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period including

Langford, British Columbia

of municipalities surrounding Victoria were incorporated during this period, including the Township of Esquimalt, the District of Oak Bay, and several municipalities on the Saanich Peninsula. Since World War II the Victoria area has seen relatively steady growth, becoming home to two major universities. Since the 1980s the western suburbs have been incorporated as new municipalities, such as Colwood and Langford (Langford, British Columbia), which are known collectively as the Western Communities


paintings from the colonial period, including one of the Virgin of Guadalupe by Miguel Cabrera . Also facing the park is the municipal palace, it is in Neoclassical style with two floors, both with balconies, framed by cornices, a style common to Huamantla. It has a simple main entrance above which are a decorative element including the Mexican coat of arms, a clock and a small bell. Inside, there is a mural by Desiderio Hernández Xochitiotzin, a reproduction of the Huamantla Codex (Codex Huamantla) and a photographic collection. Modern Mexican puppetry is traced to Huamantla, especially to the Rosete Aranda family which began their traveling puppet show in 1850, which lasted over a century. Today, the city is home to the Rosete Aranda National Puppet Museum, the only one of its kind in Latin America, located in a former mansion facing the main square. death_place Huamantla, Tlaxcala, Mexico occupation Army Captain, Texas Ranger Death On October 9, 1847, Walker was killed in Huamantla, in Tlaxcala, while leading his troops in the Battle of Huamantla during the Mexican–American War. - Huamantla Tlaxcala 247 (Area Code 247 (Mexico)) -

Baia Mare

. The city's importance was linked to the transportation and commerce of salt from nearby Ocna Dejului Salzdorf (Dej), possibly already at a very early date. Due to the economic and commercial benefits it began to receive in the 13th century, Satu Mare became an important centre for craft guilds. In the 18th century, intense urbanisation began; several buildings survive from that period, including the old city hall, the inn, a barracks, the Romanian


in the Late 16th Century'', Erlanger Geographische Arbeiten, Sonderband 5. Erlangen, Germany: Vorstand der Fränkischen Geographischen Gesellschaft. Page 188. A number of important scholars came from the village during this period, including the qadi, al-Baq'a al-Saffuri (died 1625) and Ahmad al-Sharif (died 1633), a poet and qadi. Khalidi, 1992, pp. 350-353. It is reported that in 1745 Daher el-Omar, who grew up in the town, ref>


. Sights Numerous sites have been preserved from the Chu State period, including the ruins of five Chu cities, 73 sites featuring Chu Culture and more than 800 ancient tombs, including those of 18 Chu kings. There are also historical sites dating to the Three Kingdoms period, such as the Wulin (Battle of Red Cliffs) Battlefield (where the Battle of Red Cliffs took place) and the Huarong Path. thumb Museum (File:Jingzhou Museum stairs.jpg) The city walls were rebuilt

Cholula, Puebla

American Anthropologist volume 104 issue 3 pages 956–958 location Washington DC doi 10.1525 aa.2002.104.3.956 The museum traces the history of Cholula from about 1000 BCE through five rooms. The first three contain pre-Hispanic artifacts and the last two contain pieces and exhibitions related to the colonial period including religious art. The rooms also contain elements which recreate aspects of a colonial era home. The basis of the museum's collection is a group of about 1,500

Greek military junta of 1967–74

politically allegorical (allegory), especially against the junta, albums during the period, including ''To Perivoli tou Trellou'' ( ). Tourism Concurrently, tourism was actively encouraged by Papadopoulos' government and, funding scandals

Shu Han

of the kingdom of Wei (Cao Wei), Shu (Shu Han), and Wu (Eastern Wu). It began when the ruler of Wei, Cao Cao, was defeated by Liu Bei and Sun Quan at the Battle of Red Cliffs. After Cao Cao's death in AD 220, his son Cao Pi became emperor of Wei. Liu Bei and Sun Quan declared themselves emperor of Shu and Wu respectively. Many famous personages in Chinese history were born during this period, including Hua Tuo and the great military strategist Zhuge Liang. Buddhism


this period, including the Serranos Towers (1392), the Lonja (1482), the Miguelete and the Chapel of the Kings of the Convent of Santo Domingo. In painting and sculpture, Flemish and Italian trends had an influence on artists such as Lluís Dalmau, Peris Gonçal and Forment Damian. Literature flourished with the patronage of the court of Alfonso the Magnanimous (Alfonso V of Aragon), supporting authors like Ausias March, Roiç de Corella, and Isabel de Villena. By 1460 Joanot Martorell wrote

Palmerston North

was led by Jeremy Corbett who subsequently became a well known radio host in New Zealand. Meltdown released 10 records in a 4 year period including an EP by The Remarkables (The Remarkables (band)) and an album by Three Leaning Men titled Fun in the Key of E, both early bands of New Zealand musician Alan Gregg. Another highlight was an EP by the Pterodactyls which featured ex Chills member Martin Kean. '''Dean Kent''' (born 6 November 1978 in Palmerston North Palmerston North

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