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Ojai, California

appears in a two-part episode of ''The Six Million Dollar Man'' in 1975 titled "The Bionic Woman". In this episode, Steve travels to his old hometown of Ojai, California, to buy a ranch that is for sale and to visit his mother and stepfather. During his visit, he rekindles his old relationship with Jaime Sommers, now one of America's top tennis players. Their relationship progresses rapidly to the point where Steve proposes marriage. Origins and aftermath The storylines and peak moments of the movie came from a weekend visit to a resort in Ojai, California, where the Monkees, Rafelson and Nicholson brainstormed (brainstorming) into a tape recorder, at Hines Peak (Hines Peak (California)), about six miles north of Thomas Aquinas College. Snow frequently falls on the high peaks during winter. Cover Moneen-arewe.jpg Recorded Audio International, Ojai, California; The Eye Socket, Venice, California Released June 17, 2003 Today Thomas lives in Ojai, California where she continues to write screenplays and other fiction. She also teaches at the American Film Institute as a lecturer. AFI faculty biographical information page.

Saudi Arabia

-15 is the United States Air Force, but it is also operated by the air forces of Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia and soon South Korea too. Berg followed up in 2007 with ''The Kingdom (The Kingdom (film))'', a Michael Mann (Michael Mann (director))-produced political thriller set in Saudi Arabia, starring Academy Award winners Jamie Foxx and Chris Cooper (Chris Cooper (actor)), also with Jennifer Garner whom Berg met when he appeared in a two-part episode


was in a 1951 feature film, ''Superman and the Mole Men'', which was later edited to a two-part episode of the television series ''The Adventures of Superman (Adventures of Superman (TV series))'', retitled "The Unknown People". His portrayal of a xenophobic vigilante coincidentally reflected what was about to happen to him. Released March 4, 1946 Recorded July 30, 1945 Hollywood December 7, 1945 New York City Genre Classic pop '''Jean Elizabeth Spangler''' (September 2, 1923 – disappeared October 7, 1949) was an American dancer, model and bit-part actress in Hollywood films and in early television. Revell attended Auckland Grammar School, where he finished his final year in 7A. He is relatively unknown to most New Zealanders, despite having worked in the film business for 30 years, compared to fellow Hollywood New Zealanders such as Anna Paquin, Sam Neill and Zoë Bell. Personnel Recorded in six sessions from July 24 1957- July 11 1959 in Hollywood, Los Angeles: Bassman left Hollywood after the studios closed their doors to him and returned to New York where he found the theater still open to him. He was engaged to orchestrate the show ''Guys and Dolls (Guys and Dolls (musical))'' (with Ted Royal), and also composed music for various shows and revues. Ironically, although Hollywood was closed to him, Bassman was able to work in television in its early days, as a composer for various live shows and also as a conductor; he eventually composed the music for the live television anthology series ''Producers' Showcase'' as well. He also quietly kept his hand in movies, where independent producers were willing to hire him. Among his best scores during this period was his music for ''The Joe Louis Story'' (1955); he also got hired to write some music for the Hollywood movie ''Marty (Marty (film))'' (1955), and Columbia (Columbia Pictures) hired him in 1958 to score ''Middle of the Night''. He first attracted Hollywood's attention with his award-winning short film ''Titsiana Booberini''. After screening to much acclaim at several festivals within Australia, ''Titsiana Booberini'' became a hit at many internationally renowned festivals including the Sundance Film Festival.


OF BIRTH April 15, 1942 PLACE OF BIRTH Philadelphia, Pennsylvania DATE OF DEATH November 18, 2011 His TV roles have often portrayed authority figures, such as a recurring guest-starring role as a high school principal on ''Dawson's Creek'', an appearance as a judge in a two-part episode of ''Any Day Now (Any Day Now (TV series))'', and as the father of the main characters on ''Half & Half''. He also played Harvard college Dean Cain in the movie '' How High


expeditions at Gircano and Ziyaret Tepe -ancient Tushhan-, Turkey. Although well received by critics and launched with a high-rated made-for-TV movie, ''Under Cover'' was adversely affected by the outbreak of the 1991 Persian Gulf War. A two-part episode had been produced involving the Del'Amicos infiltrating Iraq in the wake of its invasion of Kuwait, and culminated with an American military strike on the country. The night the first episode was scheduled to air, real

United States

) A House Divided ," the finale of season 2; the mystery is solved four episodes later in "Who Done It (Who Done It (Dallas episode))" (season 3). * ''The Simpsons'' parodied the "Who Shot JR" episode with "Who Shot Mr. Burns?", the finale of the show's sixth season (The Simpsons (season 6)) in 1995. The episode launched an official contest on the internet to determine who shot Mr. Burns. It's also part of the only two-part episode in ''The Simpsons''' 23

overall. "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" originally aired in the United States on July 19, 2000 on Comedy Central. It is the first part of a two part episode, which concludes in the following episode "Probably (Probably (South Park))". It links the events and some of the characters of the ''South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut'' into the animated series. '''Raymond Gerhardt Hunthausen''' (born August 21, 1921) is a retired United States American

cast in the role, attempted suicide shortly after filming of the episode had begun. Rappaport subsequently succeeded in committing suicide just after the episode premiered. Another science fiction role portrayed by Rubinek was as a documentary film director named Emmett Bregman, on the seventh season of the Canadian (Canadian science fiction television)-American (U.S. television science fiction) military science fiction television series ''Stargate SG-1'', in a two-part episode called


The Simpsons The Complete Sixth Season DVD commentary for the episode "Bart vs. Australia" medium DVD publisher 20th Century Fox The pair wrote the two-part episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?", which was initially proposed by series creator Matt Groening.

; ref The episode proved somewhat controversial; some Australian fans said the episode was a mockery of their country. Shortly after it had aired, the ''Simpsons'' staff received over a hundred letters from Australians who were insulted by the episode. The pair wrote the two-part

episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?", which was initially proposed by series creator Matt Groening. While deciding who the culprit was, Oakley and Weinstein pitched Barney Gumble because he was a character that could go to jail and it could change the dynamic


-Goldwyn-Mayer MGM , ''Stargate Atlantis'' premiered on the US Sci Fi Channel (Sci Fi channel (United States)) on July 16 (Sky One in Europe), 2004 with "Rising (Rising (Stargate Atlantis))", a movie-style two-part episode, that guest starred Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks from ''Stargate SG-1''. __NOTOC__ '''''Stargate Atlantis''''' is a Canadian (Canada)-American (United States) science fiction television program, part of the Stargate

two-part episode, that guest starred Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks from ''Stargate SG-1''. The series is currently broadcast in several countries around the world; in some places, such as Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia, the series is broadcast in HD (High-definition television). The show was also broadcast in the UK on channel 5 for the first season before they decided not to carry on with the broadcast of any further seasons. Aboriginal syllabic


http: books?id f8oc2uzD6GgC&pg PA39&dq Kirin+tail#v onepage&q Kirin%20tail&f false instead of a lion's tail. The Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd. (Kirin Brewery) is named after the animal, and uses a picture of one in its labels. A monster from Monster Hunter videogames is named ''Kirin'', an unicorn with thunderbolt-lightning-based attacks. Television * In the ''Inspector Morse (Inspector Morse (TV series))'' two-part episode, "The Settling of the Sun" (1988), a Japanese summer student at Oxford University, Yukio Ley, and his double become victims of murders connected with revenge for Japanese World War II atrocities. A severe earthquake (Great Kanto earthquake) rocked Japan, causing heavy damage to such cities as Tokyo and Yokohama. As Secretary of the Navy Edwin C. Denby reported in 1923, "One of the brightest pages in the history of the Navy has recently been written by the Asiatic Fleet in its mission of mercy to the stricken people of Japan...." Admiral Anderson promptly placed his fleet at the disposal of the Japanese, immediately dispatched a division of destroyer from Chinese waters to Yokohama with medical supplies to render assistance. The ships of Destroyer Division 38, led by zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan

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