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Sabha, Libya

on the Trans-Saharan trade route and a major administrative center in the Fezzan. It was a stronghold for the Kel Ajjer Tuareg (Tuareg people) federation whose territory covered most of south-western Libya - including Ubari, Sabha (Sabha, Libya) and Ghadames, plus south-eastern Algeria (Djanet and Illizi). *'''Tentative support''', but the phrase "tribal clashes" is pretty vague and doesn't really explain what is happening. Maybe "Clashes

Majdal Shams

being marked by the Sa'ar Stream; however, administratively usually they are being lumped together. Etymology The origin of the name Majdal Shams is obscure. One hypothesis traces the name to the Northwest Semitic phrase "tower of sun," possibly in reference to the town's elevation. at 520 m above sea level. *Jesus Trail - a 65 km hiking and pilgrimage route in the Galilee region of Israel that traces routes Jesus may have walked, connecting many sites from his life and ministry. The trail begins in Nazareth, and passes through Sepphoris, Cana (Kafr Kanna), the Horns of Hattin, Mount Arbel Cliffs, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Tabgha, the Mount of Beatitudes, Tiberias, the Jordan River, Mount Tabor, and Mount Precipice. *Golan Trail - a 125 km route from the slopes of Mt. Hermon to the southern Golan Heights. It passes many towns and settlements including Majdal Shams, Nimrod (Nimrod, Golan Heights), Masade, Buq'ata, Odem, Merom Golan, and Ein Zivan. *Valley of Springs Trail - a 120 km route in and around the Jordan Valley (Jordan Valley (Middle East)), terminating in Beit She'an and on Mount Gilboa near Kibbutz Meirav. The trail connects numerous springs (for which the area is famous) and other historical and natural attractions. 55 Kiryat Shmona, Maayan Baruch, HaGoshrim, She'ar Yashuv, Dafna, Dan (Dan (kibbutz)), Snir, Si'on Junc., Neve Ativ, Majdal Shams, Mas'adah, Buq'ata, El Rom, Merom Golan, Ein Zivan, Ortal, Katzrin, Beit Saida Junc., Gadot, Mishmar HaYarden, Mahanaim, Camp Yiftah, Hazor HaGelilit -


the intersection with Kuanggong road. '''Redu Bar''' - Upstairs from the SoHo Club. Consider it a cheaper, seedier, wackier version of SoHo. May or may not be the go-to hangout for GLBT bargoers. Have your wits and cell phone ready for mass phone number exchange or learn the phrase "wo meiyou shouji" (i don't have a cell phone). Also, be nimble on your feet as drunk goofballs seeking to spill their beer run rampant. Sleep Hotels everywhere Connect coming soon Go next

Federated Malay States

(known as ''Eastern Crown'' in English heraldry), symbolising the federation of monarchies under the protection of the United Kingdom. A banner with the phrase "Dipelihara Allah" (Under God's (Allah) Protection) written in Jawi (Jawi script) is located underneath the shield. The combinations of the four colours of the shield represents the colours of the flags of the states of the FMS in the same way the stripes of the FMS flag do. # Red and yellow for Selangor # Black, white

and yellow for Perak # Red, black and yellow for Negeri Sembilan # Black and white for Pahang This design forms the basis of the Federation of Malaya's (Federation of Malaya) national emblem (Emblem of Malaysia) along with the guardian tigers (Malayan Tiger) and a quartered shield of the same, symbolic four colours mentioned above. The phrase "Dipelihara Allah" was also adopted as the current state motto for the state of Selangor. Naval Ensign File:Naval Ensign

United Provinces of the Río de la Plata

'', ''Argentine Confederation'' – shall henceforth be interchangeable official names to describe the Government and territory of the provinces. The phrase "Argentine Nation" is used for the formulation and the enactment of laws.") Description The United Provinces of South America were neighboured to the south by the sparsely populated territories of the Pampas and Patagonia, home to the Mapuche, Ranquel and Puelche peoples. To the north, the Gran


BC as evidenced by the mural inside Sennacherib's palace that was discovered in Tel Kuyunjik Qüyüjik (Sheep Hill in Turkoman) in Mosul. Behind this mural, the phrase "This rock was brought from Alqosh’s Mountain" is carved. Alqosh is divided into four quarters: Sainna quarter to the west, Qasha quarter to the east, O’do quarter to the north, and Khatetha quarter to the south. Etymology thumb 200px (Image:Iraqvillagealqosh5.JPG) Conflicting opinions appear pertaining

Semnan, Iran

city Saminā. * The fifth known theory simply states that the ancient regional language was known as ''Sa ma nān'', and that the city of these people took on the name of their language. * According to the sixth known theory, the name Semnan comes from the phrase "sa ma nān", which is supposed to be a corrupted Persian way of saying "Three Months of Bread." This phrase traces back to the Semnani women's tradition of cooking three months worth of bread in one day. ref name

Statesboro, Georgia

and daughter Alia Rose date July 1, 2005 publisher Jet (magazine) accessdate 2007-10-07 The related phrase "high brown" was used in Irving Berlin's original lyrics for Puttin' on the Ritz. Life and career Foster was born in Statesboro, Georgia and raised in Troy, Michigan

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