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Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy

Stavelot Bible in ''The British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts (Illuminated manuscript). Last accessed 26 December 2009. and other works can be identified from the same scriptorium. The bible has been described as "a perfect microcosm of the influences and interests that gave rise to the first Romanesque painting (Romanesque art#Painting)".


Wossen had a daughter, Princess Ijigayehu (Princess Ijigayehu Amha Selassie). Wikipedia:Adwa Commons:Category:Adwa

Gainsborough, Saskatchewan

viewpoint of 1978 painting "40 Below Zero" by William G. Hobbs. image_flag flag_size image_seal seal_size image_shield shield_size city_logo citylogo_size image_map mapsize map_caption image_map1 mapsize1 map_caption1 image_dot_map dot_mapsize


recorded in the ''Landnámabók'' manuscript, is named after Surtr. In modern Iceland, the notion of Surtr as a giant of fire lives on; Surtsey ("Surtr's island"), a volcanic island that appeared in 1963 in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, is named after Surtr. The description found in ''Gylfaginning'' of Surtr guarding the frontier of Múspell is depicted in John Charles Dollman's painting "The Giant with the Flaming Sword". Surtur (moon

Southern Tang

) , Wuyue, Min (Ten Kingdoms), Nanping (Jingnan), Chu (Ten Kingdoms), Southern Tang, Southern Han, Former Shu, and Later Shu; as well as the leaderlist and the article for Wuping Jiedushi and Qianzhang. James Cahill, professor emeritus of Chinese art at the University of California, Berkeley, has claimed that the painting "The Riverbank," a masterpiece from the Southern Tang Dynasty, held by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

Coahuila y Tejas

, giving birth to the Republic of Texas. At the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836, Texan (Texas) militias defeated the Mexican army and captured General Santa Anna. The '''Texas Revolution''' or '''Texas War of Independence''' was a military conflict between Mexico and settlers in the Texas (Mexican Texas) portion of the Mexican state Coahuila y Tejas.thumb left 260px The painting "Surrender of Santa Anna" by William Huddle shows the Mexican president and general surrendering to a wounded Sam Houston (File:SantaAnnaSurrender.jpg) The war lasted from October 2, 1835 to April 21, 1836. However, a war at sea between Mexico and Texas would continue into the 1840s. Animosity between the Mexican government and the American (United States) settlers in Texas, as well as many Texas residents of Mexican ancestry, began with the Siete Leyes of 1835, when Mexican President (President of Mexico) and General Antonio López de Santa Anna abolished the federal Constitution of 1824 and proclaimed the more centralizing (centralized government) 1835 constitution (1835 Constitution of Mexico) in its place.

Thompson, Manitoba

According to the 2011 National Household Survey, http: nhs-enm 2011 dp-pd prof details page.cfm?Lang E&Geo1 CSD&Code1 4622026&Data Count&SearchText thompson&SearchType Begins&SearchPR 01&A1 All&B1 All&Custom &TABID 1 the population of Thompson is 12,730. The population density was 746.9 per km². The racial make up of Thompson is mostly made up of Aboriginals (Aboriginals of canada) (35.2%); ''First Nations (24.9%) and Metis (Métis people (Canada)) (10.1%)'', and Whites (White Canadian) (57.9%). There is also a moderate visible minority population (7.0%);'' South Asian (South Asian Canadian) (3.5%) and Black (Black Canadians) (1.3%)'' were the two largest minority groups. The religious make up of Thompson is; Christian (Christianity) (59.3%), non-religious (35.0%), Hindu (2.4%) and the remaining 3.3% fall into another religion. Most of the residents are Canadian citizens (95.9%). About 15.9% of the population can


"Eyewitness written accounts of Vermeer's painting." 2007.''Essential vermeer''. June 7 2007. Vermeer had no paintings to show and Monconys and his companion, a clergyman from The Hague were steered to the baker Hendrick van Buyten. Monconys also visited Johannes Sibertus Kuffler in the same year. Her 2004 historical novel ''The Alchemy of Fire'' takes place in Constantinople under Constantine IV. Anna, former


, but according to the new research the pictures were part of the altar in the Virgin Mary Church, later rebuilt into the fortress called the Old Castle (Old Castle (Banská Štiavnica)). Now there are four Passion paintings in Esztergom,Hungary, in the Christian Museum (Christian Museum (Hungary)); the painting "The Birth of Christ" is held in Svätý Anton (formerly known also as Hontszentantal) near Banská Štiavnica, and The Adoration of the Magi is in the Museum of Lille

Safavid dynasty

Ismail I ). When the Safavid dynasty of Persia came to power in 1501 and unified the eastern and western parts of Iran, the Persian painting styles of the east and the west mingled. The political unity under the first two Safavid rulers Shah Isma'il I and Shah Tahmasp, and the establishment of the Safavid capital at Tabriz in the west, caused Persian artists to move from Herat. One of the most celebrated Iranian painters Behzad, known as "the master of Persian painting", influenced

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