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occurred on September 8, 1994. RAM was performing their regular Thursday night concert at the Hotel Oloffson. One of the audience members was a military officer who had attended several other RAM performances, including one at a club called The Garage in Pétionville at which he explicitly permitted the band to play "Fèy". During the September 8 concert, however, when the band began to play "Fèy", this officer decided to enforce the ban on the song and ordered RAM to stop

Spearfish, South Dakota

School. ;South Dakota * The ''Black Hills Passion Play'' was performed every summer for almost seventy years in Spearfish, South Dakota; this production was an American version of the Lünen Passion Play that was brought over in 1932 by immigrants who claimed that it had been produced since 1242. "The Theatre: Black Hills Passion Play", 18 November 1940. The production was Americanized


West Rd, including Dicos's, There is a KFC just south of the river on Yunmen Shan South Rd, but no McDonalds. Drink Apart from the typical KTV's (karaoke) there seems to be very few Western style bars. Outside Bar. Facing the bridge and river in the touristy Song Cheng Rd area. This large bar club has fancy (kitschy?) decor, professional staff, Western drink menu and would be successful in any modern European city if it wouldn't play "Hotel California" as gearing-up-the-party

Hoffman Estates, Illinois

, Illinois South Barrington (which combined are called "The Barringtons"), and Tower Lakes (Tower Lakes, Illinois), as well as small portions of Carpentersville (Carpentersville, Illinois), Deer Park (Deer Park, Illinois), Hoffman Estates (Hoffman Estates, Illinois), and Inverness (Inverness, Illinois). The village's motto is "a great place to live, work, and play!"

Barry Town United F.C.

instead have to play "recreational football" henceforth. After significant public outcry, a second meeting was arranged for July 2013 in Caersws to hear new evidence as why the BTSC should be able to continue at Welsh League level. At this second meeting, 15 of the FAW Councillors voted not even to discuss the club's future, thus concluding the meeting within five minutes, at considerable expense. The outcomes of both meetings went against the recommendations of the FAW's own


is the "'''Best in Singapore, JB (Johor Bahru), and some say Batam'''" - this is despite the fact that he has only two men working for him and they are both inept and lazy. He is also noted for his famous cliché or catchphrase: "'''Don't play play'''" (pronounce as "''pray pray''" according to his articulation). There is also another famous catchphrase which is being used in his famous 2003 music video called "PCK Sar-vivor Rap", that is, "'''Use your brain!'''" (pronounced as "''blain''"). His personal clothing trademarks are his yellow pair of boots, curly hair, a giant black mole (Melanocytic nevus), and long nails on his pinky fingers. Phua Chu Kang is portrayed as an "Ah Beng", which is a Singlish slang for a stereotypical, uneducated Chinese gangster, complete with habits such as hoisting one leg up on the seat of a chair when he sits down and growing one long fingernail to scratch his ears. The '''Lingga Islands''' or '''Lingga Archipelago''' (Indonesian (Indonesian language): ''Kepulauan Lingga'') are a group of islands in Indonesia, located south of Singapore, along both sides of the equator, off the eastern coast of Riau Islands province on Sumatra island. They are south of the populated Riau Archipelago, known for the industrial island of Batam and the tourist-frequented island of Bintan, although the Lingga Islands themselves are rarely visited due to the infrequent local transportation. The equator goes through the northern tip of Lingga, the name of the main island in the archipelago.Administratively they form a regency with an area of 2117.72 km² Commons:Category:Batam

Classical Athens

subsequent plays, especially ''The Knights'', the first of many plays that he directed himself. "In my opinion," he says through the Chorus in that play, "the author-director of comedies has the hardest job of all." ( , ''Athína

and Hildy (2003, 16–17, 37). Its ambiguous (Ambiguity), tragicomic (Tragicomedy) tone (Tone (fiction))—which may be "cheerfully romantic" or "bitterly ironic"—has earned it the label of a "problem play." Banham (1998, 353) and Brockett and Hildy (2003, 37). ''Alcestis'' is, possibly excepting the Rhesus, the oldest surviving work by Euripides, although at the time of its first performance he had been producing plays for 17


the University for the theatre, starting as a theatre critic, and in 1881, his first play "Dog-rose", which was staged in one year by Maly Theatre, was published. He was a teacher of Moskvin, Knipper (Olga Knipper) and Meyerhold.

Stratford, Ontario

be heard in romantic duets on some of Ben Bagley's anthology albums of Broadway songs under his Painted Smiles record label. In 1982, she hosted the final season of ''CBS Radio Mystery Theater''. In 1983 Grimes was dismissed from her co-starring role in the Neil Simon play ''Actors and Actresses'', reportedly due to an inability to learn her lines. "Tammy Grimes Dismissed From Play", The New York Times, 12 February 1983 North Wellesley, Ontario


. It was there that the boy's first impressions were formed of the way of life of the provincial merchant class. The artist later wrote, "The whole tenor of the rich and plentiful merchant way of life was there right under my nose... It was like something out of an Ostrovsky (Alexander Ostrovsky) play." The artist retained these childhood observations for years, recreating them later in oils and water-colours. ; * Astrakhan

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