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; in order to become rich and prosperous." " But if you become the rich, build a pagoda at this mountain site and then play music with peacock dance every holyday, " said the spirit.The spirit disappeared soon after telling, Grandpa Yart and grandma Yart took the message and went to inform all residents. The residents obeyed the spirit's advice.

Oruro, Bolivia

: Fraternidad Artística y Cultural "La Diablada"'') ''La Diablada'' Carnival, takes place in the city of Oruro (Oruro, Bolivia) in central Bolivia. It is celebrated in honor of the patron saint of the miners, ''Vírgen de Socavon'' (the Virgin of the Tunnels). Over 50 parade groups dance, sing and play music over a five kilometre-long course. Participants dress up as demons, devils, angels, Incas and Spanish conquerors. There are various kinds of dances such as caporales and tinkus. The parade runs from morning until late at night, 18 hours a day, 3 days before Ash Wednesday. Meanwhile throughout the country celebrations are held involving traditional rhythms and water parties. In Santa Cruz de la Sierra, at the east side of the country, the tropical weather allows a Brazilian-type Carnival, with agropuations of people called "Comparsas" dancing traditional songs in matching uniforms. Declared the 2001 ''"Masterpieces of Oral Heritage and Intangible Heritage of Humanity"'' for UNESCO In 1898, La Paz was made the ''de facto'' seat of the national government, with Sucre remaining the nominal historical as well as judiciary capital. This change reflected the shift of the Bolivian economy away from the largely exhausted silver mine (mining)s of Potosí to the exploitation of tin near Oruro (Oruro, Bolivia), and resulting shifts in the distribution of economic and political power among various national elites. "La Paz," Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia 2008. Retrieved November 10, 2008. Archived 2009-10-31. La Paz Bus Station, previously bus and train station, was built by the French architect Gustave Eiffel. The main gateway for transporting intercities bus travel in La Paz with several daily departs to all the main Bolivian cities. Bus Terminal in La Paz is the main city bus station. The city is connected by road with the city of Oruro (Oruro, Bolivia) where you can access the cities of Sucre, Potosí and south of the country. There is an important road that connects the road to Oruro in the cities of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz de la Sierra). There are also access roads to paviementados Copacabana (Copacabana (La Paz)) and Tiwanaku to the west, near the Lake Titicaca, which continues until the city of Cuzco via the border town of Desaguadero. There are also roads north to get to The Yungas crossing the Andes Mountains. Bolivia Inter-city train services in Bolivia are operated by two train companies: Eastern and Western. The western network runs daily trains from Oruro (Oruro, Bolivia) to Tupiza, with both espresso (fast) and WaraWara (slow) trains. The eastern rail hub is Santa Cruz de la Sierra, with connections to Puerto Suárez and Villamontes, and international lines to Brazil and Argentina. *On 18 March 1957, another DC-3 (registered CP-535), which had been on a passenger flight from Cochabamba to Oruro (Oruro, Bolivia), crashed into a mountain near Sayari. All 16 passengers and 3 crew members died. LAB 1957 crash at the Aviation Safety Network thumb 250px Oil Painting by Juan Lepiani (File:Arica battle.jpg) which represents the Battle of Arica on June 7, 1880. Colonel Francisco Bolognesi is the focus of the painting. Once Chile achieved naval superiority, the Chilean army initiated a series of military maneuvers in the Peruvian provinces of Tarapacá (Tarapacá Province (Peru)), Tacna, and Arica. The Campaign of Tarapaca began on November 2, 1879, when Chilean troops landed and attacked beach defenses in Pisagua (Battle of Pisagua), some .

Surat Thani

beach of Haad Rin town stay open and play music such as R&B, drum and bass, house (house music), dance and reggae. DATE OF BIRTH May 27, 1906 PLACE OF BIRTH Phumriang, Surat Thani, Thailand DATE OF DEATH May 25, 1993 DATE OF DEATH May 25, 1993 PLACE OF DEATH Wat Suan Mokkh, Chaiya, Surat Thani, Thailand thumb right District office of Mueang Surat Thani (Image:Mueang Surat Thani district office.jpg) The district is subdivided into 11 subdistricts (''tambon''), which are further subdivided into 60 villages (''muban''). Surat Thani itself is a city (''thesaban nakhon'') and covers the ''tambon'' Talad and Bang Kung, and parts of the ''tambon'' Khlong Chanak, Bang Chana, Bang Bai Mai and Makham Tia. Wat Pradu (Wat Pradu Town) has township (''thesaban tambon'') status. There are also 9 tambon administrative organizations (TAO), for each ''tambon'' except the two completely covered by the city. Transportation Many lines of minibuses connect the town of Chaiya and the station with other part of the district and neighbour districts, such as Chaiya - Bandon (Surat Thani), Chaiya - Phunphin, Chaiya - Phumriang, Chaiya - Tha Chana, etc. right thumb 150px Si Surat stupa (Image:Si Surat Stupa.jpg) '''Khao Tha Phet''' ( Wikipedia:Surat Thani


is an ancient and rural population centre that preserves traditions and forms of social relationships like rondas, informal groups of neighbours and friends who come together during the village festival or at Christmas to sing, play music and dance in the street with guitars, lutes, cauldrons, mortars and pestles (Mortar and pestle), Anisette bottles and also zambombas (rustic drums) at Christmas. Traditional musical genres have been preserved especially rondeñas, Malagueñas

Leamington, Ontario

: 230,000) is from Davis-Besse. Raised in Leamington, Ontario, he moved to Toronto in the 1970s to play music, his first passion. He was the guitar player for a while with Edward Bear and later Chris De Burgh from Ireland. Politics He was elected to the Leamington (Leamington, Ontario) city council in 1985, and later served as the town's Mayor from 1988 to 1993. He was first elected to the Ontario legislature in a by-election in on December

Port Sudan

AlKabli was born in the city of Port Sudan in 1933. During childhood, he developed an interest in the Arabic language, especially the old Arabic poems, and learned to play music on a penny whistle. At the age of sixteen, he moved to Khartoum to attend the Khartoum Commercial Secondary School. His musical interest evolved to oud (lute), which he learnt by himself. - style "background:#DCDCDC" Port Sudan WikiPedia:Port Sudan Commons:Category:Port Sudan

Brunswick, Maine

, a nephew of her father, in Brunswick, Maine as a small child. She grew up an educated and artistic girl with a talent for music and singing, which is what made her play music in the First Parish Congregationalist Church (Congregational church) (her adoptive father's church). Chabotar later served as vice president for finance and administration and treasurer at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine from 1991-02 where he was subsequently honored by the Maine Legislature on the 25th anniversary of his college teaching. Bowdoin students established the Kent John Chabotar Scholarship Fund in 2002. He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in Education from St. Francis University in 2003, and the Academic Leadership Award from the Council of Independent Colleges in 2003.

Greater Boston

with a talent for music and singing, which is what made her play music in the First Parish Congregationalist Church (Congregational church) (her adoptive father's church). The research facilities at MCPHS are equipped for each of the academic areas of specialization. There are such specialized facilities as a suite for radioisotope research, a product development laboratory equipped for pharmaceutical tableting (Tablet (pharmacy)), coating and encapsulation (Capsule (pharmacy)) and a facility to manufacture liquids, ointments, and sterile cosmetic products (cosmetics). Instruments available include infrared, ultraviolet, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, gas chromatographs, and high-pressure liquid chromatographs. Computer and animal research facilities are also available. In addition, research instrument facilities, if not available on campus, are available at other institutions in the Greater Boston Cambridge area through clinical and academic affiliations. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Grad Profiles. Retrieved on 12-11-2011. thumb w:Fenway Park Fenway Park (File:Fenway park 20060619.jpg) '''Boston (w:Boston)''' is the capital (w:List of capitals in the United States) and largest city (w:List of U.S. states' largest cities by population) of the state of Massachusetts (w:Massachusetts) (officially the Commonwealth (w:Commonwealth) of Massachusetts), in the United States. Boston also serves as county seat (w:county seat) of the state's Suffolk County (w:Suffolk County, Massachusetts). It is the largest city (w:List of cities by population in New England) in New England (w:New England). The city is the anchor of a substantially larger metropolitan area called Greater Boston (w:Greater Boston), home to 4.5 million people and the tenth-largest metropolitan area (w:Table of United States Metropolitan Statistical Areas) in the country. WikiPedia:Greater Boston

São Tomé and Príncipe

isn't just the abbreviation of Star Trek, it's also the ISO country code for São Tomé and Príncipe, the ISO language code for Sesotho and the NATO country code for Saint Lucia. EP is usually used for the European parliament or extended play music recordings. I propose renaming this to . Aecis (User:Aecis) praatpaal (User_talk:Aecis) 23:16, 6 December 2005 (UTC) :I'm half inclined to suggest that we up merge this one into


''' ( ) is a Russian gothic rock band led by brothers Vadim and Gleb Samoylov, that was established in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg) in 1988. It is named after English detective writer Agatha Christie. According to '''Gleb Samoylov''', it's the band playing art-rock and rock'n'roll, and with texts infiltrated by decadance's ideas. According to '''Aleksandr Kozlov''', they play music for teens, that can fill their sensitive hearts.

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