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played basketball

Coffeyville, Kansas

, Windsor Terrace. He attended Linden McKinley High School where he played football and basketball, even leading Linden to a Class AAA state basketball championship in 1977. After high school, Douglas played basketball for the Coffeyville Community College Red Ravens (Coffeyville Community College) in Coffeyville (Coffeyville, Kansas), Kansas from 1977 to 1978 where the seventeen year old was a 6 feet 0 inch Power forward. He is in the Coffeyville Red Ravens (Coffeyville Community College) Men's Basketball Hall of Fame. for the California Angels (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles and Montreal Expos (Washington Nationals). May was noted for possessing a very good curveball. Beginning in 1889, they began "cleaning up" part of what became the State of Oklahoma. Widely considered honest, dutiful, and capable, they were responsible for suppressing much of the outlaw element in the Indian Territory and environs, reportedly arresting in excess of some 300 desperadoes during the next decade, and killing several others. All three had the reputation of being dauntless in their pursuit, ignoring bad weather, and each was known for their unique tracking abilities. Ironically the nickname "Three Guardsmen" was given to them by outlaws they pursued. Heck Thomas' relentless pursuit of the Dalton Gang was specifically mentioned by gang member Emmett Dalton as one reason the Dalton Gang attempted to rob two banks simultaneously in Coffeyville, Kansas--to make one big score so that they could leave the territory for a time. Resistance from the lawmen and citizens of Coffeyville to this robbery (Dalton_gang#Bank_robbery ) ended the gang with the deaths of most of its members. Born in Coffeyville (Coffeyville, Kansas), Kansas, Flemons began recording (sound recording and reproduction) solo work in 1958, but is best remembered for his work as a musician and vocalist in the pop (pop music) band (musical ensemble) Earth, Wind & Fire between 1970 and 1973. Some of Flemons' songs away from the group are still revived, especially with the Northern Soul movement in the UK (United Kingdom), notably "That Other Place" and "Jeanette", recorded in 1968. Peffer was a member of the Kansas Senate from 1874 to 1876 and moved to Coffeyville, Kansas, where he edited the ''Coffeyville Journal'' in 1875 and also practiced law. He was a presidential elector on the Republican (Republican Party (United States)) ticket in 1880 and was editor of the ''Kansas Farmer'' at Topeka in 1881. He was elected as a Populist to the U.S. Senate by the Kansas Legislature and served from March 4, 1891, to March 3, 1897. He was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1896, being beaten by a fellow populist William A. Harris, making Peffer the only Populist senator to have been replaced by a fellow Populist. While in the Senate, he was chairman of the Committee to Examine Branches of the Civil Service (Fifty-third (53rd United States Congress) and Fifty-fourth (54th United States Congress) Congresses). He was, in 1898, an unsuccessful candidate for Governor of Kansas, and afterward engaged in literary pursuits. Peffer died in Grenola, Kansas in 1912 and was interred in Topeka Cemetery under a soldier's government-issued tombstone.


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Sturgis, South Dakota

, during World War I he served in the United States Marine Corps, and subsequently he served in United States Army Reserve and the Marine Corps Reserve (Marine Forces Reserve). Biography Littleton, known as "Hal" to his family, was born on July 1, 1930, in Mena, Arkansas. His family then lived in Black Hawk, South Dakota. He attended high school in Sturgis, South Dakota, where he played basketball and football. He was employed by Electrical Appliance

Deadwood, South Dakota

''' (May 28, 1888 – January 20, 1958) was an American (United States) college men's basketball (college basketball) coach. He was born in Deadwood, South Dakota. In 1890, Lambert and his family moved to Crawfordsville, Indiana. He played basketball (in addition to baseball) at Crawfordsville High School and Wabash College, both under coach Ralph Jones, who himself would go on to coach Purdue. Despite his height (5'6"), he led Wabash in scoring his sophomore year

Hazleton, Pennsylvania

publisher Pennsylvania Department of Transportation date 2008 Career Phelps began his coaching career in 1963 as a graduate assistant at Rider College (Rider University) (now Rider University), where he had played basketball. After a move to St. Gabriel's High School in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, he obtained his first full assistant job in 1966 at the University of Pennsylvania. His first head coaching job came in 1970 at Fordham University. After leading the Fordham Rams to a 26-3 record in the 1970-71 season, he was named head coach at the University of Notre Dame. Scranton, the episcopal see, is in the heart of the Lackawanna River valley and is a city of 72,485 inhabitants (2007 estimate). http: popest cities tables SUB-EST2007-04-42.csv Other large cities in the diocese are Wilkes-Barre (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), Williamsport (Williamsport, Pennsylvania), Hazleton (Hazleton, Pennsylvania), Carbondale (Carbondale, Pennsylvania), and Pittston (Pittston, Pennsylvania). '''Sherrie Levine''' (born April 17, 1947 in Hazleton, Pennsylvania) is an American photographer and appropriation artist (Appropriation (art)). '''Joseph John Maddon''' (born February 8, 1954, in Hazleton, Pennsylvania) is the Major League Baseball manager (manager (baseball)) for the Tampa Bay Rays. *'''Bieber Tourways & Trailways''' - Hershey (Hershey, Pennsylvania), Kutztown (Kutztown, Pennsylvania), Lancaster, Lebanon (Lebanon, Pennsylvania), Norristown (Norristown, Pennsylvania), Reading (Reading, Pennsylvania), York (York, Pennsylvania) *'''Greyhound Lines Bieber Tourways & Trailways pooled service''' - Hazleton (Hazleton, Pennsylvania), Pottsville (Pottsville, Pennsylvania), Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania), Wilkes-Barre (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), York *'''Fullington Trailways''' - Lewistown, State College Kobach is also the lead attorney defending the city of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, whose anti-illegal immigration ordinances had been struck down by a federal judge in Pennsylvania and again before the Third Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals. ''New York Times'', Sunday, February 10, 2008, p.(A)22 Death On January 7, 2000, Albright wrestled at a World Xtreme Wrestling show in Hazleton, Pennsylvania against Lucifer Grimm (real name Bill Owens). After being hit with a three-quarter facelock bulldog (Cutter (professional wrestling)), Albright collapsed to the canvas. A worried Grimm rolled Albright on top of himself to finish the match after which concerned wrestlers and ring crew tried to resuscitate him. Albright was pronounced dead shortly after being removed from the ring. DATE OF DEATH January 7, 2000 PLACE OF DEATH Hazleton (Hazleton, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania terminus_a and East New York. On Long Island the gang is growing, it is particularly large in Roosevelt, New York and to a lesser extent in Hempstead, New York (Hempstead (village), New York). They have also branched to cities as far as Paterson (Paterson, New Jersey), Trenton (Trenton, New Jersey), Newark (Newark, New Jersey), Asbury Park (Asbury Park, New Jersey), Neptune (Neptune Township, New Jersey) and Camden (Camden, New Jersey) in New Jersey, Hazleton (Hazleton, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), and Baltimore, Maryland, and other cities along I-95 (Interstate 95). '''WYLN-LP''' is a Class-A television station in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, broadcasting locally as an America One affiliate on channel 35. It went on the air in 1989 as '''W35AT''', and changed to the current WYLN-LP in 1996. It became the first affiliate of The WB in the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Hazleton market that year, later losing the affiliation to WSWB-TV in 1997. After that it became an America One affiliate. It is owned by '''Triple J Community Broadcasting, L.L.C.''' In 1998, Turkey Hill opened its 249th store in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. This store was the first of many stores to open with Food Service. Food Service offers fresh hoagies, sandwiches, pizza, and many other hot foods. Many new stores are built with food service and car washes. Beginning in 1999, new larger stores were opened with more of an emphasis on selling gasoline. About 200 of the 240 stores in Central Pennsylvania have gas pumps. Minit Market Company History * July 12, 1888 – '''Wreck at the Fat Nancy''', Virginia, United States: Nine are killed and twenty-six are injured when a train trestle gives way. One of the victims was a civil engineer who had designed a replacement for the trestle, since it was known to be unsafe. One of the passengers in the train was Confederate (Confederate States of America) Lieutenant General James Longstreet. * October 10, 1888 – '''Mud Run Disaster''', Pennsylvania, United States: Following a mass meeting held by the Total Abstinence Union (Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America) in the Pennsylvania mountains at Hazleton (Hazleton, Pennsylvania) in which eight special temperance trains are operated from Wilkes-Barre (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), by the Lehigh Valley Railroad carrying some 5,000 conventioneers, the consists are directed to keep a ten-minute interval between them upon return. At about 8 p.m., the sixth train with 500 on board stops near Mud Run along the banks of the Lehigh River and shortly thereafter the following section plows into it, telescoping the last car of the stopped train halfway through the coach ahead, killing 66 of the 200 in these two wooden cars outright. More than 50 are injured. Newspaper accounts suggest that temperance pledges were forgotten by some of the victims after they returned to the train. thumb right The Borki train crash, 1888 (File:Russian imperial train crush1888.jpg) thumb 250px left AmeriGas, Ypsilanti, MI (Image:AmeriGas_Ypsilanti.JPG) Under the UGI Utilities, Inc., UGI serves 544,000 natural gas and 60,000 electricity customers in eastern and central Pennsylvania, including customers of UGI Penn Natural Gas (formerly PG Energy) and UGI Central Penn Gas (formerly PPL Gas Utilities). UGI Utilities operates in the urban areas in and around Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), Lancaster (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), Reading (Reading, Pennsylvania), Allentown (Allentown, Pennsylvania), Bethlehem (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania), Easton (Easton, Pennsylvania), Hazleton (Hazleton, Pennsylvania), Wilkes Barre (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), Lock Haven (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania), Pottsville (Pottsville, Pennsylvania), Stroudsburg (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania), Lewistown (Lewistown, Pennsylvania), Huntingdon (Huntingdon, Pennsylvania), Shippensburg (Shippensburg, Pennsylvania), Lewisburg (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania), Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) and Williamsport (Williamsport, Pennsylvania).

Delaware Valley

service between the cities and towns where people lived, and the seashore where they played.

Greater Boston

Mutombo , who played most of his NBA career with the Denver Nuggets and Atlanta Hawks, was less adept offensively, but proved an even more dominant defender. Mutombo, who had not played basketball before arriving in the U.S. from his native Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo) on a USAID scholarship, was among the greatest shot blockers in NBA history, leading the NBA in blocked-shots five consecutive years, in the course of a career in which he ranked second in the history

Normal, Illinois

) Emo Alternative rock Nnamani was born in Bloomington, Illinois, and attended University High School (University High School (Normal)) in Normal, Illinois, where she also played basketball. During her time at University High School (University High School (Normal)) she won back to back state championships in 1999 and 2000 under coach Charlene Lehnen. She has a younger sister Njideka who also played volleyball at Stanford University. Both her and her sister

Wichita Falls, Texas

; Fitzsimmons''' (October 7, 1931 – July 24, 2004) was a college (college basketball) and NBA (National Basketball Association) basketball coach. A native of Hannibal, Missouri, he attended and played basketball at Hannibal-LaGrange Junior College in Hannibal and Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls (Wichita Falls, Texas), Texas. He coached the Phoenix Suns three times, and is often credited as the architect of the Suns' success of the late 1980s and early

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

(Reading, Pennsylvania) Reading (PA) High School , where Gary Walters, the current Princeton Athletic Director, and former Princeton point guard, played basketball under him in high school. Early life Packer is a graduate of Liberty High School (Liberty High School (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)) in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He attended Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina from 1958 to 1962 and played guard on the school's Wake Forest Demon Deacons men's

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