (class C1 (List of broadcast station classes)) using an omnidirectional antenna. Since CIDC-FM in Toronto went exclusively top 40, CJFM-FM is the only radio station in Canada playing dance top 40 (Dance music) music as the station


was such that he was invited to perform at the World Exhibition in Chicago in 1893. Commons:Category:Germany Wikipedia:Germany Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany

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