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Port Coquitlam

''' in St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada, Starr was a natural musician who could play guitar and bass as well as the mandolin. Although born in Manitoba, she was raised in Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam's Francophone community of Maillardville, British Columbia starting her musical career with the local group Les Hirondelles. Using the stage name of Lucille Starr, she eventually teamed up with band member Bob Regan both as his wife and to form their own country singing duo

Vermillion, South Dakota

University Carbondale . She learned to play guitar at the age of 10 and gave her first public performance at the Southern Illinois University campus when she was 15. DATE OF BIRTH January 10, 1956 PLACE OF BIRTH Vermillion, South Dakota, United States DATE OF DEATH Early life Harry Hopkins was born at 512 Tenth Street in Sioux City, Iowa, the fourth child of four sons and one daughter of David Aldona and Anna (''née'' Pickett) Hopkins. His father, born in Bangor, Maine, ran a harness shop, after an erratic career as a salesman, prospector, storekeeper and bowling-alley operator; but his real passion was bowling, and he eventually returned to it as a business. Anna Hopkins, born in Hamilton, Ontario, had moved at an early age to Vermillion, South Dakota, where she married David. She was deeply religious and active in the affairs of the Methodist (Methodism) church. Shortly after Harry was born, the family moved successively to Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Kearney (Kearney, Nebraska) and Hastings, Nebraska. They spent two years in Chicago, and finally settled in Grinnell, Iowa. The Oyate Trail is one of the names given (in the late 1990s) to US-18 traveling across South Dakota from I-29 (Interstate 29) east of Vermillion (Vermillion, South Dakota) to Maverick Junction (Maverick Junction, South Dakota). http: ~chris-g sd1-30.html#US-18 Early life, education, and early political career Brady was born in Vermillion, South Dakota, one of five children of William and Nancy Brady. His father, a lawyer, was killed in 1967 in a courtroom shooting in Rapid City (Rapid City, South Dakota) when Brady was 12 years old. Brady graduated from Rapid City Central High School, and the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, where he also became a member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. '''Ratingen''' is a town in the district of Mettmann (Mettmann (district)), in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in the northwestern part of Berg (Berg (German region)) - about 12 km northeast of Düsseldorf. It is twinned with Cramlington, England, with Gagarin (Gagarin, Russia), Russia and Vermillion, South Dakota in the United States.

Lawton, Oklahoma

it was cool. My sister was bringing home Elvis records and so I thought, "I gotta have a guitar". So I talked my mom into getting me one. My uncle worked for Sears, so I ended up with an old Sears f-hole guitar with action about an inch and a half off the fret board. Anyway, when I first learned to play guitar a little bit, it was just chords and stuff, but then about a year or so later we moved to Detroit area, and it just so happened that I moved next door to a family that all played


was born on October 28, 1925 in the city of Shkodër, Albania. He was educated in a rank and file urban family and graduated from the "Illyricum" High School of the city. Very soon he learned to play guitar, trombone, the piano and devoted himself with enthusiasm and passion to the art of music. In the years of his youth, he composed over 200 original songs, which were immediately sung in the city of Shkodër and were spread all over Albania, such as "Lule Bore" ( The '''Bushati family''' was a prominent family in Albanian history for part of the Ottoman (Ottoman Empire) rule of the region. The family ruled the Pashalik of Scutari from 1757 to 1831. Their dominance of the Scutari region was gained through a network of alliances with various highland tribes. Even after the fall of the pashaluk in 1831, the Bushatis continued to play an important role in the Albanian society. During the 19th century, Scutari (Shkodër) was also known as a cultural centre and in the 1840s the Bushati Library was built. In 1469, Giosafat Barbaro was made Provveditore of Scutari (Shkodër), in Albania. ''Mehmed the Conqueror & His Time'', Franz Babinger, Trans. Ralph Manheim, Princeton University Press; 1992, p.261 ISBN 978-0-691-01078-6 He was in command of 1200 cavalry, which he used to support Lekë Dukagjini . In 1472, Barbaro was back in Venice, where he was one of the 41 senators chosen to act as electors, who selected Nicolo Tron as Doge. Role in the Uprising In 1804, the year of the First Serbian Uprising, he was a Buljubaša (the commander of a četa), under Milenko Stojković. In 1805 he took part in the Battle of Ivankovac against Hafiz-paša, after which the Правитељствујушчи совјет awarded him the rank of Bimbaša (a commander of 1000 men) and Vojvoda (Voivode). After the Battle of Deligrad in 1806 against Ibrahim-Paša of Shkodër, he became one of the most important men in Serbia. image location Shkodër, Albania opened 1947 as "Vojo Kushi Stadium" '''Loro Boriçi Stadium''' is a multi-purpose stadium in Shkodër, Albania. It is currently used mostly for football (football (soccer)) matches and is the home ground of Vllaznia Shkodër. The stadium holds 16,000 spectators and was reconstructed in 2001. It is named in honour of Loro Boriçi, famous player in 1940s and 1950s. It is also the second largest stadium in Albania behind the Qemal Stafa stadium (Qemal Stafa (stadium)) in Tirana which seats 19,600. HSH's infrastructure runs east to Pogradec, south to Vlorë and north to Shkodër. There is also a branch line to capital city Tirana. The network was extended beyond Shkodër in the 1980s into what is now Montenegro, via the Albanian border town of Han i Hotit. But that section of the system is for freight only. There is also no physical rail connection between Albania and neighbouring Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia) as well as Greece. * 1910 Soufli, Drama (Drama, Greece) (closed in 1921), Serres (closed in 1921), Ioannina (closed in 1921), Kayseri, Inebolu, Ordu, Geyve, Bolvadin, Mansureh * 1911 Manchester, Scutari of Albania (Shkodër) (closed in 1914), Rhodes (closed in 1921), Diyarbekir, Elazig, Bitlis, Van (Van, Turkey), Ceyhan, Saida (Sidon) (closed in 1921), Hodeida (closed in 1921), Benghazi (closed in 1912). * 1912 Bolu, Urfa, Sandıklı, Söke, Djeddah (closed in 1916)

Gulfport, Mississippi

He was the second of four children and attended Hancock North Central High School where he played baseball and football. Favre started for the Hancock North Central baseball team as an eighth-grader and earned five varsity letters. He played quarterback, lineman (lineman (football)), strong safety (Defensive back), placekicker and punter (punter (football position)) in a primarily option (option offense), run-oriented offense coached by his father, Irvin Favre, who was the head coach of the team. '''Brett Lorenzo Favre (w:Brett Favre)''' (born October 10, 1969, in Gulfport, Mississippi (w:Gulfport, Mississippi)) has been the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers (w:Green Bay Packers) in the National Football League (w:National Football League) since 1992.

Tyler, Texas

&class 5000 publisher Texas Historical Commission accessdate 2 January 2012 and a Tyler Historical Landmark. See McClendon House website, retrieved August 2, 2006 Life and career Hogg was born near Westconnie, Texas, United States and grew up on the farm and was taught to play guitar by his father Frank Hogg. While still in his teens (adolescence) he teamed

Salinas, California

, California Salinas , California United States death_date example document: Jackie Greene Chris Nelson 1980- Oakridge High School Yearbook 1997 in Salinas (Salinas, California), California, and developed an interest in music at an early age, starting with the piano. At 14, he began to play guitar and within a short time, was able to sit in with local bar bands. As he got older, he began composing (Composer) his own

Wheeling, West Virginia

O'Brien Mollie , afterwards deciding to take up music. Throughout his teens, he taught himself to play guitar, violin (fiddle), and mandolin. As a boy of the 1950s he had his ears wide open to the country and bluegrass melting pot on the local WWVA (WWVA (AM)) show, as well as the Beatles on the radio. http: bio.cfm Official Website A,B,D KFAQ Tulsa, Oklahoma: Class A (I-B) WWVA (AM

Augusta, Georgia

-385-52289-4 pages 198–203 Born blind (Blindness) in the town of Thomson (Thomson, Georgia), Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)), McTell learned how to play guitar in his early teens. He soon became a street performer around several Georgia cities, such as Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia) and Augusta (Augusta, Georgia), and first recorded in 1927 for Victor Records. Although he never produced a major hit record, McTell's recording career was prolific, recording for different


They were signed to the blossoming Ellis-Wright agency, and became the third band managed by the soon-to-be Chrysalis (Chrysalis Records) empire. It was around this time that Anderson purchased a flute after becoming frustrated with his inability to play guitar like Eric Clapton. #Puckeridge, Newmarket (Newmarket, Suffolk), Thetford (Thetford, Norfolk), Attleborough, Windham (Wymondham), Norwich #St Albans, Luton, Bedford, Wellingborough

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