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-with-best-performance&catid 30:english-news&Itemid 101 title Govt names 23 regions with best performance publisher date 2011-04-25 accessdate 2011-08-29 Notation plays a relatively minor role in the oral traditions of Indonesia. However, in Java and Bali, several systems were devised beginning at the end of the 19th century, initially for archival purposes. Today the most widespread are cipher notations ("

Stratford, Ontario

, the government-owned and sponsored National Arts Centre and the privately-owned Great Canadian Theatre Company. In America, after the New York opening on New Year's Eve, 1879, Richard D'Oyly Carte launched four companies that covered the United States on tours that lasted through the following summer. Bradley (1982), p. 86 Gilbert and Sullivan themselves trained each of the touring companies through January and early February 1880, and each company's first performance &ndash


Cities: Surakarta and Semarang in Central Java, Banjar (Banjar, West Java) in West Java, Yogyakarta city in Yogyakarta, Cimahi in West Java, Sawahlunto in West Sumatra, Probolinggo and Mojokerto in East java, Sukabumi and Bogor in West Java.


in ''Peter Pan'' at the Theatre Royal, Brighton. In 2003, she played the title role in ''Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Snow White)'' at the Pavilion Theatre (Bournemouth) Pavilion Theatre


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(George Abbott Way) in midtown-Manhattan named for Gerald Schoenfeld. Located in the Times Square Theatre District, the Nederlander had recently held the title of the only Broadway theatre located south of 42nd Street to currently host a performance—until ''Rent'' (Rent (musical)) closed on September 7, 2008, after twelve years. Set in the Alphabet City (Alphabet City, Manhattan) neighborhood of Manhattan's East Village (East Village, Manhattan), the ''Rent


2009 Nesti, Robert:performance&id 92259 "Pirates! (Or, Gilbert and Sullivan Plunder’d)" EDGE, 8 June 2009 *''Pirates of Penzance - The Ballet!'' During the 1758 Battle of Carillon, 4,000 French defenders were able to repel an attack by 16,000 British troops near the fort. In 1759, the British returned and drove a token French garrison from the fort

New Zealand

introduced in New Zealand, Malta, Crete, the Azore Islands and also Sao Tome off west Africa. It is found throughout Europe and on many islands, including the Azores, Britain (United Kingdom) (but not Ireland), and all major Mediterranean islands. It also occurs on Honshu and Hokkaido islands in Japan and on Kunashir, Iturup, and Sakhalin Islands in Russia. Chart performance & promotion "


and has developed over the years with improved looks, refined gestures and added themes besides more ornate singing and precise drumming. '''''Serissa''''' is a genus of flowering


Without You", "Innocent Eyes (Innocent Eyes (song))", "Not Me, Not I" and "Predictable (Predictable (Delta Goodrem song))", giving her the record for becoming the first ever artist to have five number-one singles from a debut album. "Innocent Eyes - Biography". ''''. Retrieved 5 July 2007. Chart performance & promotion

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