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, set up by the French after the occupation in 1914. At the '''Medina''' the more "touristic" sights of Taza are located: the Great Mosque ("Jemaa el-Khebir"), the Medersa Bou Abul Hassan, the Andalusian Mosque and the souks with the "Jemaa es-Souk", the Market Mosque. The heart of the '''Ville Nouvelle''' (Taza-Bas) is the Place de l'Indépendance. From there you can easily access the two main shopping streets, the Avenue Mohammed V and the Rue Allal Ben Abdullah

to Taza might be with the '''Compagnie de Transport au Maroc''' (CTM) - website (in French & Arabic). They stop at the Place de l'Indépendance, and have quite a high standard, but sometimes arrive late. By taxi To get to nearby towns like Fes and Oujda you also can take the "grands taxis". They are faster and cheaper than buses or trains. These cabs are usually shared with other passengers, or - if you are willing to spend a little more money - you can negotiate with the driver to get one by yourself. If you want to travel with children you should consider that the "grands taxis" often are without seat-belts. They arrive and depart near the train station in the Ville Nouvelle. See * '''Medina Walls''' - a very beautiful promenade is the way around the Medina walls. Along the route around the Medina there are some points with a beautiful view on the surrounding valleys. The largest part of the fortification walls has been built in medieval times under the Almohades. But the Merinides and Saadites have added and reinforced. Nowadays part of the ancient Medina walls has crumbled. The city tries to start reconstruction. The works however progress slowly because of a lack of financial means. * '''Tour Es-Sarragine''' - while strolling around the western part of the Medina walls you will come across the Tour Es-Sarragine, the so-called Saracen tower. From here you have a pleasant view on the Middle Atlas. The tower, unfortunately crumbling, has a curious construction: square at the base, and round at the top. The adjacent fortifications date from Almohade times. * '''The Gates of Taza-Haut''' - from the Bab Er Rih ("Gate of the winds"), above the Medina, you have a beautiful view over the whole valley and the olive groves below. On one side you see the Middle Atlas and on the other the Rif-Mountains. As the name indicates it might be a bit windy at times, but in the summer-time that's a welcome refreshment. Apart from the most famous gate at the Medina, the Bab Er Rih, you will find other gates from where you can have a splendid view around. One of them is the Bab Zitouna. * '''Ville Nouvelle''' - in the less touristic quarters in the Ville Nouvelle at Taza-Bas you will find mostly new buildings and little houses. Though the buildings are nothing extraordinary, you can sometimes find a house "in the making" and get an idea about construction works in Morocco. * WikiPedia:Taza


of exhibits art music – or just sit in their garden to study or read. * *

is the swimming pool – ah, Heaven! Even if you aren’t staying here – shell out the 1000cfa price to go for a dip in the pool. It is worth it. Connect * '''Post Office''' Hard to miss – right off of the Place de la Nation. Operating hours are from 7:30AM–11:30AM and 3PM–5PM. The stamp-selling ladies always seem to be snippy – and matronly. If you need a package wrapped, or need envelopes, or other stationary supplies – there is a mini librairie with nice relaxed people


the city seems big at first, life clusters around the city center near the . Tourists are rarely seen here, creating a quite hassle-free and friendly atmosphere. Get in Image:Larache_map_with_listings.png thumb 450px osm_url http: api 0.6 map?bbox -6.1562060999999995,35.1922229

of the ocean. * Fortress of the stork * The Medina * Nuestra Señora Del Pilar's church * Archaeological museum Do * Stroll the waterfront or join the locals on a swim at the habor's stone barriers. * Enjoy the filled streets after sunset to 10pm, grab a tea in one of the cafes around Place de la Liberation. Buy Eat There are some restaurants also serving western-style food such as Pizzerias or Spaghetti. Furthermore, there are a couple of great sandwich places including one

that cluster south of the Place de la Liberation, rooms without bathroom start around Dh 40. * *

Old Montreal

A square in Old Montreal was renamed Place de la Grande-Paix-de-Montréal to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the peace. Several locations in Quebec are named for the Petun leader Kondiaronk, one of the architects of the peace, including the Kondiaronk Belvedere in Mount Royal Park overlooking downtown Montreal. For over a century and a half, Montreal was the industrial and financial centre of Canada. The variety of buildings included factory


Monument File:NCC tower Bamako.jpg Tower by the Bamako International Conference Center File:Bamako_Entrance_Arch.jpg Bamako airport road welcome sign File:Place de la liberté - Bamako.jpg Place de la liberté Sister cities * *

http: email address Place de la Liberté lat 12.646868 long -8.001665 directions phone +223 2000 0000 tollfree fax hours price Entrance fee is XOF500 for residents of Mali, XOF1500 for tourists. content Details the urban history of Bamako. Featuring local art, travel posters and exhibitions of artists living and working in Bamako. *

lat 12.638758 long -8.002886 directions Next to Place de l'OVMS phone tollfree fax hours price c. XOF3000 for main dishes content Restaurant serving good authentic African cuisine, on a square just off a main road. Not luxurious but good. Beer and wine are available but, because of the proximity to a mosque, don't be surprised if on Fridays they ask you to keep the bottles out of sight on the floor. They have a second location at the Musée National. *


October 1836, King Louis Philippe (Louis Philippe I) had it placed in the center of Place de la Concorde, where a guillotine used to stand during the Revolution. He was all but lost from history until the discovery, in the 19th century, of Amarna, the site of Akhetaten, the city he built for the Aten. Early excavations at Amarna by Flinders Petrie sparked interest in the enigmatic pharaoh, whose tomb was unearthed in 1907 in a dig led by Edward R. Ayrton. Interest in Akhenaten

an ankh and another where she precedes a Horus hawk wearing the double crown of united Egypt, representing the pharaoh whom she protects. thumb 150px right One of the two Luxor (Image:Louxor obelisk Paris dsc00780.jpg) obelisks in the Place de la Concorde in Paris right thumb Tip of Hatshepsut's fallen obelisk, Karnak Karnak Temple Complex (Image:Obelisk5.jpg), Luxor, Egypt Image:Hippodrome Oblisk.jpg right thumb The Obelisk of Tuthmosis

never be in Concord over this". The joke relies not only upon the fact that Obelix' name is a pun on the word "obelisk", but also to the fact that Napoleon's soldiers took a Luxor Obelisk with them to France and that it can still can be viewed in the Place de la Concorde in Paris. History Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts began in 1973 with the opening of two hotels near Zurich Airport and in Regensdorf. The company was originally called The Mövenpick Hotel Group


a synagogue, which served the local Jews (History of the Jews in Algeria) as well as a church on the ''place de Saint Augustin (Augustine of Hippo)'' for the European settlers. The '''Algerian National Navy''' is the naval branch of the Military of Algeria. The navy operates from 3 bases at Algiers, Annaba and Mers-el-Kébir on the Mediterranean coast (Mediterranean Sea). During the engagement the captains of the two freighters escorted by the Republican fleet had panicked and changed course to the south to seek shelter in Algerine waters. One of the steamers ran aground in Cherchell, while the remaining ship reached Bona (Annaba), where she was interned (internment) by the French authorities. Alonso, Bruno (2006). ''La flota republicana y la guerra civil de España''. Ed. Renacimiento, pp. 81-82. ISBN 8496133753 Wikipedia:Annaba Commons:Category:Annaba


cineaste.JPG Place de Cineaste at night File:ouagadougou place nations unies.JPG The Place des Nations Unies in the center of the city. File:Mosquee Ouagadougou.jpg A mosque downtown Ouagadougou File:Chateau d eau Bodogodo Ouaga.jpg A street in the Bodogodo quarter File:Rood Woko Ouagadougou 2013b.jpg Rood Woko, the central market File:Palais Kossyam 2013.jpg Palais Kosyam, the presidential residence File:Cathedrale Ouagadougou.jpg Ouagadougou Cathedral File:Monument des martyrs.jpg Memorial To The Martyrs WikiPedia:Ouagadougou Dmoz:Regional Africa Burkina_Faso Localities Ouagadougou Commons:Category:Ouagadougou


there. '''Attempting to follow the rally route today is definitely not recommended.''' thumb 250px Place de l'Indépendance (Image:Senegal 137.jpg) *

to the Americas, though its prominence is often overplayed. The island has interesting colonial architecture, mostly in ruins, including the landmark "House of Slaves" museum. Ferries can be taken from the terminal north of Place de l'Independence and cost XOF5000. The trip takes 10-20 minutes. There are many small restaurants and a handful of places offering lodging. This is a place with a great atmosphere, because it gives you kind of an pirate-island (with friendly folks all-over kind of feeling). Just walk around and explore. It's a small island, so you can easily stroll around it in an hour. You can buy cheap beer and lounge on the beach when you're done, or stroll some more and buy art-work from the locals. * Commons:Category:Dakar Wikipedia:Dakar

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