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the Japanese at a deep price. Following the war, relations between Korea and Japan had been completely suspended until 1609. Manchu invasions thumb left 220px A Korean painting depicting two jurchen warriors and their horses. (File:Jurchen warriors.jpg) After the war, Korean peninsula was seriously devastated. Meanwhile Nurhaci (r. 1583–1626), the chieftain of the Jianzhou Jurchens, was unifying

San Miguel de Allende

and interior design, but the church was looted several times during Mexico's history so much of its decoration is lost. However, one significant image here is the "Señor de la Conquista", which was made of cornstalk paste by indigenous people in Michoacán. The sacristy contains a painting depicting the founding of the town in 1542 and its subsequent move to Izcuinapan in the El Chorro neighborhood


塔 ) as it is called today was constructed measuring WikiPedia:Kaifeng


painting depicting a Chinese campaign against Turkic Muslim rebels in Xinjiang, 1828 At the same time as the Chinese consolidation of control in Xinjiang, explorers from the British (British Empire) and Russian (Russian Empire) empires explored, mapped, and delineated Central Asia in a competition of colonial expansion (The Great Game). Several influential Russians would propose new terms for the territories, as in 1805 when the Russian explorer Timovski revived the use of "


painting depicting the Imperial Royal Palace. The terminology used in the court of Goryeo was that of an empire, not of a kingdom. The capital, Gaegyeong (Kaesong) (Korean (Hangul): 개경,Hanja: 開京,) was called "Imperial Capital" (Korean (Hangul): 황도, Hanja: 皇都) and the palace was referred to as "Imperial Palace" (Korean (Hangul): 황성, Hanja: 皇城). The nation also utilized a system of multiple capitals: Gaegyeong (modern-day Gaeseong), being


in Numidia and Mauritania. Later accounts also speak of a Gallic (Gaul) persecution, especially at Lyons, under Severus, but historians, based on archaeological and literary evidence, generally consider these events actually to have taken place under Emperor Marcus Aurelius. thumb right Painting depicting the battle between the ''Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse'' and the HMS ''Highflyer'' in August 1914. (File:Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse fight painting 1914.jpg) Reymann soon sank three


of Italy was a relative newcomer to the colonial (colonialism) scramble for Africa. Italy had only two recently-obtained African territories, both located near Ethiopia on the Horn of Africa: Eritrea and Somalia (Somaliland). Both were impoverished. Italy sought to improve its position in Africa by conquering Ethiopia, which would join its two territories. thumb left 200px Ethiopian painting depicting the battle of Adwa. (File:ItaloAbyssinianWarpainting.JPG) The Italian army comprised

Birmingham, Alabama

to Banksy appeared at a vacant petrol station in the Ensley (Ensley, Birmingham, Alabama) neighbourhood of Birmingham (Birmingham, Alabama), Alabama on 29 August as Hurricane Gustav approached the New Orleans area. The painting depicting a hooded member of the Ku Klux Klan hanging from a noose was quickly covered with black spray paint and later removed altogether. Famed


, to the Portuguese Crown. File:Pedro alvares cabral discovery of brazil 1500.jpg thumb 250px left alt A painting depicting the deck of a wooden sailing ship


Panorama , currently located in Wrocław, Poland, is a monumental (15 × 120 metre) panoramic painting depicting the Battle of Racławice, during the Kościuszko Uprising. A panorama of the Battle of Stalingrad is on display at Mamayev Kurgan. Among Franz Roubaud's great panoramas, those depicting the Siege of Sevastopol (Siege of Sevastopol (1854)) (1905) and Battle of Borodino (1911) survive, although the former was damaged during the Siege

Makovsky , ''The Bulgarian martyresses'', a painting depicting the atrocities of bashibazouks in Bulgaria during the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878) DiseasesDB *Apennines (Apennine Mountains), Italy, San Marino *Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria, Serbia *Belasitsa (Belasica), Bulgaria, Greece, Republic of Macedonia During his reign, he personally led Romanian troops during the Russo-Turkish War and assumed command of the Russo Romanian army during the siege

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