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Tal Afar

car bomber killed one Iraqi soldier and wounded five people, including three civilians, as it targeted an army checkpoint. FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Feb 10 (Reuter) On February 22, 2007 four people were killed, including a policeman and a 12 year-old boy, and five were wounded, including two policemen, when two booby-trapped houses detonated while police were searching homes. During the search

, July 8 On July 12, 2008 police found the bodies of seven people, including a woman and a child, the town's mayor, Major-General Najim Abdullah, said. They had been kidnapped two days before. FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, July 12 On July 17, 2008 a car bomb exploded in a street market killing 20 people, including 9 children, and wounding 90.

of the town. FACTBOX: Security developments in Iraq, Sept 16 (Reuters) On September 22, 2007 one insurgent was killed and another wounded when a bomb they were making exploded. FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Sept 22 (Reuters) On September 24, 2007 a suicide truck bomb killed at least six people

Al Anbar Governorate

cities (Category:Al Anbar Governorate) Category:Governorates of Iraq Category:Fertile Crescent Low Arab Sunni turnout threatened the legitimacy of the election, which was as low as 2% in Anbar (Al Anbar Governorate) province. More than 100 armed attacks on polling places took place, killing at least 44 people (including nine suicide bombers) across Iraq, including at least 20 in Baghdad. The Osprey has provided support in Iraq, logging 2,000 flight

on polling places took place, killing at least 44 people (including nine suicide bombers) across Iraq, including at least 20 in Baghdad. The election for the governorate council of Iraq's al-Anbar (Al Anbar Governorate) governorate were held on January 30, 2005, the same date as the Iraqi legislative election (Iraqi legislative election, January 2005). The largely Sunni province is one of the most violent in Iraq and turnout was very low. Of the total

Socialist Republic of Serbia

their Roman Catholic religion and language in their towns. The language developed in isolation and became known as Danube Swabian (Danube_Swabians#Language). It was part of a wave of ethnic cleansing following the war. 1971 census In 1971, total population of the Socialist Republic of Serbia numbered 8,446,591 people, including: *Serbs 6,142,071 (72.71%) *Albanians 984,761 (11.66%) *Hungarians 430,314 (5.10%) *Croats 184,913 (2.19%) * Muslims by nationality

Muslims 154,330 (1.83%) *Yugoslavs 123,824 (1.47%) *Slovaks 76,733 *Romanians 57,419 *Bulgarians 53,800 *Romani (Romani people) 49,894 *Macedonians (Macedonians (ethnic group)) 42,675 *Rusyns (Pannonian Rusyns) 20,608 *Turks (Turkish people) 18,220 *Slovenes 15,957 *Vlachs (Vlachs of Serbia) 14,724 1981 census In 1981, total population of the Socialist Republic of Serbia numbered 9,313,677 people, including: *Serbs 6,331,527 (67.96

Digby, Nova Scotia

of 2,000 residents grows to 50,000 people, including 25,000 motorcycles. So many that schools and some roads have to close for the day due to crowds and motorcycle traffic. Leanne Delong,"Wharf Rat Rally revving engines for fifth year", ''Digby Courier'' September 4, 2009 The Wharf Rat Rally event is held the weekend of Labour Day in August September each year. ref

National Disaster Response Force

in Bihar – 20 Aug 2008 –Saved over 105,000 people including women, children & aged; distributed medicines and water bottles * Flood in Lakhimpur, Assam – 31 Aug – 9 Sep 2008 –Saved 750 people * Flood in Puri, Cuttack, Kendrapara & Jagatsinghpur, Orissa – Sept 2008 – Saved over 1,000 people * Flood in Kamrup, Assam – 28 Sep 2008 –Saved 350 people * Flood in Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu – 26–30 Nov 2008 – Saved 773 people * Flood in Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 26 Nov – 2 Dec 2008

Avenal, California

-summary.php3?s 635440&cityname Avenal%2C+California%2C+United+States+of+America&units Climate Summary for Avenal, California Demographics Avenal is a small city of approximately 15,505 people, including prison inmates. Avenal owes its origin to the discovery of oil on 4 October 1928, in the adjacent Kettleman Hills. Avenal was the site of a "tent city" as the boom started, but foresight made the boom orderly, so that by 1940 Avenal was the second largest town

Kiryat Shmona

"cbs populations" popyear 2007 area_dunam 9960 pushpin_map Israel north haifa latd 33 latm 12 lats 27 longd 35 longm 34 longs 11 mayor Nissim Malka '''Kiryat Shmona''' ( , ''lit.'' Town of the Eight) is a city located in the North District (North District (Israel)) of Israel on the western slopes of the Hula Valley near the Lebanese (Lebanon) border. The city was named after the eight people, including Joseph Trumpeldor, who

Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo

needed date March 2008 The Kosovo War followed. Later, in 2008, Kosovo declared independence (2008 Kosovo declaration of independence). Demographics According to the 1981 census, the one taken during the period between 1974 and 1990, the population of the province numbered 1,584,441 people, including: * 1,226,736 Albanians (77.4%) * 236,526 Serbs (14.93%) * 58,562 Muslims (Muslims by nationality) (3.7%) * 34,126 Romani people


, "a two-state college, which he no gun." Southern Song Dynasty, Chaozhou main client population of more than 140,000 people, the imperial-to-end flat after a "whistle to the million or more people," the final generation of Chaozhou Scholars Song as many as 172 people, including Jianyan years (1128) Section Jie 9 people. Ming Dynasty Scholars for 160 people, the provincial examinations in the move is also up to 1088 people. In the history of the successful candidates in Chaozhou

school enrollment 25,266 people (including vocational, non-skilled workers), compared with 24,136 people in 2007 to increase 1130, an increase of 4.7%, including general high enrollment 20,304, an increase of more than 850 people in 2007, 19,454 people, an increase of 4.4%; in vocational enrollment 4962, an increase of 409 people in 4553 than in 2007, an increase of 9.0%. Transported to the Pearl River Delta in vocational schools reached 1050 people. The city high school to further improve

North Ossetia–Alania

, 31 August 2005 of early September 2004 was a three-day hostage-taking of over 1,100 people which ended in the deaths of over 380. It began when a group of armed separatist militants, mostly Ingush (Ingush people) and Chechen (Chechen people), took more than 1,100 people (including 777 children ) hostage on 1 September, at School Number One (SNO) in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia–Alania North Ossetia

Ingush militia The '''Kolka-Karmadon rock-ice slide''' occurred on the northern slope of the Kazbek massif in North Ossetia (North Ossetia–Alania), Russia on the 20th of September 2002 following a partial collapse of the Kolka Glacier. It started on the north-northeast wall of Dzhimarai-Khokh (4780 m or 15,682 feet above sea level) and seriously affected the valley of Genaldon and Karmadon. The resulting avalanche and mudflow killed 125 people (including a film crew of 27 people

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